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 Vidar Skjeggestad
Tine · 41 · Ancient Runes Professor · tba · Pureblood · 6'3
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Mar 13 2018, 01:52 PM   Link Quote

Name: Vidar Skjeggestad
Age: 41
Bloodline: Pure

Appearance: The most impressive trait might be his beard, of which Vidar is very proud. Underneath thinner fabrics, the outlines of ancient tattoo designs can be seen.

Personality: Being a father did not automatically mean being good with children - and eventually, Vidar Skjeggestad is a prime example for such a claim. Well-versed when it comes to books and his studies, his communication skills seem to disappear when it comes to the students he has to teach. His voice rough and distant when talking to them, it soon becomes more passionate as soon as he starts speaking about those things he really cares about: runes, and the magic that could be performed with them. The spark in his eyes only seems to appear when he talks about the knowledge he had gathered and taught himself, and when he has the chance to pass it onto willing students - Ancient Runes is an elective, after all, and no one can expect to have their grade gifted to them. He is bad with names, finding it hard to remember the names of his students - even when they are related to him over several corners, edges and arranged marriages.

Vidar’s intention had never been to become a professor, and taking the spot at Hogwarts is a trial and error process for him. He knows what he wants to teach, but he has not quite figured out how to do it yet. Eventually, he just likes hearing himself talk at times, not quite paying attention to whether students are listening or not. Fortunately, his classes are not all he has. Vidar is very tied to nature and enjoys long walks across the lawns and through the forbidden forest - at his own risk, of course.

He has a soft spot for working with woods, Wandlore having been a subject that fascinated him as student. Wooden instruments - the ancient ones whose drawings he found in his books as well - are something he taught himself to play, and in the early hours of the morning, he may be found playing his tagelharpa or one of the other harpas he owns.

It is for the better that Vidar does not wish to have more intense relationships to his students, as in his opinion, he is only here to teach. Hogwarts is a mystery to him, mainly because there seems to be no selection when it comes to who is allowed to be taught: purebloods mingle with halfbloods and even muggleborn children, something he frowns upon while he knows he cannot say anything. Having been born in a tight corset of expectations, traditions and rules, someone as old as Vidar already is cannot be swayed, and he does not want to be swayed anyway. He holds onto his beliefs, frowning upon those standards and quietly judging.

The studies of ancient times require a patience Vidar fortunately has been blessed with, and one that comes in handy when dealing with students. It was a trait complimented often by his wife, whom he misses given the distance between the two of them. But apparation is a thing, and so is the floo network, so on the weekends, Professor Skjeggestad is either gone or can be found taking a walk, his arm linked with his wife’s. At Kristhild’s side, his smile becomes less pressed and more genuine. Expressing his feelings might not be his strength, but he does his best to keep his wife happy and show her he loves her - with the small disadvantage that she will always have to share his love with the ancient runes he adores. Such is the life of being married to a scholar, one that might have been a skald back in the days, when stories told on a bonfire still counted for something and the Gods were still a part of everyone’s life. Despite the tales he studies and the symbolism he teaches, Vidar is not a pious man, seeing the deities as a measure to teach mankind about knowledge that had always been there, no matter of what origin.

Character Background: Every story has its beginning somewhere, and this one starts in Harstad, Norway, where Vidar Kjell Skjeggestad was born to Lodvar Skjeggestad and Pedrikke Skjeggestad. Times were still different then and the muggle world had not infiltrated the wizarding one as much as it did nowadays, offering the couple all chances to raise their child in the traditional way they had been raised, too. Their connection had not been a coincidence, as careful continuation of bloodlines had always been a priority, and the purest of blood needed to be passed on. Born into a world full of traditions, Vidar stayed an only child as his mother passed away when he was merely five years old. His father soon drowned in grief and left the boy to his own devices and the care of house elves who simply had not been trained to raise a child.

Left alone and abandoned, Vidar found comfort in the traditions of the past and in those books stored away in the library of their mansion, filled with historical articles and stories alike, the edges of each page decorated with intricate rune designs. The study of runes was one that came easy to him, rune magic practised among the house and later on at Durmstrang. He liked the connection to nature, and how it did not require a wand to perform wonders - just a wooden stick or a knife, and sometimes just his fingernails to paint the rough lines of a rune. His fascination turned into a passion, one that did not even cease after graduation. Yet before he could dedicate his life to the purpose of collecting, guarding and teaching the knowledge he had gathered, Vidar had to fulfill the duties of being the only heir of his family, and his engagement to Kristhild Vikernes was announced.

The Vikernes children had always been engaged to other northern pureblood families as soon as possible, shaping ties with the Nilssons and the Skjeggestads early on to build a thick net in case anything was ever needed. Kristhild’s brother Asbjorn married Ulrikke Nilsson, and two sons were born to them: Herleif and Njord. For Kristhild and Vidar, there had only been one child born two years after their wedding, when both had merely been nineteen years old. Left to himself at a young age, Vidar never quite knew how to deal with the small child in his wife’s arms, even if he had grown to love her. His first and foremost passion would always be his studies, and so he often turned his back to the crying child and left it to Kristhild to take care of little Hedevard. The small family stayed in Harstad, inheriting the Skjeggestad manor after Vidar’s father passed away - years after having been out of his mind, driven into madness by grief and loneliness.

Teaching at Durmstrang had never been an option for Vidar, and he set his focus on those who wished to come to him and learn the ancient signs and symbols instead. Smaller groups were easily taught, and he had decided not to teach at a school because he would always be confronted with the heirs and heiresses of the families he was tied to, making it awkward for both sides. Once Hedevard was older, he tried to pass his passion and fascination onto his son, yet he failed. The path of knowledge was not one for the boy who, these days, at the age of twenty-two, works at the Norwegian Ministry of Magic.

It was not the way Vidar had wished for his son to choose, yet he accepted his decision, while his own path strayed away from what he had wanted as well. Word of his knowledge had made its round, and an offer from Hogwarts arrived in Harstad in the shape of a large, grey owl that stared at him with yellow eyes. The position of the Ancient Runes professor had been abandoned for a while, would he not want to take it? For Vidar, it was less awkward than going back to Durmstrang, even though he was aware some of the children he regularly saw at family dinners would be there as well. Never one to let a new opportunity slip, Vidar agreed - ready to teach his first lesson at Hogwarts...
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