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 Victoria Isley
Victoria Isley
 Posted: Jun 19 2017, 12:01 PM
" I'm scared to get close and I hate being alone"
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Name: Victoria Isley
Age: 15
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?:Yes, I shelved Luci with permission from Emilex <3


Growing up in the shadow of a name, Victoria grew to become quite outspoken much to her parents disapproval. All the girl really ever wanted was to have a voice, and not to be silenced simply because she was a girl. Unlike her brother and the rest of her family, Tori did not believe herself to be above anyone. People were people, regardless of what their blood type or species was. Being treated as a lesser person did little to change the girl’s mind on this matter, even if she was a single voice in a crowd Tori would make a point of being heard. No one can be free when someone is being oppressed, and it was something that she herself knew to be true. It was beyond her why most of the pureblood girls that she knew just simply went along with whatever they were told to do.Girls were controlled down to the very core, expected to act a specific way and to be seen and not heard. At least her brother had never expected that of her, even if he was a bit big headed when it came to other things.

Tori is generally tolerant of most people, it takes someone really pushing her buttons to get her angry enough to do something other than a witty comment here and there. Although there are many people that she will happily talk to, and even enjoy speaking with, it is a bit hard to become a permanent fixture in her life. Tori has a close circle of friends that she holds close, and happily protects from any would be assailants. Though, honestly to date she had never had to fight anyone off for her friends. Mostly because Durmstrang seemed to run off a pecking order, and TJ and Sev had always maintained a spot where most feared crossing them. Its the thought that counts though, right? That she would defend them if they needed her protection. They had already lost Sig, Tori was not going to let any of her other friends meet their end. Not with her just standing around anyway.

When faced with a decision, as to whether to follow her pureblood upbringing or to do what she feels is right, Tori will always turn her back on tradition. You could say this hasn’t always worked out in her favor, ever actually. Even those that are closest to her are elitist beyond comfort, and more than once the girl has found herself at the end of a stern talking to. People telling her that she is wrong just because it goes against elitist ways have never been treated kindly. Tori can be a bitch, quite frankly, when someone wants to feed her a load of bull. Placing her words carefully and manipulatively for the most damage, the girl certainly isn’t afraid to go toe to toe with anyone who wants to question her. Although she can keep her cool with someone poking fun, or making jabs, once angry you would have a hard time getting her to back down. Its been said that the wrath of a angry Spanish girl is one not to be played with, in Victoria’s case it would seem like even just having half the Spanish blood would be enough to have her following in her ancestors steps.

Truthfully, the times she has to resort to being snarky are few and far in between. Most of her friends know better by now, or at least they are more careful about shoving their ideals down her throat. Other than the occasional confrontation the girl is generally sweet and kind to those that don’t make it a point to piss her off. Even if she does not know the solution to every problem, Tori has always been good at listening. Sometimes just being heard, and letting someone know that they have a voice could do far more good than any shot in the dark to fix their problem. Tori thought so anyway, there would always be those that disagreed with her.

Character Background:

Many things can come from a name, especially in the wizarding world. Some names carried shame and their ancestors traitorous acts, while others were thought to be above all else. Isley had always been a well known family name, they were known to only marry their children off to those of equal purity. Ted Isley would find his young self matched up with a fiery young spanish girl. With only the holidays to get to know one another, it wasn’t a marriage that was formed out of love but necessity. Charlotte Santiago would go on to graduate Beauxbatons, marrying into the Isley’s a few months later and joining her ambitious husband in London. It would be a long tedious climb through the ranks of the ministry, but eventually Ted Isley would find himself sitting just where he had always aspired to be. Minister of Magic, the title had come with a long to do list, to include being well liked in the public eye. Sure the Isley’s were elitist behind closed doors, but to the public eye Ted Isley fought for equality for all.

Ted and Charlotte Isley would not settle in and have children until the exact right time, TJ would be born roughly nine months after the election, with Victoria following a year later. Together the Isley children would grow up, partners in the double life they found themselves immersed in. Her brother would be her closest friend, always following him around and trying to act like him when she had been younger. With age the girl would develop quite the independent streak, always making sure that her parents heard her voice. She was a person too, and Tori would not be the one that got lost in the background like so many other girls she saw. Always expected to just do as they were told, and act pleasantly in the company of others, even when they were being rude. You could say Ted Isley did not take kindly to having a defiant child, especially a outspoken daughter.

After two terms in office Ted Isley would retire from Minister of Magic, taking the time to mold his kids into the next generation of Isley’s and follow in his footsteps. TJ had been six while Tori was five, suddenly finding themselves pushed even further into the pureblood community. While her brother seemed to enjoy elitism and all that went with it, she had always been a bit more weary of it. Though at the age of five she hadn’t really known exactly what had made her drag her heels about all of it. Being a girl in a traditional pureblood family was not ideal, not for her anyway, especially as she watched as her brother was treated completely differently. Somehow everyone just expected her to be happy with whatever they decided was best for her, and worst of all they expected her to stay quiet. Well TJ didn’t, he brother had always looked at her as more than just a girl. It was like having a single person who believed you could be so much more, and it was the boy’s confidence in her that helped Tori become even stronger and more stubborn than she already way.

