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 [G]Diana Asbæk
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sixth year
18-June 17
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Age: 17
Year: 6th
Bloodline: Halfblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: first character
Diana is one of those people that look mischievous or even mean and impolite, even though the reality of it is quite the opposite. Her heart, as her father would say, is made of pure gold. She is one of those people that radiate positive energy and fill other people with enthusiasm and optimism. She wants to eat life with a big spoon and is always ready to take on new challenges and go on new adventures. Spending most of her young years travelling with her father around the globe, she has learned to appreciate all the knowledge that is hidden in the world. Yearning to discover more of its hidden secrets, she tended to stick her nose in a book every time she had free time – a quality that stuck. On the move, since she can remember, she has developed a connection to nature, the peace it offers and the ever changing course of life.

Life on the road, however, was not always a straight positive line and sometimes Diana had to bend the rules to get some food or a good night’s sleep. In such situations she had to learn to react fast and smart. So she has learned to lie and act and fight. She became pretty good at throwing punches, as her father was a martial arts instructor before they left their hometown. Being as adventurous as she was, she has more often than not, found trouble and her strong, charming personality was not always there to save her. So punches were her only defense at the time. This has of course changed after she came to Hogwarts and though she still knows how to throw a punch, magic became a much simpler solution in dealing with these kinds of trouble. As for acting and lying, people always had a hard time believing her. Her mischievous look always threw people off, like she was not telling the whole story.

But Diana was not just sunshine and rainbows and epic adventures. Growing up without a mother she shut out most of authoritative female figures. She became her own female role model, combining her own personal traits, with those of her mother, which she learned from her father’s stories. Determined, ambitious and incredibly strong would be the words her father used. But also stubborn, obsessive and impulsive. Diana’s thirst for new experiences was indeed often a decision of impulse and with her determination to prove herself, to be courageous and strong she acted on it, despite the possible negative outcomes. Once she had her mind set on something there was no way of stopping her until her goal was achieved.

Even as a young girl she showed great promise and capabilities. Her father thought her on the road and she has always shown interest in knowledge. Soon it was obvious that the girl was very intelligent and learned fast. It was not long before she started reading on her own and solving mathematical equations with ease. It was not just logistically that Diana was gifted; she also had quite good physique. Spending most of her childhood surrounded by hillsides, rivers, lakes, forests and mountains, sports became a huge part of her life. She loved swimming in cold waters and going on jogs through the misty morning forests. But her favorite of all had to be climbing. It probably had a lot to do with her challenging and adventurous nature. Something about being so high up in a wall, relying only on your strength and flexibility, sent adrenaline through her veins and made her feel alive. It was the one thing she made sure to always stay true to, even when she was whisked off to a completely new, magical world.

Learning of her heritage both excited and shocked Diana. Completely unaware of her lineage until she received her Hogwarts letter, she welcomed the new, unfamiliar world. Bittersweet, that she would not share this adventure with her father, Diana was still overjoyed that there was a whole other world whose secrets she would now be able to uncover.
Not much about her personality has changed, since she became aware that she is a witch. Her desire to learn only magnified, when she was introduced to the world of fantastic beasts, magical herbs, spells and Quidditch. Living free spirited for most of her life she had trouble getting used to living with rules and still sometimes finds herself breaking them and falling into trouble. Her intentions, though, were never bad.

Her free spirited nature and ability to get along with almost everyone made it easy for her to make friends at Hogwarts. She loved listening to their stories, just as much as she loved sharing hers. She has never had a lasting friendship or a relationship, except for the one with her father. So she believed in love (as that was all her father has given her and others that surrounded them), she believed that everyone deserved a chance and that redemption was possible for anyone. Perhaps this was just a result of seeing so much at such a young age, but Diana, no matter how dark or twisted the situation got, always found light in it; in everyone. She did not like to hold grudges, because she thought life was too beautiful and short to let hate blind you.

Character Background:
The story of Severin Asbæk and Lorraine Carter- Asbæk started five years before Diana was born.

It was a summer night and Severin was a 23 year old security guard, who was working at a music festival in Stockholm. There, he met a beautiful bronze skinned girl, with thick, black hair and beautiful doe eyes. He was immediately smitten. Lorraine, or Raine as she was known to her friends, did not stay unmoved by the tall, blonde Swede either. They first saw each other at the entrance gate and Severin kept his eyes on her throughout the entire night. As he watched her dance and laugh with her friends he could not explain what drew him to her, he just knew there was something different about her. He never found out just how different she really was.

