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 crooked deals in the shadows, tag for Ollie/Destiny
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Petra was finding herself the last to fall asleep again, well she was hoping that she was the last person to be heading to bed. She would be failing her duties as a prefect if her fellow schoolmates were still out and about after curfew. Tonight, she had ruined a few late night dates and some fifth-years with a bottle of fire whiskey. She never understood peoples need to drink or have late night rendezvous. Honestly, she just wished people just follow the dang rules. They were not so hard to follow and besides a good night sleep is essential for growing boys and girls. The rules were there to protect and, honestly, to keep students from acting like wild animals.

Sighing, Petra made her way back to the underground level of Hogwarts. She had yet to grow accustomed the sounds that the castle made at night. Her little black cat paid no mind to the sounds or his owner. He just walked in front of her, minding his own business, as every shadow of the unknown made her heart beat faster. Every flicker of the torchlight made her uneasy, the feeling of wanting to run past by, so she won't be caught by the darkness if the torch went out. The blonde found herself, wishing that she had begged for another prefect to stay up and accompany her on the nightly rounds.

Though, she recalled last time thinking the same thing on her nightly patrols. And yet, she still hasn't found the courage to admit to her other fellow prefects that she might have a fear of the dark and what lurked in the shadows; being real or imaginary. Though never show weakness was the family motto. Or was it be perfect? She never was sure, because one parent said one thing and the other said another. Her father always wanted them to be strong. And her mother, well, she liked everything to be perfect- to look perfect. But she was soft, nothing like her siblings; she wasn't like the ruthless and cruel twins. Ollie was a warrior, fighting everyone's battle. And Marco was a born leader who everyone looked to.

It seemed that her father figured out that she was different at such a young age. The blonde was soft and sensitive nothing like the Connors before her. His words still vibrate in the recess of her mind and she could never forget them; "Softness is not a weakness, it takes courage to stay delicate in a world so cruel." Whether he truly believed it or not, was still being questioned, but Petra felt a tiny bit better about being who she was in a family that was as cold and cruel as a winter's snow storm. It meant that he was okay with raising a daughter that grew fearful of looming shadows.

With the dungeon in sight, Petra felt a tiny better. It meant home and her bed. Though at the sound of the Slytherin's main door being open. The girl paused before sneaking into the shadows. Who could possibly be trying to sneak out so late at night? A low sigh escaped her lips as her blue eyes rolled in annoyance. She was so close to bed but so far. Which only annoyed her because all she wanted was to lay down on her comfy bed and snuggle into her blanket.

Taking out her wand, "Lumos." She stated, as a tiny bulb of light form at the tip of her wand, revealing the delinquent's identity. She had a mixture of emotions; for a second she felt relief, then happy, and then back to annoyance. "What are you doing?" She questioned, her free hand resting on her hip, her blue eyes glaring up, as she pointed her wand in her older brother's face waiting for an answer.

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