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 The QQ, Vol III, Issue I

Erik Dwight

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Apr 16 2017, 10:39 AM   LINK Quote
  • T. Koenig| Editor-in-Chief
    Letters from the Editor

    Quidditch season is always an exciting time for Hogwarts, as the perfect physical specimens of the school separate into teams to fight for pride and glory. The rest of the school divides into their own factions, pitting friends and family against each other, all rooting for their favorite team. There’s always an immense amount of pressure on the players but they always seem to keep pretty cool in the face of adversity.

    Last season, our Quidditch teams were divided up in the classic way - by houses. While this is the easiest way to make teams, one of the major problems with is that sometimes teams just lack chemistry. Sometimes no one takes the lead, and sometimes too many people do. This can lead to a wholly ineffective team, and we’ve seen teams fall apart because they can’t stick together. Of course, the opportunity to fight for house glory can spur teams on regardless of chemistry, but it always seems that the best teams are the ones with incredible rapport who can work together seamlessly with little to no verbal communication on the field. These teams with a sixth sense for each other of the ones who always seem to come out on top.

    This season, teams were generated by the students. Three brave students, Sascha Klaus, Finlay Storm, and Kiichigo Sato, took it upon themselves to recruit the best players they knew, weaving together teams that already have bonds - regardless of houses.

    The Notorious Nundus, helmed by Klaus appear to be the most formidable, most player on the team have played in seasons past, train hard, and have professional aspirations. If I were a betting witch, they would be who I’d put my galleons on to take the whole season.

    In stark contrast, the Kinetic Kitsune are being led by Kiichigo Sato, who’s never played in a quidditch match, nor does he really seem to practice much. His team seems more prepared and skilled, but one has to wonder if they even have a chance given the complete inexperience of their captain.

    Finlay Storm’s Pickled Pixies are formidable in their own right, as many players are veterans of the pitch. This team seems to be the most chaotic on the pitch, but there’s something to be said for being unpredictable.

    Overall, it seems like this season is setting up to be pretty intense! This fan will definitely be rooting for her favorites (in secret, of course, I’d never let myself be biased!) We here at the Quidditch Quarterly hope you enjoy the games, and be sure to keep up with all the happenings on the pitch by reading every issue of the QQ!


    Theodora Koenig here. I'm the editor and a columnist for the Quidditch Quarterly. Though I don't play quidditch myself, my dear cousin Ralph Zuniga has been playing most of his life and has forced me into loving it much like he does. The outcome it that I can now rattle off more Pro Quidditch stats than almost anyone who actually plays and I've developed a deep interest in the mechanics of it. I hope you guys get some good out of what I write for you, and I hope you enjoy it!

    Gather ‘round boys and girls, because this Quidditch seasons isn’t just about the game, or the players – it’s about YOU! I’m Mats, and you may have seen me running around the spectators’ stands during the game. Haha, who am I kidding, of course you saw me. There was a bright pink heart following me around. Anyway, Quidditch brings us all together, and that’s what I’m here for.

    How's it going, y'all? I'm Beauregard Fontaine, or Beau for those of you that don't know me, and I'm a columnist and interviewer with the Quidditch Quarterly! Whether it's the scoop on who's bludgering who or getting down to the nitty-gritty of whose getting cut from the team, I'll be your correspondent in action! Although I gotta admit, I can be a bit scatterbrained... Y'all come on back and read with us for a little while, ya hear?

    Hello, this is Erik and it's the second time I ended up in this enormously shi- special newspaper for all the Quidditch-obsessed people out there. People, get a life and stop watching people chasing after balls! However, I am in charge of doing interviewers again and we all know that you are all dying to talk to me, so see you – maybe.

  • T. Koenig || Columnist
    Game Recap: Pickled Pixies vs. Notorious Nundu

    Weather is often fickle and tempermental, but few people expected the climate to be so completely oblivious to the fact that there was something to celebrate - the first quidditch game of the season! Instead of being bright and sunny, the sky saw fit to give us a chilly, foggy day, making it near impossible to even see the game we'd been anticipating for so long. That didn't keep nearly the entire school from showing up to cheer for the Pickled Pixies or the Notorious Nundu!

