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 Thread OTM Interview (Anora Chevalier and Elias Deveaux), July 2017
Oisin Woodbane
 Posted: Aug 12 2017, 11:30 PM

"tell me, what makes you think that you're invincible"

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Oisin Woodbane
© Jinx // She / Her
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    Jynx! Mari! Congratulations on winning Thread OTM for July <3 There’s a lot of emotions, great writing, and obvious character chemistry going on here. But, for those of us that are unfamiliar with Anora and Elias – as well as the context of the situation – can you tell us a little about what these two are like together and their past relationship?

    Mari: Omg Ty. Welcome to the rollercoaster, ok buckle up and hold onto your belongings. So… Anora and Elias are childhood friends, which means that he was pretty much subject to following Anora around who in turn is used to bossing him around. I think that a lot of things have changed for both of them, becoming estranged is one of them. They’ve never been particularly close, I don’t think and there is always this friction between them because Elias’ grandfather likes Anora far more than he likes Elias.

    Jynx: Thanks! Like Mari said, the two grew up together and have similar backgrounds (rich families, absent parents, loneliness). Both characters are emotional, but handle their feelings differently. Whereas Anora tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, Elias bottles up his emotions and is more vague about them. Had the two not grown up together, I don’t think they would have become friends because of how volatile the relationship is.

    What about the current situation? What has happened that led to the events in in “i saw the monster in you [but I'm still staying]”? Between what happened at the Slytherin Common Room and the Debutante Ball? You obviously don’t have to tell us everything, as we can see the tension and some points of reference would add so much more!

    Mari: This all started when Anora overheard Elias being cruel to Evelina Young in the theater during the play, “Romeo and Juliet”. He attacked Evelina’s mother, which made Anora bristle because her own mother was seen as a gold digger despite being a pureblood. Yvette (Anora’s mom) was poor, so she took that a bit personally. Cause Anora is so self-centered. All of that led to Anora slapping Elias in the Slytherin common room, and then she was pretty much angry up until she went to pick up her gown and visited her mother’s grave. At the ball, she actually wanted to hurt Elias because he’d been so preoccupied with Evelina he hadn’t bothered to try and smooth things over with her. Again, Anora is selfish.

    Jynx: For Elias, he sees the incident in the Slytherin common room as his wrongdoing so obviously, he needs to rectify his mistake. However, he has been...busy. In RP land, Elias becomes busy because on top of schoolwork, he has piano practice sessions with Evelina, and he accidentally injures Aki so it gets harder to dedicate time to meeting with Anora. Of course, those are excuses because he finds the task daunting and with the amount of time he hesitated (I couldn’t help the Hamlet reference lol), it gradually got harder to confront Anora.

    Were there any moments in this thread that are significant to you in particular? Did your character or the other make you scream in excitement? Gasp in surprise? Buy a cruise ticket to celebrate this amazing ship?

    Mari: For me it was Elias saying he wasn’t a replacement for her mother and father. I think that was a real slap to the face for Anora who really wants a friend above all else. It really hit me in the feels! Jynx always has a way of hitting me in the feels though.

    Jynx: A significant moment is when Elias first arrives at Anora’s room, when he’s still stuck inside the dark cabinet. Their interactions here were critical to whether or not Anora would push her friend away. (I’m glad she didn’t haha). I also reference it again as part of a death montage when Elias nearly dies during the Hogwarts Express incident, so he probably thinks it's important? biggrin.gif

    What are some of your favorite quotes in the thread?


    QUOTE (Elias)
    “I’m not a replacement for your mother and father and I’m not the best at giving emotional support...” His words contained tinges of hesitation. He felt like was dancing on thin ice and at any moment, he would be plunged deep into the icy depths of the Arctic. “But I’m...here if you need a shoulder to cry on. Or someone to take out your anger on--preferably not by slapping me again...also in case I'm not being obvious enough, I'm trying to comfort you. Feel free to tell me how horrible I am at it.”

    QUOTE (Elias)
    “You should have… no, it's completely in your right to do as you please but I had hoped you would have come to… say hello or annoy me with those paper rabbits you seem so fond of making,” said Elias, entirely certain his sentence was a terrible run-on.


    QUOTE (Anora)
    "If you're here to accuse me, interrogate me, or otherwise be a turd..." she raised a hand and pointed to her bedroom door, "there's the door. You can walk back to wherever the blazes you came from Elias."

    This made me laugh.

    Why is this thread important in the long run? Have Anora and Elias grown stronger because of it? Will they be put to the test again in the near future?

    Mari: This is going to be a turning point for Anora, I think she knew this before but this is going to force her to realize that Elias hasn’t really been as much of a friend as she thought he was. That any attempt at trying to change him or impress herself upon his life if futile since they’ve already started going different directions. It’s hard to say whether they’ll continue to attract and repel like magnets or find a good foothold regarding their friendship. I like to think that they’ve both realized just how monstrous and vindictive they can be, and that might be the only thing they have in common.

    Jynx: Like Anora, it’s a turning point for Elias too. As shown in the Slytherin common room thread, Elias doesn’t think Anora understands him, but in this thread, he’s starting to see that he doesn’t understand Anora too. What I mean by that is that he hasn’t really put himself in her shoes. This newfound empathy might help or it might just have an adverse effect of pushing Elias away further because he thinks they’re too different or some nonsense.

    And finally, we come to an end <33 Do you two have any parting words or anything you’d like to share before we bring this interview to a close?

    Mari: Yes, thank you so much for tolerating crazy, emotional, self-centered Anora. It always feels good to have a character recognized. Honestly, this thread couldn’t be possible with my amazing writing partner. <33 I just hope no one catches onto my ploy of Anora being WURRLORD SUPREME. biggrin.gif

    Jynx: Thanks again! It’s always a pleasure to thread with Mari and I’m happy to see our thread/characters recognized <33!

    Thank you so much for your time and congratulations once again! We can’t wait to see where your brilliant plots take Anora and Elias.


evan, lyx, and coco are magical

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