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 Character OTM Interview - Athelstan Munn
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Jul 10 2017, 10:01 AM   Link Quote
    So, Tine, ready to answer some questions about the sensational Athelstan Munn? Always, I love talking about my wayward children <3

    What's it like to write them? Are they an easy character, or do they prove to be difficult?: With Stan, it has been really easy to write him from the start, which was the reason why I ranked him rather quickly. Given that making him was a rather spontaneous decision, I was surprised that the muse for him kept flowing - and still does!

    What are a few of their most significant relationships? For example; best friend? Best enemy?: First of all there is definitely his relationship to Archibald, his brother - and it's one of my favourite things ever, because they are super close. Then there is his cousin, Aisley, with whom he is also close - yet not quite as much as with Archie. He has his brother's name tattooed on him in ogham, I think that shows how significant the love they share actually is. He has not come around to make any enemies yet, but there will be fun stuff happening in the future between him and Artemia de Sainte-Maure. Friend-wise, his closest friends are definitely Kala Faraji and Brydon Wilkins. With Brydon, things are a little different, because they might feel a lot more than simple friendship for each other, which is an arc Kenz and me are currently playing out.

    What is their best subject in school?: Defense Against the Dark Arts! Stan has always liked Dueling and it comes closest to what he had been taught at Durmstrang.

    How do they occupy their free time during the day?: Stan plays cello, bothers his brother and his friends, pretends he can cook and indulges in archery.

    What are three of their favorite things to do for fun?: First of all, he loves feeding ducks - don't ask me why, he is just weird like that. Then, he enjoys playing cello because it helps him relax. And third, he likes falling into reckless adventures as time - as long as they don't stain the Munn name, of course.

    What are three of their least favorite things to do in general?: Going home when everyone else is around at the Munn manor, dealing with issues because it stresses him out and uh, homework most likely.

    What is their favorite summer time activity? Definitely celebrating Lughnasadh which shows the beginning of the harvest time and is the festivity to celebrate the God Lugh. Otherwise he likes swimming and just spending time in the cooler forests around home.

    What are their plans for the summer holiday? Do they have any family traditions?: Several Celtic celebrations like Alban Heruin, Lughnasadh and Alban Elued take place from the end of July until September, so it’s safe to say that Stan will be very busy. Also there’s Archibald’s birthday and that’s Stan’s favourite day of the year anyway.

    Do they own a pet? If so, what is it, and how would you describe their relationship with it?: No pets for this boy, no.

    Favorite food?: Does Anything but duck? count? He likes home-cooked meals and he pretends to like his own creations too, but that’s a lie. He needs to keep the pretence upright.

    Favorite movie?: Stan doesn’t do movies because he is from a very traditional pureblood family so he has no idea what you are talking about here.

    Favorite book?: He isn’t much of a reader but he likes the classics of Celtic myths, the Táin Bó Cuailnge and the The Mabinogion. But he prefers hearing stories from his uncle Aldous.

    Where are you most excited to see them go? Actually this weekend, I finished ranking to Novice so I am super excited to see him struggling to become a tufted duck - this sure will be fun! I also like to see where Brydon and Stan are going next.

    What's a cool thread Athelstan currently involved in?:
    • How the moon crashed down when the sun was set feat. Archibald Munn
      → This is a pensieve thread where Athelstan and Archibald are nine and ten years old, and they struggle to figure out how the fuck Stan’s inhaler - which he got for his animal hair allergy - is supposed to work.
    • To the rhythm of a time bomb feat. Artemia de Sainte-Maure
      → This has not progressed as much yet but there is so much tension already. Artemia and Stan know each other since they were children, and Athelstan is not happy to see her at Hogwarts at all - especially not because she touched his duck.
    • If it smells like a cookie feat. Brydon Wilkins & Kala Faraji
      → This is one of my favourite group threads, because the dynamics of these three are simply awesome. Bry, Kala and Stan have some food adventures in the kitchens - and there are some hugs and kisses, too.

    Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about them?: I think I said all there was to say, I am just so happy that my boy won Character OTM because I did not think he was so loved ;_; Thanks to everyone who for him again <3


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