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 [ nobody knows ], icarus~
Jaejin Sun
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Mar 2 2018, 04:10 PM   Link Quote
There was a downside to having the Hufflepuff Common Room located so low down in the castle, other than the sometimes tiring walk up to get breakfast at ungodly times in the morning; Jaejin liked the sun. He missed the way it would stream on his face as he woke up in the morning, causing his eyelids to crease and an arm to throw itself over his eyes. His father would always leave at exactly quarter past seven every morning to catch the train into the city centre - quite a commute from their small home in the mountainous streets of Busan, near Yongdusan Park with its tall tower -but before he would go, he would run his hands through his only son's hair and open the blinds opposite his bed. It would always make his bed warm, like the very sun itself was soaking into his pearl grey sheets. Jaejin found it to be one of the best ways to wake up, slowly and surely. He had spent many mornings revelling in the heat of Korean summers. His father told him it made his skin glow and his smile look all the brighter. It was different at Hogwarts, where the spring mornings had windows dotted in dewdrops, were darker longer than they should have been and he was curled up underneath the thick blankets. He was a summer boy in a winter's world. It didn't suit the Hufflepuff boy to be cold and dark, but to rather keep his smile and his warmth, just like his abeoji told him too.

He was dishevelled, his pecan-coloured hair stood up on end like he had used an abundance of gel and shaken by his ankles until he was close to turning green. Light green, like lime, rather than the dark shamrock or basil tones of the trees in the park he was so used to. To say Jaejin missed Busan would be an understatement; it was home. Busan was a rainbow of colour that the Korean boy would dip his hands into, squeezing around the rays of light that he couldn't grasp but it would still prompt his brightest grin - all teeth and dimples in his full cheeks. The sheets that had once been all neat and cool to the touch were now bunched up around his hips as he yawned. Now, one thing to say about Jaejin would be about how strangely observant he was - apparently, according to others, though not in his own opinion - so the delayed surprise in his voice was expected when he sleepily turned his head to see who else had decided to cocoon themselves in their bed rather than embrace the chilly day. This... was new. A new face in the reluctant daydreamer's world, one he couldn't associate with any memory that was popping up through his head. Jaejin had been a student here a while, though admittedly he had been a little more spaced out during the beginning of his final year when he technically should have been paying the most attention.

Introverted was one word to describe Jaejin, by the way his cheeks were seemingly always dusted with the faintest blush the minute somebody's words would jolt him out of his train of thought. The track would wobble and dismantle, sending the train car spiralling out of control and crashing into a mess of flame and metal. What was he supposed to say this sudden stranger? Well, that was his exact issue. He just stared, like a deer caught in headlights. Jaejin was holding in such a deep breath, it felt like his lungs had been inflated with helium and he was about to burst; he was a people person when they approached him first, when they understood he was more seen and not heard, and that whatever tumbled from his lips was usually total garbage in every way, sense and form. His lips were dry, tongue like sandpaper from sleeping with his mouth open, and he just raised his arm to scratch at the back of his neck sheepishly; he had goosebumps on his legs. Why was the beginning of spring more like winter clinging to life with its teeth, digging them so hard they left your skin red and angry? There must have been something in his mind about this boy... Jaejin must have known him from somewhere! What was a good icebreaker? "Do..." His voice was too quiet to start with, like a mouse rather than a honey badger. "Do you know what the time is?" Wringing his hands together harsh enough to pull at his skin, he tried to summon some form of courage from somewhere. "You... what's your name... again?"

@Icarus St George
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