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 CBox Rules
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May 19 2014, 07:49 PM   Link Quote

c-box rules

THE CBOX: Our cbox is a guest-friendly one, however, the option to register and save your usernames for only you to use is enabled. The process to do that will be outlined below, but, with all that in mind, we've got a few things to remind everyone of: be respectful. The shoutbox is a friendly place. If it doesn't stay that way, we're going to have problems which, much as we hate it, may lead to consequences.

The cbox is rated a high PG, low PG-13. This rating is lower than the rating of the rest of the site. This means that you should limit your discussions of sexual natures and extreme violence. This rule applies to any and all content, including links and choices of avatar. A good general rule of thumb is that if a parent, boss, or teacher were beside you and you'd be embarrassed to be seen typing what you want to type, you shouldn't type it.

That being said, please do not curse in the box. It does not look good to potential members. We have a filter, but please refrain from it anyways.

You can register yourself for the cbox by typing in your OOC Name into the "name" field and clicking "profile." You MUST use only your OOC Name.

You should only have a maximum of two names in use in the cbox. Due to the structure of the cbox itself, when you log in on another device, you are logged out of all other devices, which can be annoying when you're not on your usual chatting device. As such, we recommend you use your two cbox names like this: one as your main name, which you use on your regular chatting device, and one mobile name when you are on a different device. Your mobile name still indicate your OOC name in some way. (ex. Harry and flooing!Harry)

To add an icon next to your OOC name, first get a direct link to a square image/gif. A direct link will end in: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif. Then paste that direct link into the URL portion. When choosing an avatar, we request that you limit yourself to your own face claims or images that do not contain real people. Do not use a face that is taken by someone else. In addition to keeping all icons appropriate, please refrain from using gifs that feature flashing colors or quick jump cuts. If you are concerned your gif does not fit these standards, don't hesitate to ask a staffer. Staff reserves the right to ask users to change their icons if they are in violation of the aforementioned rules.

Do not spam in the cbox. While we have eliminated the 3 post rule, we ask that you use good judgment and do not post excessively. If you want to talk with one person specifically for an extended period of time, PM or an instant messenger such as MSN or Skype are better for that. If you are unsure as to what constitutes "spamming," please ask a staffer. If you see someone spamming the cbox, please PM a staffer concerning the individual in question, and allow us to handle it!

Do not advertise in the cbox. Do not post advertisements to other sites, do not ask people to review your profile, do not nag for a wand, and do not nag people to reply to a thread. You can make a callout now and then to see if anyone is interested in an RP or plotting, but please try your best to limit these occurrences.

Do not test the patience of the staff regarding the cbox. This goes with item number one, BE RESPECTFUL.

And remember, the same rules apply in the cbox as the rest of the site. Don't nag, don't whine, don't advertise, etc.

do not message this account.
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