    The game got off to an explosive start as Severin Larsson, chaser for the Nundus, snatched the quaffle and immediately went for a score. Before he could even get a glimpse of the outcome, a calculated bludger from JR Zerner, beater for the Pixies, absolutely creamed him, causing him to have to land for healing. Luckily, his sacrifice had a happy ending as the quaffle went in, bringing the score to 30-0 Nundus.

    Finlay Storm, Captain and Chaser of the Pixies, takes the quaffle next. His time with that scarlet ball is short-lived though, as a bludger from Preben Nilsson of the Nundus manages to get just enough of a hit that he loses the ball. Lucky for him, his teammate Martín Marzán, also known as Mars, snags it for his team. Blyssenor Wright of the Nundus attempts to hit a bludger at Mars, but JR Zerner manages to deflect it over to Sascha Klaus, Captain and Chaser for the Nundus. The hit is nothing to sneeze at, but Klaus soldiers on. Mars meanwhile manages to get to the hoops and shoot. Alexander Kingsley of the Nundus fails to make the save, bringing the score to 30 All.

    Larsson gets back in the game and bravely takes the quaffle again. Zerner attempts to take him out with a bludger, but Larsson manages to dodge. In a stunning turn of events, Storm takes to fouling Larsson, cobbing him and causing him to drop the quaffle. Klaus comes in and rescues the lost ball for his teammate while tensions seem to rise on the pitch. The incoming Storm is relentless and pursues Klaus, attempting to wrestle the quaffle away, but the latter wins the battle of the Captains, holding onto his possession. He uses this opportunity to shoot, but Estela De la Cruz of the Pixies manages to block the quaffle, leaving the score 30 All.

    The god of war proves he's ready for battle again, taking possession of the quaffle and preparing to make his way downfield. His bravery is foolhardy, as it takes almost no time at all for Wright to aim a bludger at him, her aim striking true. The quaffle falls, retrieved by his teammate Finlay Storm. It seems to take a moment to decide, but Mars lands for healing. Meanwhile, Storm takes this opportunity to shoot, the quaffle making it through the hoop and bringing the score to 60-30 Pixies.

    Klaus takes the quaffle next, but it takes almost no time for Storm to give cobbing another go. It's not successful though, and Klaus wastes no time getting rid of the quaffle by sending it towards the goal posts. Perhaps he should have waited though, as De La Cruz manages to make another save, keeping the Nundus down 60-30.

    Storm ends up in possession again, trying to widen the lead. Meanwhile, his beater Zerner manages to get a hit on Klaus, adding to the boy's growing list of injuries and Wright attempts to foul Mars and fails - though she escaped referee attention. Storm takes advantage of the chaos on the field and scores handily, extending the Pixies' lead 90-30. Klaus and Mars both take turns at attempting to score but both come up empty.

    Larsson takes the quaffle, managing to hold onto it after Klaus disrupted a wrestle attempt from Mars. However, Pixies beater Zerner came for blood, and lands an absolutely devastaring bludger hit on Larsson, the Nundu chaser gliding down to the ground - this time his goal attempt failing as De La Cruz makes another brilliant save.

    The next few moments, dear readers, can only be described as the game devolving into complete and utter chaos. Klaus attempts to blatch Mars. Storm attempts to blatch Klaus. Klaus attempts to blatch Storm. Orion Austen of the Nundus, decides to join in on the fun and attempts to blatch Storm as well. Though no one manages to do any damage, all the players involved somehow manage to avoid referee detection as well - perhaps we should find some spectacles for the referee then, yeah? Storm makes a final foul attempt, swinging his elbow at Klaus, but the latter manages to dodge to cob.

    Finally the game gets back underway, with Mars taking the quaffle, deftly managing to kick it through the goal posts, sending the score to 120-30 in the Pixies favor! Things are starting to look dire for the Nundus - who are down, but definitely not out! Klaus recieves the quaffle from his keeper Kingsley. Despite yet another blatching attempt from Mars, Klaus manages get one through on De La Cruz, cutting the lead in half and bringing the score to 120-60 Pixies. What did I tell you, readers? The Nundus are not out!

