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 Valentine's Day '18 Transfiguration Class, Let's make some valentines!
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Jan 31 2018, 10:41 PM   Link Quote
Valentine's Day was an amazing holiday. Sure, there were some critics, single people who felt singled out, people who said that you should show your love and appreciation to someone year 'round, people who felt the holiday had become too commercial. But for Nemean, it was fun. It was an exercise in proving just how romantic he could be. Throughout the year, it was difficult for him to keep up a strong pace. Cooking dinner and giving massages were easy, but to truly sweep a lady off her feet, you had to really put some effort into it. For someone with a bank account, like him, it wasn't so bad. But for these kids, some of whom didn't really have a whole lot of extra spending money to throw down on their young relationships, a class offering a nice homemade gift would be just the ticket.

As the students walked into class, he made sure their attention was drawn to the decorations he'd put up around the room. Floating hearts sailed slowly across the ceiling while paper cupids floated around throwing tiny pink paper arrow at student. Garlands of red and pink hearts were strung across the room from corner to corner and a small magical boombox on Nemean's desk was softly singing a playlist of 80s love ballads.

"Welcome students. If it's not obvious, I'm big on Valentine's Day. You don't have to be, of course, except for the part where our assignment today is going to be making Valentines for that special someone in your life. Or a good friend, if you're not really the romance type." He furrowed his brows for a moment, wondering how a student would take getting an exploding heart Valentine from a friend, but kids were cool these days. It would be fine. "We're going to be making fabric hearts that explode into confetti and a nice letter when squeezed."

"Right, so first off, everyone is going to take the parchment at their stations and they're going to spend a little bit of time writing a nice love note - or friendship note, do what you want, guys - on that parchment. After that, you're going to take a little bit of this sand here, and you're going to turn it into confetti - but it's gotta be the right size. Not too big, not too little. That's going to be Papyra Impluvia which has a nice descending wave movement." He recited the incantation and waved his wand gently like he was conducting slowly sinking orchestra. The sand in front of him swirled a bit before settling back down on his desk as small red paper heart confetti. "If you get it wrong, just try again."

"After that, you're going to make a small pocket out of your parchment and stuff the confetti in it." Nemean picked up his parchment, folding it in half and then folding the edges to make a pouch. "Now to make the fabric heart, you need to use Corcifors Linteum. That Linteum is important because that's what makes the heart fabric instead of... you know, a heart. Unsprisingly, the wand movement is just a small heart shape starting in the middle of the top v and going counter-clockwise to create the heart. Don't forget the point at the bottom of the heart though!" He went through the motion and the incantation, his parchment turning into a sealed fabric heart. "You have to be precise with the wand movement, or your heart will come out too fat or too skinny. If you get it wrong, just try again."

He held up the tan-colored heart. "Now this is a fine heart, but the color is boring. Let's spruce it up." The professor tapped his wand to the heart with a "Colovaria Valentino." Color bled across the heart, painting it a vibrant red. "The Valentino ending randomizes your color between five typically Valentine colors. White. Pink, Red, Scarlet, and Black. If you don't like your color, just try again."

"And finally, the way to make it a true valentine love letter." He held the heart up, moving his wand in the shape of a double-sided horicational arrow. "Compirevertum." The heart pulsed and glowed gold for a moment. "Now observe." He held the heart high so everyone in the class could see and squeezed the center of it. Immediately it exploded into a flurry of red confetti hearts, leaving nothing but the parchment in Nemean's hands. He opened it up and showed it to the class, revealing a decorated sign that said 'Happy Valentine's Day.' "Okay, now get to work."


Welcome to Transfiguration! Hopefully Nemean's instructions weren't too hard, but just for a rundown, here are the rules!

1. Write your love note. You don't have to actually write it, just make sure the character references writing it!

2. Make that confetti! The spell is Papyra Impluvia and the wand motion is a descending side to side, like a leaf floating down. When you cast the spell, roll a 1d5 to see how you did, This chart decides what size your confetti is.
1= Too small, roll again.
2= Small, but good enough. Feel free to roll again if you want.
3= Perfect
4 = Big, but good enough. Feel free to roll again if you want.
5 = Too big, roll again.

3. Fold that parchment up and put the confetti in it. Now make that heart! The spell is Corcifors Linteum and the wand movement is a counterclockwise heart shape. When you cast the spell, roll a 1d5 to see how you did. This chart decides how full the heart is.
1= Too flat, roll again.
2= Flat, but good enough. Feel free to roll again if you want.
3= Perfect
4 = Fat, but good enough. Feel free to roll again if you want.
5 = Too fat, roll again.

4. Change the color of the heart from parchment tan to one of the Valentine Colors. Just tap the heart and use the spell Colovaria Valentino. When you cast the spell, roll a 1d5 to see what color you get. If you don't like your color, you can roll again.
1= Black
2= Scarlet
3= Red
4 = Pink
5 = White

5. Set the heart to revert when squeezed with Compirevertum and this wand movement <-->. No dice rolls for this, this is just to let me know to write you down for your house points for completing the assignment!

6. Summarize your posts please! And please wait until someone else has posted before posting again.

7. Have fun please!!
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Feb 10 2018, 07:38 PM   Link Quote
When had she started to dread her favorite class? Maisie was great at transfiguration. Heck, it could even be said that she was bordering on prodigious, a natural inclination toward the talent. THough one of the most difficult branches of magic, the Hufflepuff had always found it exceptionally easy, until recently. As of late, nothing was working. It wasn’t just Transfiguration, either. It was any kind of magic at all. She was tired, and she felt sick, and her wand just laid there as if it was nothing more than an empty stick.

It might as well have been an empty stick, something she just picked up off the ground.

The sound of cheesy 80s love ballads made her want to cringe as she walked into the room. Normally, the Krenek girl would’ve been up in the front, eager to take in everything and learn what she could. Today, Maisie slunk further back toward the middle of the class, unsettled at how openly miserable she felt. It wasn’t even as if she was openly depressed, really; to the casual onlooker, it looked like she was just having an off day, like she was thinking hard about something and that’s why there was no smile on her face today. Trying to keep it off of her face the best she could, she pulled out her notebook, copying down the instructions as Professor Raiona gave them. Even if she couldn’t get this to work in class, there was nothing stopping her from trying to make it happen later, when she was alone in her room and didn’t have the pressure to perform well lingering over her head.

Multifaceted as this cutesy project was, the bottom line was that it seemed easy enough. It seemed like something that she could do, and it was. But as she looked at the supplies sat in front of her, Maisie felt a sickening sinking feeling.

You can’t do this.

Biting her lip, she pulled the piece of parchment toward her, fiddling with her pen as she tried to pick someone to write a note to. In the end, she decided on Cuyler, but the message that she wanted to put inside the heart was still escaping her. Pondering it would give her the time to kill, at least?


Maisie isn’t doing so hot. She ponders the task, ponders when it got so hard for her to do anything, and tries to come up with something witty to put into Cuyler’s note, using the note writing to kill time before she has to actually attempt the spell. no dice rolls for her, she’s gonna fail across the board. Already cleared with amber.

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