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 Thread OTM Interview - Make up without a fight
Robin · 15 · 5th Year · Viridian Guild Leader · Pureblood · 5'
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Jul 6 2017, 11:35 AM   Link Quote
    Jynx: What is the title of the thread? Does it hold any significance to the plot of the thread?
    Robin: “Make up without a fight” is actually a reference to a country song by Brad Paisley and Demi Lovato which is on our Smolstice playlist laughs nervously. Though it did become relevant for the thread, since the train disaster kind of forces them to set their pride and pettiness aside, so they might actually make up without a fight, for a change.

    Ruthie: The smolstice playlist legits has 8 million songs on it and I am not ashamed and have exactly 0 regrets. Any sappy love song we hear, we’re just like, IT THEM. This song is about screwing, which isn’t remotely them at all… but we like to interpret things our own way. xD

    Robin: I also have no regrets. And yep, honestly I think if you're familiar with smolstice, you'll totally get why this is on their playlist, since they seem to start fights about everything. Usually it's because of their own insecurities and a lack of communication… like in this thread xD

    Ruthie: Essentially, they’re both stupid wiener babies. -flops on the bed and turns to face the wall-

    Who is the thread with and how does your character feel about the other character?
    Robin: Do you really want to open this can of worms. Gretchen Kirke-Faust and Lenny Plunkett. She doesn’t really know how she feels about him. They didn’t start off well, in all of their early threads they find each other insufferable, but a big part of that was because they’re alike in many ways. Gretchen just couldn’t have anyone seeing through her like that. Over the past months they actually got to know each other a bit, and Gretchen found she enjoys his company more than anyone’s. Now Amortentia suddenly smells like hypo-allergenic detergent for extra sensitive skin. Too bad she’s so distrusting... cue this thread.

    Ruthie: EVERYTHING IS A ROLLERCOASTER WITH THESE TWO. They hate each other, then they don’t, then they do again.. I can’t keep up. At the start of this particular thread Lenny actually sought out Gretchen but then she was all snooty face and he was all you smell like dog farts and then Gretchen almost died… so that changed things a bit. xD tbh at this point I think Lenny is aware of his big, dumb and grossly awkward feelings for Gretchen, but he has no clue what to do with them because HELLO. Have you met Gretchen-Kirke Faust? She’s the hardest little thing to read. He’ll probs sob over this at some point, I’m sure.

    Robin: Gretchen is still mostly oblivious. Not just to Lenny's feelings - honestly she’d have a tough time even believing he could like her - but to her own as well. She can't be in denial forever though. SO WHO KNOWS WHAT'S NEXT

    Ruthie: By the time they sort this mess out it should be.. oh.. 2021? But don’t worry! They’ll still be 15.

    Where did inspiration for this thread come from?
    Robin: well, we usually jump on events with these two tbh xD But I definitely wanted to participate in this one, because of the prospect of being able to injure Gretchen. That sounds mean, I know, but she’s just always so on top of everything. I thought it was important that for once, she couldn’t be.

    Ruthie: I also wanted to see Gretchen get brutally injured tbh.. no I jk. BUT! We had discussed the prospect of Gretchen injuring herself in front of Lenny and what that would be like. See, Lenny’s usually the damsel in distress just simply by existing. So we thought it’d be fun to turn the tables.. AND BOY DID WE TURN THAT MOTHER OUT.

    Robin: exactly. Gretchen also has serious trust issues, and now she has no choice but to trust Lenny with her life. -jazz hands-

    Ruthie: This was probably his plan all along. Just like.. paid that centaur to shoot Gretchen through the shoulder so he could swing in and save the day.. no but srsly he’s traumatized.

    What are some of the best quotes from this thread?
    Robin: To be honest, I love everything about this thread. It’s so easy to write. These two have basically become my muse. How can you expect me to pick a favourite quote... Maybe the “.. It’s okay.... we’re okay..” and how Gretchen subconsciously echoes those words later. Also Lenny yelling at Gretchen’s stubborn wand: “I’m not playing around here!”

    Ruthie: Can I quote everything Robin’s written thus far? It’ll only take up forty minutes of your time, but it’s well worth it. That is seriously how I feel, but here’s a particular favourite part of mine from Gretchen’s P.O.V. “The stomach of the judgemental witch seemed to shrink to the size of a raisin when her eyes fell on a glint of metal in the midst of the bloodied, make-shift tourniquet. His Head Boy badge. Her breath caught in her throat and for a moment she thought she was going to choke on it. Death by stubbornness and pride.” BC THIS WAS A PINNACLE MOMENT LIKE WHOA.

    Did this thread head in the direction intended, or was there a twist along the way?
    Robin: I don’t think we anticipated for Gretchen to almost kick the bucket.

    Ruthie: Yeah lol deffos not. Initially, I thought Lenny would get at least thirty posts to fret about WHAT DO and cry and vomit over blood things. Instead, he got literally ten seconds and had to kick his ass into overdrive. Honestly, this was more crucial than I ever thought it would be for his character development. Lenny’s always been seen as this inept character who isn’t really good at anything, and he’s definitely not a hero. Though he certainly didn’t do anything perfectly by any stretch, and he still puked, which was to be expected.. but he surprised himself. But hey.. that’s the power of love.. -looks at Robin-... can we add that to the playlist?

    Robin: Well clearly now we have to. But yeah seriously, Lenny really pulled through for her, and she's not going to forget that. I think this progressed their relationship immensely, even if it might not show immediately, because trust was going to be a major issue for Gretchen. So in a way this thread worked out better than expected. Y’ know, as long as she doesn't die.

    Ruthie: Yeaaaahhh… that’d be nice.

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