It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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 sour taste in your mouth, isolde/sara <3
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Many would argue that Katinka de Dood doesn't care for much else besides her family, potions and the Netherlands. That would probably be right, except for the fact that she also loves power, control and independence. Shocker, right? Not really. As the highest ranking woman of the next generation of de Dood's, Katinka has made a comfortable spot for herself. She still has to answer to the head of the family, presently her Uncle and soon to be her cousin Pepijn, but that's about it. Otherwise, she is her own boss. She would much prefer to be number one, but in a male dominated family structure, that would never happen. So, the hard-headed de Dood female has made herself content with being second, a truth you probably won't hear said allowed. Sure, to the naked eye, Katinka looks as happy as can be, at least for someone who doesn't smile unless there is a hidden agenda assigned to it. The idea that Ewout would take over next, if something were to happen to Pepijn drove her mad. How could he be next in line? Surely they didn't believe that Katinka was less of an option that him? None-the-less, that was the way of the world, or at least in the de Dood's mind it was.

Shortly after dinner, many of the students were headed to their dormitories, leaving the quiet, dark Slytherin Common Room empty, just the way that Katinka liked it. Growing up in the woods, Katinka grew comfort from lighting a fire and sitting close by, in complete silence. The chatter and laughter of other students would simply ruin her mood, so she was happy to see that most of them had gone to bed already. Some of the students were still pouring in, but that would soon end as well. With the white moon shining high up in the sky, many would be drawn outside or nearest the windows, which were surely lacking in the dungeon. So, if luck would have it, Katinka wouldn't have to scare away too many students, in order to get some quiet time near the fire. Not that she would have a problem with that. She sure did love making someone cry.

Things were changing around her, and Katinka wanted to spend some time alone thinking about it. Ewout had been assigned his suitor, in the form of a not-so-worthy Hufflepuff girl, someone that Katinka was already quite annoyed with. Pepijn had his suitor for quite some time now, and even though Katinka still wasn't a huge fan of the little Ravenclaw, she was at least a bit fit than that badger girl who hasn't learned how to use her legs. How could they have picked someone like her to join the family? Katinka had brought that up to the attention of her Uncle, in far less words, however. Something to the affect of, 'her Mother did a lot of work for us. She was a good woman. Surely, some of her genes have wiped off on her child.' Even though she wouldn't want too, Katinka knew that it would be her job to make sure that Paisley was ready to serve as a de Dood woman. She would never help in everything, from her personality, her potions and her appearance. 'She will not show up to a family event in pastels. How ridiculous.' The Slytherin thought to herself, after see what the girl had chosen for dinner in the Great Hall. Katinka was watching from afar, waiting for the moment to strike.

Walking up to a large armchair next to the fire, sparks popping out of she drew near, the Slytherin girl lowered herself in her chair. She brushed a piece of her long, slightly wavy dark brown hair behind her ear, and focused her attention towards the fire, crossing her legs and angleing them so that they were position close to the warmth as well. She was staring into the fire, deep in her own thoughts, and did not realize that someone else had joined her in the room. Oh, what company the snake acquired.

@Isolde Grimm

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