    Storm recieves the quaffle again, but he holds it for only a moment before Klaus manages to wrestle it away from him! A failed blatch attempt on Mars by Austen, and a failed cobbing attempt on Klaus by Storm are just the distractions needed for Klaus to make an attempt at the goal. Hellbent on a comeback, Klaus manages to score again, taking the score to 120-90 Pixies. The celebration is short-lived though, as Mars takes the quaffle and quickly scores, widening the lead again at 150-90 Pixies.

    Klaus' attempt at scoring ends a dud, but Storm's next attempt expands the lead again to 180-90 Pixies. For a change of pace, Austen takes the quaffle for the Nundus this time, but his attempts to score fail. Finlay Storm once again takes the quaffle but Klaus is ferocious and manages to steal it away again. Klaus' shot sails past De La Cruz, giving the Nundus a much needed goal and bringing the score to 180-120, in favor of the Pixies. Mars grabs the quaffle, but it's soon wrestled away by a newly healed Severin Larsson. That healing must have done him good, as he manages to get the quaffle through, bringing the score to a more manageable 180-150 Pixies.

    Mars has another go with the quaffle but Kingsley saves. Meanwhils Klaus takes his third bludger hit of the night. He attempts to stay on his broom for a moment, but it's not long before he takes himself out of the game and substitutes in Doeun Eaton in his place. Austen takes the quaffle, but soon loses it in a wrestle attempt to Mars, who gets it through, bringing the score to 210-150 Pixies. Wright attempts a bludger hit, but TJ Isley, Pixie beater, sends it right back to her, landing a hard but not game-ending hit.

    Austen takes the quaffle, but once again loses it to Mars who promptly fails to make a goal. Larsson gets his hand back on the quaffle, quickly scoring, bringing the game to 210-180 Pixies. Storm gets the ball from De La Cruz, but Larsson is out for blood and barely manages to snatch it away from the Pixies Captain. Unfortunately, his goal attempt fails.

    Meanwhile, elsewhere on the pitch, both seekers seem to have spotted something, but Felton Quigley, seeker for the Nundus is the one who comes closest to catching it - though not quite, and the snitch gets away for now.

    Sascha Klaus, newly healed and ready to play again, subs himself back in while Eaton heads back to the bench. Mars recieves the quaffle, and handily scores, bringing it to 240-180 Pixies. Kingsley drops the quaffle before throwing it in. The quaffle is caught by Storm, who quickly turns around to shoot, deftly scoring and adding to their lead, 270-180 Pixies.

    Determine, Larsson takes the quaffle next and makes quick work of the pitch, scoring and nudging his team into the two hundred range, 270-210 Pixies. Mars has another successful run with the quaffle, changing the score to 300-210 Pixies. Klaus' turn with the quaffle brings the score to 300-240 Pixies.

    Isley and Zerner both manage to get weak bludger hits on poor, defensely Nundu Seeker Quigley, while Wright's attempt the make Pixie Seeker Emric Bolstridge suffer the same fate is sent back to her by Isley, ending in a rather nasty hit back to her, sending the beater plummeting to the ground.

    Mars takes the quaffle but it's soon wrestled away by Larsson despite the Pixies attempt to disrupt the steal. Larsson's scoring attempts fail, however, and Storm ends up with possession after a save from De La Cruz. He makes the goal, making the score 330-240 Pixies.

    Before the game can continue, Felton Quigley spots the snitch and in a stunning - and ill-advised - show of skill, the Nundu seeker launches himself off him broom and comes crashing down to the ground. The crowd falls silent until his hand raise, revealing that he's caught the snitch! Despite the Pixies holding a solid lead for nearly the entire game, Quigley's catch ends the game with a score of 390-330 in the Nundus favor. NUNDUS WIN!!

