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 정말 수고했어요, sunwoo
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Feb 10 2018, 10:52 PM   Link Quote
When was the last time the little raven was here? The beds all looked the same as they had a few months ago. The way light never entered through the stone walls brought the same type of gloom. Yet, he missed being here. The rare times his brother had called for him, Junghwa came walking as fast as he possibly could. To be called for by him meant either he was in serious trouble or...that about it really. A heavy sigh left him as he felt his body crash on his brother's old bed. Had no one used this bed since he left? Did anyone else come to sit here? Like this?

A lot had changed these past few months; Junghwa had learnt a new kind of loneliness he never dared to dream of. His sister never wrote to him about the subject despite the younger sending multiple letters. His older brother was gone, dead, never to be seen again. He outcasted himself from the few friends he had. Who would want to talk to him when he was like this? No one. It was a month before Junghwa spoke to anyone and even those were small words, phrases, anything to get his point across.

Yet things were starting to get a bit better. He wasn't sure how he managed to, but with his most recent doctor's visit, the professional had given him a leg brace to support his limp. Goodbye walking cane. His posture improved, adding four inches to his total height, making him five foot eight inches. Even things with Miyuki were going amazing! They had just gone to London for a day trip and in his mind it went pretty well, she looked cute as always. But...even with everything getting better, why did he feel like this?

Why did he still miss his brother?

The elder hated him, wanted nothing to do with him. Yet here Junghwa was, still feeling sorry for himself. He sighed again before looking down at the pillow that remained unused, still fluffed as the last day his brother saw it. Junghwa bit the inside of his bottom lip in hesitation. Would it be okay for him to lay here? Just for a moment? He gave in to the wanting of comfort, his head making contact with the soft pillow, adjusting his legs to where the brace was not as uncomfortable as it could be. Taking in a deep breath, he exhaled, tears following in suit.

Why did he still have to miss him?

@Sunwoo Seo

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brexo is the best and thank you santa for the avatar ;u;
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