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18th MAR
Ranking has Re-Opened.
17th MAR
Sign-Ups for the Quidditch Quarterly and Commentators have opened.
17th MAR
OTM nominations are OPEN!
17th MAR
Quidditch Teams have been announced!
16th MAR
House Points have been updated!
8th MAR
House Points have been updated!
2nd MAR
Sign ups for Quidditch 2k18 Spring Season are now OPEN!
1st MAR
All winter term event threads have been moved!
1st MAR
FOA's have finally been counted! Congratulations to everyone who nabbed themselves a furry onion!
1st MAR
New skin, new term, new house cup winners & perks! Congratulations RAVENCLAW on finally dethroning the lions!
28th Feb
Wurr will be down for skin maintenance/ term changeover between the 11PM on the 28th and 1AM on the 1st
22nd FEB
Ranking will be closed for two weeks
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Care to explore moments that took place before your character's current timeline? A special Christmas at age 9? A torturous class during their first year? Play around in the past or take a crack at a provided prompt. A great place to get to know your character even better.

This is a Beginner and above forum.

Mar 15 2018, 11:25 AM
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FOR ALL THE WIBBLY-WOBBLY, TIMEY-WIMEY STUFF THAT DOESN'T WORK WITHIN YOUR MAIN PLOT. This forum is not bound by the laws of time and space...

This forum is also bigger on the inside.

Mar 15 2018, 04:06 PM
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The mystical mirror at the center of this room shows you your deepest desire... the magic currently laid on it is such that it's never in the same place, and you might just stumble upon it when you least expect it.

Only members of the winning House or Elite members can post here.

For the Spring Term, this is a RAVENCLAW or ELITE only forum!


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