Raine was 21 years old back then. Originally from Manchester, she has just finished her internship at the Ministry of Magic in London. Before starting her job as an auror she has decided to do some travelling around the world. She came from a pureblood family and spent her years at Hogwarts in Ravenclaw. Raine always excelled at spells and potions. She was also on the Quidditch team and partook in various extracurricular activities. Her parents always pushed her to achieve more and be better, even when that seemed impossible. That, however, drew a huge bridge between them when Raine started her seventh year at Hogwarts. Her parents no longer shared her views about her future. Raine wanted to become an international auror, to live life full of dangerous experiences and hunting down evil wizards and witches. Maria and Tristan (that were her parent’s names) on the other hand, wanted their daughter to stay in the family business. After it became evident that they would not reach a consensus, Raine took off on her own, busting her ass off to get that internship and follow her dreams. She has not spoken to her parents after that and they haven’t tried to contact her either.

Raine was spending the summer in Scandinavia in hopes to see the northern lights. There, her life changed more than she had expected. And that was mainly because of Severin. It was undeniable that they shared a connection the first time their eyes met, so it was no surprise when he approached her as she and her friends were leaving the festival in the morning. Asking her out for coffee the next day, he was so adorable with his stuttering she had no choice but to say yes. So they met up, on a sunny Wednesday, in a small coffee shop and sparks were flying everywhere. They laughed and talked and got to know each other. After that they went on a couple of dates and by the time the northern lights came around, they were a couple. But as summer came to an end Raine had to leave for London. She thought this was no more than a mere summer romance, but on their final date Severin proposed. To many it would seem rushed or childish, but they both shared a really strong, unexplainable feeling that they belonged together. So Severin went to London with her.

They bought a small apartment in the center of London. There, Severin opened up his own martial arts studio. He fell in love with Lorraine more and more everyday. And so did she. She loved him with all her heart and was sure that It was not a mistake saying yes to his proposal. Despite the secret that she was hiding, Raine was happy. So Severin thought Raine was a secret agent working for the FBI. He didn’t ask much about her work as he understood the importance of keeping it a secret. This way, when Lorraine disappeared on missions for months at a time, there were no elaborate questions asked. Raine was sure her parents would disown her (as if they didn’t already do that) if they were to know, she was dating, no, marrying a muggle. So the wizarding world was kept a secret from him. Only once he asked about her family and she told him that they were dead. He never asked her about them again.

One marriage and a mission going south later Raine gave up her job as an auror and settled down for a normal muggle life. Severin’s studio picked up and he was making more than enough money for the both of them. At that point they started thinking about children. They wanted to have a child so badly but they had trouble conceiving. Finally, when they managed to get pregnant they were overjoyed. But before the first trimester ended Raine had a spontaneous miscarriage. This broke them both and the doctors news that they might now be able to have a child, ever, destroyed Severin more than Raine. They did not lose hope however. They kept trying and trying until one day Raine was pregnant again. It was a high risk pregnancy and the doctors advised them not to go through with it as the birth would be very dangerous for Raine and the baby. But they wanted this child so badly they disregarded the doctors.

So in the middle of a winter night a new life was brought into this world but another one was taken. Raine still in agony over just giving birth, was devastated to find out her daughter was not breathing. Her mothers instincts took over and she used up all the magic that was in her, to give her daughter life. This occurred in such a subtle way that no one noticed. The doctors could not explain how it was possible that the baby suddenly started crying and as they rushed to check up on her no one noticed the life disappearing from Raine. Not even Severin.

The last thing Raine saw, was her husband, smiling at their daughter. She smiled.

Severin never blamed Diana for her mothers death. He loved her unconditionally and with all the force he loved her mother before her. Though staying in London was hard for him after his beloveds’ death. He packed up all their things, left the studio to his coowner and took Diana to places he knew her mother wished to see, but never got to. He was still oblivious to the secret Raine was hiding and just tried his best to raise Diana in a way that would make Lorraine proud. Soon it was evident that she was a cut-out of her mother. She had the same warmth in her and sense for adventure. She was incredibly smart and fast learning. It wasn’t until her eleventh birthday that his world was turned upside down. Just like Diana’s.

Diana was used to fast adaptation. So when she received her letter she was just as excited as she was confused. Once she arrived at Hogwarts she found out who her mother really was. She has left quite an impact in the wizarding world with her work as an auror before she gave it up. That was the first time she met her grandparents. When they learned of their daughters passing they were devastated and wished they’d have acted differently. They welcomed Diana into their family and taught her the wizarding ways. They met Severin too and they welcomed him into their family. Severin was very dumbfounded at first, trying to understand everything and why Raine would hide such a huge part of her life from him. He didn’t resent her or anything like that, he just wished she would’ve told him so he wouldn’t have been caught off guard by all of this.

The horrible reality of things was it took Maria and Tristan losing their daughter to bring them to see, that there was more to the world than just business.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: Blank, her mind was blank. Trying to figure out how this hat will determine her house she imagined herself in green and blue and red and yellow. On the train ride over she has met plenty of her peers that were nervous but she wasn't. She figured that the hat knew what it was doing and she will be sorted where she would find people that shared similar interests as her.
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