  • B. Fontaine | Interviewer
    Captains Interview - Pickled Pixies - Finlay Storm & Adalie Connor

    QQ: Hello, Beauregard Fontaine here, and today I’ll be your interviewer! First off, let’s start with your names, as well as a brief rundown of the positions you play for the Pixies.
    Finlay Storm: Oh hello, I’m Fin… Finlay... Finlay Storm and I play chaser!
    Adalie Connor:Adalie Connor and I play beater.

    QQ: Now, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that your team played quite a game, but do either of you have any regrets?
    Finlay: I wouldn’t call it a regret, but more coordinated fouls would have been fabulous.
    Adalie:I guess not playing the full game but it is what it is. Also, not kissing as many boys as Mars did.

    QQ: I see, I see. Well, your chasers Finlay Storm and Martín Marzán were quite the duo. Were you surprised, or did you see this coming?
    Finlay: Why would I be surprised, Mars is like one of my best friends! I really enjoy talking dirty with him.
    Adalie: I was a little surprised since our captain is sort of an airhead, and Mars isn’t, but they ended up playing great together.

    QQ: Adalie, I saw you were a late addition to the game. What was it like for you coming into the game later than everyone else?
    Adalie:I have only ever played for Durmstrang, so I wasn’t sure how good Hogwarts students were at the game. I think sitting out and painting my nails, at first, let me get a feel and observe what I was getting myself into. There is a lot of talented players at Hogwarts and I’m glad to have had a chance to play with them.

    QQ: I’ll be the first to say it, or well hopefully, but your beaters were quite lethal. Is it true this was Zerner’s first season?
    Finlay: Completely true, I found him all by myself and to believe he gave me such a fuss about playing, I just kept telling him he’d be great!
    Adalie:Oh, yes. First practice I found out. Being the other beater, I was concerned, but our practices paid off and he did great.

    QQ: I know that I’m prodding quite a bit, but can you tell me more about the team chemistry? Has everyone always played this well together?
    Finlay: I think Nana’s snickerdoodles really brought everyone together, I mean how can you be upset with a cookie in your mouth? All cookies aside, we have the best team ever, everyone is just wonderful and when one area seems to fall a little short the rest of the team fills in to keep everything moving. Like a bridge, you know? You have to have a good foundation or it’ll all fall apart and then you end up in the water and that’s just not fun if you’re like on your way to the store. Or maybe it is, I like playing in the water. I don’t remember where I was going with this...
    Adalie:Like Finlay was saying: we all mesh well together and our personalities balance each other’s out.

    What were your most memorable moments in the game?
    Finlay: Do I have to pick just one? Making Severin Larsson drop the quaffle, that was wonderful. Also we had glitter on our uniforms, and I got to throw it at everyone, it was great. Plus the Pixie Fan’s chanting Taylor Swift!
    Adalie:Not going to lie, but seeing Mars kiss about everyone.

    Most forgettable?
    Finlay: I did get my nose busted, wouldn’t mind forgetting that.
    Adalie: No one is going to forget that I will like to forget the kiss cam.

    QQ: Last question here, but what can we expect from the Pixies in the future? Is this their last flight?
    Finlay: Last flight, are you crazy? The Pickled Pixies will be back, you mark my words!
    Adalie:Last flight? I think we are a strong team and will be back.

    QQ: Thank you again for all your time! Congratulations on a game well-played!
    Finlay: I still have cookies, do you want cookies? Oh, right, bye!
    Adalie:You’re Welcome.

  • E. Dwight | Interviewer
    Captains Interview - Notorious Nundus - Blyssenor Wright & Sascha Klaus

    QQ: Hello, I’m Erik and I’ll be your lovely interviewer today. So, how about you introduce yourself and tell us which position you play - and which position you would play as a sub?
    Blyssenor Wright: I’m Blyssenor Wright, a seventh year Gryffindor, and I play beater. My second position is chaser.
    Sascha Klaus: Uh, well, I’m Sascha Klaus and I play chaser. Beater is my second position but I don’t play it much.

    QQ: How did you choose the captains for this season, and did you regret your position in the end?
    Blyssenor: Sascha and I are much better together than apart, I think. When offered the opportunity to actually work together, we had to jump on it. I didn’t regret the position, though I was definitely more used to being the main captain. Doesn’t matter, though. Just took some adjustment.
    Sascha: Well, I think for me it was about having a good working relationship with Blysse. She’s been a thorn in my side all these years as a beater, and given the opportunity to work alongside her I couldn’t pass that up. Better than dodging her, for sure.

