It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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 [R]Iris Queshire
Amanda · 17 · 6th · n/a · single · 5'4"
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Nov 3 2017, 12:13 AM   Link Quote
Name: Iris Queshire
Age: 17
Year: 6th
Bloodline: Half-blood (thinks that she's muggleborn)
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: No. This is my first.
Appearance: A deceptive smile nests on the delicate face of the Queshire's eldest daughter. Though she's trained herself through countless hours in front of a mirror to make that smile reach her warm hazel-gray eyes. She likes to accentuate those eyes with eye liner. In fact, makeup is just as much a part of Iris' appearance as those shapes and hues that graced her at her birth. Bold lips, bold eyes, or both appear in every photo to be found of the teenage girl. The only thing she doesn't change on a regular basis is her hair. Though different styles may be attempted, her long dark hair is here to stay. In the summer, it lightens with natural blonde highlights, but in the winter it remains an ashen bistre that frames her olive skin and lets her natural eye color pop.

Iris has a small frame and a toned musculature. Despite her diminutive stature, she walks with a hard earned confidence that allows her to stand out in a crowd. Smooth, unhurried steps carry this witch from class to class while her steady gaze holds the path before her clear. Always put together, it is a rare person who sees Iris in her 'natural' state.

~A ladder of lies~
Lying comes second nature to this witch. While some might wonder how to keep such a detailed web of lies from tangling, Iris often finds that it is easier to spout a lie than to call the truth to her lips. It is this dishonest habit that leads to the greatest problems for this teenager. It is difficult to make friends when one's first instinct is to lie in response to every question that might be posed. Sometimes it isn't even those things in which the truth would be unflattering. Even the most basic things can coax untruth from the throat of this seemingly sweet girl. When a girl's whole life revolved around lying to fit in, the habit is hard to break. Now, as Iris nears her final year at Hogwarts, this is a flaw that she has actively chosen to work on; but it seems that she has yet to discover how to let people into her real world.

~A nightmare come true~
The wizarding world absolutely terrifies this girl. Even six years into her training as a witch, Iris hates that all of her childhood nightmares are real. Even those things that she hadn't imagined seem to have found their way into her life. Who could've prepared for dark witches and wizards? Never could she have imagined as she watched The Wizard of Oz that she may one day actually encounter a wicked witch. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, all sorts of dark horror film creatures are real and the Queshire girl has never quite gotten used to it. She still jumps when a ghost pops out of a wall. Her gaze still falls warily on those known or suspected to bear vampire or lycan traits. However, it is dark magic that frightens her the greatest. “The most terrifying monster is the one that looks just like you.” Though her nightmares live all around her, this girl has never been one to let them overwhelm her. Recognizing the dangers in her life, Iris has decided to face them head on. She's focused in her Defense Against the Dark Arts studies and has decided that after graduation, she will pursue a career as an auror. The best defense against fear—is knowledge and preparation.

~Romance novels and locked diaries~
Secretly, Iris is a romantic. Squirreled away in a locked chest lies her collection of romance novels and the 9th of her diaries. As time has carried her closer to graduation and deeper into the wizarding life, Iris finds that she yearns for the sort of companionship that can carry her through the sure to be difficult years ahead. Crushes have assaulted the witch, but they've never amounted to anything real. A fling there, a one time date here...but never someone to make her feel loved the way the characters in her books do. Often, she can be found tucked away in a corner with her nose in a book with a paper bag cover to hide the title from the rest of her peers. Unable to maintain a close relationship, Iris has turned to an outward mask of cynicism. As far as anyone can hear, she finds those cute couples walking hand in hand to be nauseating. Romance is a waste of time and letting someone that close is an unnecessary burden on an already busy life. Who has time for taking care of another person? Truly-- Iris dreams of the passionate, windswept, endlessly dedicated love that lives between the pages of a romance novel.

~Days roll by...~
On a day-to-day basis, Iris is a reasonably agreeable person. She's the kind of person that you want in your group during a group project. Unhurried and confident, the teenager is a natural magnet for the insecure among her classmates. Iris has been holding out for the day that the most precious person in her life would come to join her at school. Now, six years after coming to Hogwarts Iris has discovered that Ginger wont be joining her...she isn't a witch. Iris is a freak and doesn't belong to her family. She knows now that she can't keep up her facade forever. It's going to be a time for change and Iris can't help but face the coming two years with trepidation. All of these nightmares surround her and the scariest thing is having to change, and make real friends, and let people in to the vulnerable parts of her heart. Still, she's never been one to back down from a challenge...