From an early age, Victoria Isley has had a mission, to be known as more than a girl. For her family to hear her voice and not look at her with contempt. It was never an easy fight, always finding herself being sent to her room instead of getting to have her say over the dinner table. Most nights her brother would sneak down the hall and into her room, sometimes with a snack if he could get to the kitchens and back. Through the night they would talk about everything father had taught him, discussing the historical relevance of wars through the wizarding history. However it would not be the girl’s sharp mind or wit that would gain her their father’s respect, no it would be something that threatened the family name. Time and time again, boys would come to meet the girl and leave with their tails tucked as they tried to leave as quickly as possible. Ted Isley would agree to allowing his daughter join them for discussions, he even promised to help her get any job her little heart desired -- with the exception of minister of magic- as long as she stopped chasing suitors from the house.

Even if she didn’t want to be married off, without her thoughts ever being considered, it was too good of an opportunity to give up. Most of the boys that she knew already would have thought twice about ever talking down to her anyway, how bad could it possibly be? For awhile there had been talk about Severin Larsson, and really the girl had simply avoided that whole idea. Sure she got along with Severin, but they had grown up together and Tori looked at him as an older brother more than anything else. TJ had already been arranged to marry Sig, couldn’t they just forget about marrying her off?

The year TJ went off to Durmstrang was the worst, not only did her brother leave but so did everyone else. Severin, TJ and Petra were all the same age with Sig being a year older and already gone. It just meant that she would be alone, or trying to play nice to whoever her father was interested in her marrying. It would be a lonely year, filled with plenty of owls and even more time in the library as she brushed up on her knowledge so that her brother wouldn’t be that far ahead of her. True to their agreement, even with TJ gone lessons continued and Tori got her chance to shine.

As expected her own owl from Durmstrang would come on her eleventh birthday, though she would not have anyone to run to and share with. It marked her time alone as an end, the young girl quietly waiting at the breakfast table for her parents to join her before presenting her letter as she watched their faces, the approving glow that hardly ever went with anything she did. That look was almost solely reserved for her brother, not that it was his fault, she never held it against him. With a quiet mask of indifference the girl listened as they planned out the day to get school supplies. Oh joy, she wished TJ was here but it looked like she was going to be spending the afternoon with her parents.

At the beginning of the next year, Tori would find herself joining her brother and childhood friends in Durmstrang. Everything would fall into place, being the sweetest of the bunch she would find herself being the ears of TJ and Sev. Always keeping an ear out for anyone who spoke against them, they had to stick together, Durmstrang was a dog eat dog world and no one wanted to be left on their own in such a place. As they got older Victoria Isley would become someone that few wanted to mess with, not that she herself was notoriously spiteful, there were others that were a little bit overprotective of the girl.

Everything would change during her fifth year, first a cold blooded murder that was far too close to home for comfort. The Larssons had always been like a second family, an extension of her own. Tori remembered trying to talk to Sev, but it just seemed like her words had fallen on deaf ears and the boy refused to look at her. Victoria, along with her family would attend the burial and service, her brother and parents stone faced and cold just like the perfect family they were expected to be. Emotions were dangerous in her world, always with the possibility of being seen as weakness. So it was herself and her brother often withdrew instead of letting anything crack the mask of perfection that they had been raised to wear.

It wasn’t fair really, but Tori didn’t know how else to respond. It was really the only way she had known. Severin was gone, like a vacant seat at the table, she felt it everyday but distanced herself from losing him too. Although Sev was not dead, he was gone to her in a way, and perhaps she silently grieved for him as well. Theodore continued to receive owls from the swede, while she instead found herself just sending her wishes at the end of TJs owls, a tiny and Victoria wishes you well at the end of the pages they would send each other. It made her feel pathetic, not knowing how to talk to the boy that she had always known and grown up with.

Just when i seemed like things could not have gotten any worse, well they did. Ten fold. In the middle of the night she would find herself unexpectedly being dragged from her bed, the sound of her wand snapping as a hand clamped over her mouth before she could scream. The rest was a blur of being dragged from the castle and away. Although she did not remember falling asleep the night before, and only vaguely of being drug from her bed, Tori would find herself locked away in a dungeon. For the most part, she was alone, the very bare essentials being provided. Most that came by did not bother talking to her, ignoring the questions the girl repeated. Why would they have even wanted her? Tori was not really much of anything really, not to her parents anyway, TJ was the one that would carry on the family name.

There was one person who talked to her, and Victoria found herself suddenly clinging to this person who treated her like a person. Andrew was special, he was kind despite the fact that she was a prisoner and he saw her for more than just being an Isley. He knew and liked her for being herself, and that meant more to the girl then anything. Nothing in the world compared to being accepted as a person, and despite her current predicament Tori would find a little bit of happiness in her life. After a few months in captivity, and getting to know Andrew, the boy would selflessly help her escape from captivity. Little did anyone on the outside know, Tori had fallen head over heels for the boy who liked her for being Victoria and didn’t care what her last name was, and secretly the two started dating. It was scandalous, an Isley dating a werewolf, and yet Tori didn’t care. Pureblood tradition had always been the thing to drag her down and make her less of a person, Andrew had done the opposite. For that and her freedom the boy had her complete loyalty. As authorities questioned who had taken her the girl pulled out the perfected mask of perfection, quietly telling them that she did not know. Sure the Whelans were suspected, but she would not give them away.

She couldn’t give Andrew away.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: I don’t mind really, you're the expert here, but I suppose if I had a request just put me with those who seek to do the right thing? Is there a house for that?
Special Request (available at Novice**) None

OOC Name: Storm
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? Once upon a time I asked the google gods for a home, and ta da Wurr popped up.

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