    QQ: You have won, although it really had not looked like you would win during the game - are you happy with the outcome? What would you do better or different if you had the choice to play the same game again?
    Blyssenor: Smack some people on the head for kissing. Seriously, why was there so much kissing?! It’s a quidditch game, not a kissing booth. But I’m happy we won. We fought hard and took some pretty intense injuries, so coming out on top was a nice finish.
    Sascha: On one hand, I’m ecstatic. On the other… Well, we’re pretty banged up and it feels like we have a lot of people on their last leg, including Blysse and myself. It’s… Yeah. It’s a lot.

    QQ: Are you looking forward to the second game?
    --Blyssenor: I am, though I’m nervous. I just want to play way better than we did last time.
    Sascha: Forward to the end, maybe. The Kitsune are a well-coached team and I’m not overlooking them just yet.

    QQ: What were the most memorable moments of this game - both good and bad?
    Blyssenor: Seeing the resilience of our team, even in the face of some pretty crazy odds, was the best part. I mean, we won in the end. As for the bad… well… for me personally, getting knocked off my broomstick was something I never want to do again. I don’t suggest free-falling through the sky to anyone. At least not without some kind of a safety net.
    Sascha: Good was probably seeing Severin come back in, even if he was injured, yeah. Bad was… All the fouls. I’ve never seen so many fouls, but I definitely contributed my own. It wasn’t the cleanest game from either team, but I feel personally responsible for the ones we initiated. Outside of that… Uh, I think I’ll speak for both of us in saying we are going to try and learn from this. Physical play doesn’t favor us. The Pixies really took it to us and probably should’ve won.

    Do you think you have a chance of winning the Quidditch cup? If so, how are you going to celebrate?
    --Blyssenor: I have no intention of making any assumptions. The last game was proof that we can train until the end of the world but still run the risk of losing. I won’t celebrate until that snitch is caught again by our seeker.
    Sascha: It’ll be a war but I’m optimistic. They’re fresher than us in terms of health, but in the same turn we’ve seen the game and what it entails so far this season. It’s dead even. I won’t celebrate myself, or at least it’s not in my plans. Maybe Blysse can change my mind.

    QQ: Alright, thanks for the interview and good luck with your second match!
    Blyssenor: No problem and thanks!
    Sascha: We may very well need it. Thank you.

  • E. Dwight | Interviewer
    Spectators Interview - Notorious Nundus - Sigurd Nilsson
    QQ: Don’t look at me like this, the other interviewer got sick so you’ll have to deal with me. Want to leave or still do it?
    Sigurd Nilsson: Let’s just get this over with.

    QQ: Fine. So you’ve been spotted cheering for the winning team, congrats. What’s been one of the most memorable moments within the game?
    Sigurd: I haven’t really seen much, being on sudden healer duty. Then again, Severin got almost killed, that’s definitely memorable to me.

    QQ: Did you expect the Nundus to win while they had been behind for almost the entire duration of the game?
    Sigurd: Well, isn’t the whole point just catching the snitch? In the end scores don’t mean anything at all, as long as you just catch that thing.

    QQ: Don’t expect profound Quidditch knowledge from me just because I write for the Quidditch Quarterly. Anyway, do you think they’ll win their second game, too?
    Sigurd: I hope so. Last game’s weather was horrendous, so seeing some good action is a must when going out in the rain to watch them play.

    QQ: Well, at least that makeup was waterproof, mh? Didn’t know you had such an artistic streak….
    Sigurd: It was literally just paint, in two colours.

    QQ: That’s already more than most other spectators did. Either way, you mentioned your healing duties. Guess being a healing intern is especially stressful during Quidditch?
    Sigurd: It’s what you sign up for, part of the job. How else are we supposed to learn? Spells gone wrong only add that much to your experience. You don’t see something as good and dramatic as a bludger hit every day.