Character Background:
A life of lies started on a lie. Natalie Davies was just days to her marriage to Felix Queshire and she was plagued with doubts. How was she going to latch herself onto one man for the rest of her life? She was still so young. At only twenty three years old she knew that many years of monogamous life ahead of her. That was when she met Jarvis. Jarvis was intriguing and mysterious. She didn't know anything about who he was, or what he did, but he was enchanting. Maybe it was the fear of her upcoming wedding. Maybe it was the wine, or the way his eyes sparkled but she wanted to be with him—if only for a night. And so she was... It was a wild mistake that left her with a reason to follow tradition on her wedding night. When she discovered so soon after that she was pregnant with her first child, she couldn't help but wonder who had truly fathered her baby girl. It was question that followed her daughter through life. That unsure look remains a haunting memory in Iris' life to this day. Why did her mother always look at her as if she didn't know who she was?

Luckily, six years later Ginger was born and gave Iris the best friend that she always wanted. She promised upon her little sister's birth that she would be the “bestest big sister ever”. Her promise was important to her. Iris was there for everything her little sister did. If Ginger needed someone to make her scrambled eggs—Iris was ready to crack the eggs for her mother. Ginger needed a doll house? Iris would hand the nails to her father. Ginger was Iris' whole world and she was okay with that. It seemed so easy to take care of someone else. The little girl was determined to be the best sister the world had ever known. It left her feeling especially protective. Nobody was allowed to look sideways at her little sister. Fights would break out when any little brat thought it was okay to sneer at the innocent little Ginger and Iris got into trouble more than once for attacking a small child as she came closer to her first decade of life.

Things only became more difficult as Ginger entered into her first years of school. Iris was getting older and knew that she couldn't always be around for her little sister. She started to have nightmares-- dark imaginings in which her sister was torn away from her. Iris would scream out in those dreams. Promises that she would return for her little sister would spew from her lips as she struggled to reach for her little hands. Robed figures would drag her away telling her that she had to leave her sister behind. She never knew that her nightmares would come true...

It was the night before her eleventh birthday. Even now Iris looks back and thinks of how close she was to avoiding this whole magic mess of a life. Another bad dream swirled in her little mind. Monsters surrounded her and the robed figures were back. Ginger was just out of reach, with their parents flanking her on either side. The long sleeves of the robes rested on Iris' shoulders and she stared hollow-eyed at her family. It was like they didn't recognize her. Wasn't she a part of this family too? Why did it always seem like the world was trying to ruin her dreams of being the best big sister ever? Strong grips began to pull her away from the most precious thing in her life. Iris screamed... louder...louder...she thrashed and threw the blankets off of her—where they hung in the air. Her first act of magic and her parents were watching their daughter's nightmare. They had been debating whether to wake her or let her make her own way through her never ending bad dreams when the blankets hovered over their small daughter's bed and she shot up screaming.

The next day, the robed figures arrived at the Queshire home. Iris' life was turned upsidedown. She promised Ginger that they would see eachother again during break...but on the first break available to the little first year—her parents declined to have her return home. It would be “too stressful” for Ginger they said. So began Iris' tradition of staying alone at school for the holidays. She learned to lie to cover up her ignorance of the wizarding world. Sure, there were others born of muggle blood, but they all seemed in awe of the beautiful castle and the wonderous spells. Iris was terrified, angry, and hated magic. Survival was key. It would only be six years until her little sister was long as well, right? Wrong...now in her sixth year all that Iris has to look forward to is graduation. When she's an adult, her parents wont be able to keep her away from her precious little sister any longer. She'll become stronger—an auror-- able to protect Ginger from the horrors that magic entails. Her goals are set, and she only has two more years to achieve them.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: Why am I here? Why does it matter what house I'm in? I don't belong with these people...I want to go home...How am I going to survive? I have to... I have to make it through, no matter what it takes.
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OOC Name: Amanda
Your Pronouns: She/Her
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? A little owl told me...

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;o; Tears, ya'll... tears... Thank you. <3
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the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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