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 [S]Hendrik de Dood
Hailey · 16 · 6th · Undetermined · Pureblood · 6'1"
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Apr 7 2018, 02:11 PM   Link Quote
Name: Hendrik de Dood
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Yes, Robin gave me permission!
Appearance: Chestnut curls, green-blue eyes, height of 6'1.5".
There are very few people who do not know of the de Doods: a prestigious, traditional Dutch family raised with the cauldron as a second home. But Hendrik de Dood could easily fly under the radar as the second child of a secondary branch of the family. Not that he wants to – often times the lack of recognition is something thrust upon him unwillingly. People are far more interested in his cousins Pepjin and Ewout, or his sister Katinka, so Rik is of little concern to most. Part of him desires to stand on chairs and shout to the world that he is there, too. Maybe he isn’t as nefarious as his cousins or siblings, but he is there. He wants to shout it in his father and uncle’s face – maybe then he could feel like he is a normal teenage boy with normal, loving parents.

But he was a black sheep among white, hidden in the shadows of his family name.

All his life, Rik was told family before all else. Preservation of reputation, ambition, and the dedication to family were cornerstones ingrained into his brain until they became second nature. The Dutch wizard did as he was expected, never drawing attention to his person that could reflect poorly against his family, and he possesses the same drive and ambition many of his relatives did. He works and works and works, spending late nights in the potions room, praying that for once maybe he would get the recipe right. After all, it came so easily to his siblings and cousins, why couldn’t he work with that same ease? A black sheep, he was: a de Dood without a natural inclination towards potions. It drives Hendrik mad. For all his efforts, for all his begging the professor for extra lessons and to use the room, all that resonates in his family is the failure. Terrible is not quite the word to describe his skills in the area. No, he isn’t terrible, but he struggles and a certain shame digs its claws deep into Rik because of it.

Still, Hendrik may be the only de Dood found more frequently with a smile on his face – most certainly one of the more pleasant and tolerable ones. He smiles, laughs, makes jokes, but venom is a family heirloom: one he inherited. It lurks beneath the surface, striking out when cornered or threatened, or straining against his flesh even when unprovoked. And while Hendrik never claims to be a “great guy”, he does try a little harder than his sister and cousins. Conversations with him are easier, he’s more willing to have conversations with others, he is slightly more accepting, though still rather traditional. Nevertheless, unless considered family (by blood or not), Hendrik has no qualms about betraying someone if it comes down to self or familial preservation.

Hendrik thrives on chaos. Caring little for others problems, he’d kick back his feet to watch a fight with a bag of popcorn – so long as the fight doesn’t include anyone he cares about. And even then, he avoids getting his hands dirty – doesn’t want to taint the de Dood reputation. That being said, he’s not above verbal attacks, and in extreme situations, he will do just about anything for those he cares about. He’s a rather devoted person, in all relationships: not unwilling to commit to one person. Unlike his sister, he does think that love is a possibility in his future. He doesn’t intend to stray from who his parents picked for him, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less frustrated. He wants to make his family proud, do something right for once, but deep down he has no interest in marrying a girl pre chosen for him.

Character Background:
Some de Dood Hendrik is. Can’t even get a potion right.

These were the words constantly replaying in the back of the Dutch boy’s mind. Maybe he cared little about other people’s opinions, but that excluded his family. Katinka, his cousins, his parents, his uncle – they all had some natural talent and the darkness in their hearts to go along with it while Rik tried to pretend that he didn’t exceed in the course. He hid the fact that he hadn’t quite found his niche, reluctantly knowing that the de Dood family business might not be the place for him. And when his cousins or siblings brought up his failure, it stung more than he let on, leaving him writhing under the surface of his flesh, wanting to just break something. Rik tried to ignore it. He pretended, even convincing himself, that it was where he belonged, no matter his skills, no matter his morals, he belonged with his family. Family meant everything after all, right?

Fortes creantur fortibus.

Strong creates strong.

It had always been a rather confusing axiom for Hendrik. Katinka, Pepijn, and Ewout seemed to have an understanding of the meaning – after all they were the respectable youth of the de Dood line. But when he was young, hearing the words drip from Augustus de Dood’s lips, Hendrik nodded along, as if the phrase made complete sense to him, when in reality he furrowed his brows, the simple but disagreeable thought plaguing his brain: what if you’re not strong? The boy could never stomach the harsh reality of the prestigious Dutch family. The blood, the secrets, the murder – it all left a bitter aftertaste on Hendrik’s tongue. With a grimace, he’d turn a blind eye to that side of his family, rejecting its very existence. He’d watch Kat take it all in stride with ease, fighting for the title of heir. She made their father proud, made their uncle proud. But Rik: Rik was the classic family disappointment. He carried the de Dood name, and though he adopted several of their traits, he was never good enough. His stone de Dood heart bore cracks that could easily shatter with the correct pressure applied.

He must’ve been his mother’s son, a Myerscough dressed in a de Dood’s skin, and he hated it.

Watching Katinka earn the praise of their father and their uncle left the young wizard starved for attention. Their mother attempted to satiate his appetite, brushing aside Kat and focusing her attentions on Hendrik. But the boy craved his father’s approval. Corine’s love seemed insignificant when paired with the contempt he received from Augustus. Everything he did as a boy was dictated by his father’s approval, even colorings he made as a kid were never decent until Augustus de Dood said so, despite Corine’s insistence of their beauty. It was something Hendrik was completely aware he did, a habit he’d tried to break, but one he never could.

Their secluded house in the woods did little to help. It was an area where his sister thrived, but for Rik, it was almost unhealthy. The constant weight pushing down on his shoulders until it dug him deep in the ground. Occasionally, the peace was welcomed, but the Dutch boy would be lying if he said he was not thrilled when his Hogwarts letter arrived – a chance to escape the constant need to be on his best behavior, scared to so much as show that he was a young, naïve child. Sure, he’d always known he’d never take over the family business, there were far too many relatives before him for succession, but that never washed away the itch to bleach his black wool white. That itch grew stronger around the patriarchs, and the community of Hogwarts helped provide relief.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: Please don’t let me disappoint my family here, too...I will make them proud.
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OOC Name: Hailey
Your Pronouns: she/her
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? A black hole.

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