    QQ: I would almost say a certain blood lust is required for that job then?
    Sigurd: Getting squeamish at the sight of blood isn’t going to do you any favours, no.

    QQ: What’s more fun, watching as regular spectator or watching when you know you might have to drop anything to heal someone?
    Sigurd: I’d rather heal the entire game, or spectate the whole time. I don’t actually enjoy to leave just because someone decided to get their bones broken.

    QQ: I wouldn’t say it’s a conscious decision to get your bones broken though…
    Sigurd: It is when you decide to play quidditch as more than just a hobby.

    QQ: Guess that’s also true. Talking about hobbies, what did you think about our grandiose Kiss Cam idea?
    Sigurd: I didn’t spend time looking at other people sucking each other’s faces off, but I reckon some enjoyed it a lot.

    QQ: Oh, some sure did. Alright, thanks for your time and for the interview, have fun at the next game!
    Sigurd: Tell the other interviewer to get better soon.

    QQ: Will do.

  • E. Dwight | Interviewer
    Spectators Interview - Pickled Pixies - Idys Ward

    QQ: Hi you, I’ve seen you cheering for the Pixies at the match, ready for a little interview?
    Idys Ward: Yeeees! PIXIE PRIDE RUNS DEEP, DEEP, DEEP, DEEP, DEEP....interview for what?

    QQ: For the Quidditch Quarterly, our Quidditch magazine. I’m Erik, by the way. Anyway, you still seem pretty happy given the fact your team lost….
    Idys: ...Oh? They did? I didn’t know. Oh well!

    QQ: Although it does not look like you paid a lot of attention, what were your most memorable moments of the game?
    Idys: Ey! I was paying attention! There were just a lot of pretty colors flying around, okay? But but...there was this time when Finlay flew to the stands and we sang! Or, or all the people that got shot down from the sky by those shiny things.

    QQ: Shiny things. The bludgers, you mean? So someone told me you were in charge for the Pixie’s outfits, how comes?
    Idys: Yes! Finlay is my friend so he asked me for help with the outfits! I picked the colors, aren't they pretty!? Though Fin suggested the glitter.

    QQ: Looks like the glitter didn’t help a lot. Now that the Pixies are out, are you going to cheer for a team at the next game? Idys: Hmm but they had fun, didn't they? If they had fun then that's all that matters! Ah, they don't get to play any more games? That's sad...I don't really know what the other teams are so I'm not sure if I could cheer for them…

    QQ: I really like this outlook on Quidditch - to do it just for the wand. Did you ever consider playing yourself?
    Idys: brother tried to teach me to play once, but it's all really confusing and I don't know what's going on half the time -shrugs- Oh! But I like flying! And that pretty golden thing you're supposed to catch!

    QQ: The snitch. You’re really just in for the party, aren’t you? Anyway, have fun for the rest of the season and thanks for the interview!
    Idys: There's a party!? I love parties! See ya around!

  • M. De Clercq | Columnist
    Kiss Cam Column

    “If we’re going to kiss, it has to be book-worthy.” A quote by Colleen Hoover, a muggle author that I’m guessing none of you are familiar with – but this line struck a chord for me. Isn’t that what we all want? The kind of love that poems are written about, the kind of love that we see in plays and movies – relationships that move the stars and change your life. Well, this isn’t a book, just a sports magazine, and real life is a lot more messy yet mundane than most great love stories. There’s homework to do, tests to study for, and extracurricular activities to juggle… In-between that, though, there should be time for little pleasures, for spending time with loved ones, and for a dash of romance. Whether it’s sharing butterbeer, scrabbling hearts in the corner of your parchment, or a silly little kiss at a Quidditch game. Those are the moments we’d like to celebrate! Quidditch can be brutal, people are passionate, competitive, and get riled up, but Quidditch also brings people together. Every match, most of the school’s student body makes its way to the pitch to watch the game with classmates, housemates, friends and lovers.

    If you’ve been living under a rock, let me fill you in: there was a Quidditch game! I know, right? Dude, you totally missed it! How?! Anyway, at said Quidditch game, yours truly had the pleasure to entertain the crowd of spectators… with a Kiss Cam! Let’s shine our spotlight on the kissing couples once more.

