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 Have you ever been mellow?, Sammeh's Teddy
Dmitri Haag
 Posted: Apr 21 2017, 06:22 AM
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His passion is as fiery as his temper

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Dmitri HaagGryffindor Beginner
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The sound of a crisp guitar was heard as it lightly played with the wind that carried the sweet scent of blossoms from the carnival's flower maze. Speaking of the carnival, students and staff alike had headed towards the venue on the afternoons after classes for recreation. This left a simple smile on a Gryffindor's lips as his calloused fingers tugged at each string of his guitar. Quiet except for the sound of music and the distant laughter of a few students who passed by the gardens to reach the said carnival in hopes of a fun-filled day with friends.

"Thank you for loving me..."

The lion started with his song. A mellow melody that left his heart aflutter. Memories that made him feel so high above the clouds. Nostalgia had hit the boy and he was never one to stop himself on relishing memories as he sang. Music was his life and to be able to have time to just relax and play his guitar was a luxury the wizard refused to pass up for anything. Love was in the air for this young man it was evident in the way he sang and the way his hands gently held his guitar.

"For being my eyes,"

His back pressed onto the castle's stone walls as he comfortably sat on the green carpet of grass. Enjoying the warm fresh air that the gardens provided. It chased away the cold winter chill clearing the way that if the lion wasn't in rhythm with his guitar he would surely fall into a deep and peaceful sleep.

"When I couldn't see."

Remembering how he had first met and seen his beloved. This was a spark of nostalgia. How the boy met eyes with the meek Ravenclaw that he was able to share music with. How the eagle had made the lion smile with the eagle's laugh. Happy memories may they never end for the Gryffindor. To others, it may sound so much like infatuation or maybe they may think that this lion was out of his mind for feeling this way about someone but he just felt it and he wanted to know more about this boy. How he longed and ached to encounter him again.

"You parted my lips,"

This is soothing. Well thinking about love, there was certainly something more than just passionate love that he had for that certain eagle. One form is familial. Of course, his family had been sending him various owls across many days and occasions. He had missed them. Spending most of his days in the castle without his family was hard but it all felt like he was still at home with how constant his grandfather would send him letters. Another form was friendship which he knew very well as he had two wonderful friends in the form of a lamb-like Hufflepuff and a headstrong Slytherin. He also could never forget three Gryffindors like him. One of which was a confident lioness that had a good head on her shoulders, another lioness that enjoyed music as much as he did, and lastly but definitely never the least, a young lion that enjoyed learning as much as an eagle would. Come to think of it he hasn't befriended a Ravenclaw yet as deep as he had befriended these previous five.

"When I couldn't breathe."

Maybe, in the breeze that was filled with his music would find him an eagle friend. Perhaps a new face to be friends with? As spring was a definite sign of new beginnings. He was determined that this new set of seasons would bring him new experiences and his budding winter love would bloom and grow during this new year of new chances and roads to take.

"Thank you for loving me..."

Oh, how Dmitri, the young Gryffindor musician loved this fine spring day.

@Theodorus Faustus

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Theodorus Faustus
 Posted: Yesterday at 04:59 am
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Fuck your Honda Civic, I've a horse outside

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Teddy wasn't really up for mingling with the people at the carnival. Honestly, if someone had asked him to come along, he might've considered but never would he have gone on his own behalf. At least not to have fun. From what he'd gathered, the whole event was ridiculously muggle, like a toaster or soda. He knew he would stare, just go have a look at every wierd concoction of electricity and lights was made to entertain a muggle. What they would make in order to have fun. That would be all in the end, Teddy Faust just looking at every weird device in wonder on his own. It didn't sound like a great time. Eventually more talk would find its way to the Ravenclaw table, and he would listen intently while making it look like he was focussing on his bacon. Muggleborns talked about such things with ease, they didn't sound weird when talking about how a coffee maker worked. The boy preferred that method of curiousity, as in the end he wouldn't end up sounding stupid when bringing up the subject himself.

Instead he ventured towards the gardens, the satchel slung over his shoulder containing just about any instrument he needed to waste away a sunny afternoon. There was always someone at the gardens, but it was never quite busy. Those with green fingers who couldn't stay satisfied with merely the greenhouses. Those lovey-dovey couples that made others wanna puke, while Teddy made sure to hide his longing sigh from attentive ears. Or, like today, other muscisians who didn't want to remain locked in a castle on a bright day, no matter how good the acoustics may have been inside. Teddy stopped in his tracks for a second, just listening to how the music reached him. it sounded like easy finger tapping. The song was unfamiliar, as most muggle music still was to him. Especially songs like these: too slow and mellow for the Ravenclaw's tastes.

He walked over, finding a Gryffindor on his own. Teddy shifted a little, not expecting to be confronted with just one person instead of a huddle of students. Lovesongs were usually played to someone, were they not? Even if it was just a girl passing by, and the artist had to make a quick impression in order to capture some smiles. However, something told Teddy this guy no longer needed to impress whoever walked by. "Ya need an healer, mate? That sounds like a deadly case of lovesick." He said casually, quickly scanning the guy in question.

In the end he could only derive how muggle fashion was plain weird sometimes. The satches got readjusted a bit, as he could feel a flute digging into his hipbone for a second. "Mind if I do?" It wasn't really a qestion, as the Eagle already plopped himself next to the Gryffindor and made himself comfortable against the castle wall. It wasn't his favourite spot to sit, the welcoming shade of a tree much more pleasant than a wall would ever be. It would do, in the end. The bag rested on his side, and got dropped in the grass that was already warming up by the Spring sun. It took some digging to find what he needed. A panflute, Irish flute, thin whistle and even an appalachian dulcimer being laid out in front of him until he got hold of what he was looking for. Everything disappeared into the endless bag again, as Teddy rolled his shoulders a little and readjusted the Northumbrian smallpipes unde rhis left arm.


@Dmitri Haag

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