    When people say ‘lovers’ these days, it’s hard to not immediately think of Erik Dwight and Quincy Elkins, because buuooooooi are they smooching it up! Erik and Quincy broke in the Kiss Cam – by breaking into and absolutely wrecking each other’s mouth. …Too much? Okay, how about ‘they broke into our hearts and stole it!’ Better? Either way, if we wanted passion – they had us covered! They might’ve been onto something, as I believe our expressive lovebirds were one of the few spectators who weren’t shivering in the stands.

    Seriously, what was up with that awful weather? Some students seemed to have expected it though – maybe I should start taking Divination after all – because they brought warm snacks (I think I even saw someone with tea) and blankets with them. One of those students was Miles Beckett, maybe he didn’t expect to receive the warmth of kisses – and oh my, was that a confession? Shh, if I say it was a confession, then it was. I’d keep an eye on Dmitri and Miles if I were you, Hogwarts. There's luv on the horizon.

    I’m sure a lot of people went ‘Mats, what are you doing?’ when I went up to the commentator’s booth – but honestly, it was worth it. Okay, so both of these guys are dating, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that Jeongmin kissed Jisik on the head – but hey, we never specified what kind of kiss had to be featured on the Kiss Cam! Clever move, guys, and kinda sweet. Besides, I think that was somehow enough to make it so that Jeongmin will inexplicably still find glitter on himself two weeks from now.

    Back in the stands I encountered a couple so sweet, pretty and magical, they might’ve just been made of pixie dust. Seriously though, has anyone ever reminded you of a Disney romance as much as Lien and Claudette? It’s like the princesses just fell for each other – which would be the perfect movie, btw. (Hire me, Disney.) Now that we're talking Disney, do Delany and Alba remind anyone else of Rapunzel and Flynn in a Dragonriders AU? No, just me? Okay then. What’s the relationship between those two, anyway? Are they dating? Just Friends? I can’t figure it out.

    Speaking of people I can’t figure out… Who were those mysterious villagers who attended the Quidditch match? Kidding. Ms. Del Bosque runs the Magical Mystery Shop, an interesting establishment featured in this issue’s ads, and I believe Ms. Odell is the owner of the bakery – which I can also recommend because it is O-Delicious indeed! What I don’t know is what their relationship is, and it does lead one to wonder – what is going on outside the walls of our dusty old castle? We see them on the weekends, they help us with what we need and then see us off again, but Hogwarts’ students will probably never be privy to the private lives of Hogsmeade residents. It seems that both the history and chemistry of these two ladies will remain a magical mystery… at least for now.

    Another couple doused in mystery comes in the form of Oberon and Daesung – the mystery here being why they don’t given in to the obvious chemistry that is between them. You were all watching, right? (What do you mean you were ‘watching the game’? As if you could see anything.) This kiss was cute and sweet, the sugar to Quik’s spice.

    Florentin and Sigurd pulled off another innocent kiss that didn’t include the lips… Yet it wasn’t like the two commentators. While yours truly mostly received scowling from Mr. Tall, Lean and Mean, there was sincere affection in that kiss. I believe the same can be said for Aki and that handsome Seventh year I saw her with. I’m sure we were all rooting for our shrinking violet, but while she may not have received the kiss she was hoping for, it wasn’t a frigid reaction either – there is a story there, it isn’t over yet. Whether it’s romance or friendship.

    We should always take some time out of our day to appreciate the people close to us, and open our hearts for the next big adventure. Be bold, be daring, kiss people at Quidditch games. This is it, guys: our time at Hogwarts. We’ll always remember this, we’ll always be a Gryffindor, a Hufflepuff, a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin – The memories we make here are forever.

    Now, I haven’t talked about my own kiss on the Kiss Cam… because there’s the chance I might never stop talking about Preben Nilsson. Ooooh boi, not even the fog could hide that bod! …Ahem.

    Where do things go from here? I don’t know – this is just a magazine, go write your own stories! Make it book-worthy.

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