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 WINTER SKIN 2.0, Bug reporting / New Additions

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Jan 11 2018, 12:20 AM   LINK Quote

Hey guys, thanks again for all your patience while staff were updating the winter skin!

I've already combed through the code in the hopes of catching bugs early, but some things simply can't be foreseen- and that's where this topic comes into play! If you notice any bugs while perusing this skin, this is the place to report them. While you are more than welcome to comment on aesthetic issues / your personal skin preferences - please know that I have tried my hardest to please everyone, and some of the changes you request might not be doable. All of your concerns/ comments will be taken on board, and I will try my best to accomodate them! But, as always, actual bugs and broken codes will take priority over aesthetic preferences... so I apologise in advance if it takes me a little longer to address these things.

For those of you who find small text harder to read- please do not fret! I will be releasing a alternate version of the skin in the coming week(s) with larger fonts and a slightly darker post background (once this skin has been declared bug free). If you have any other accessibility issues that you would like me to address in the second release, feel free to leave them down below / shoot me a PM.

Now, onto the fun stuff:


The Mini Profile: The mini profile now has tabs! To find out more information about a player or character, simply hover over their avatar in a post and select either the 'character' or 'player' links to switch between tabs.

'Accounts': To make things easier for you all, I have included a section in both the mini profile and main profile that will tell you whether a character account is the players main account, or a or sub account. If you click on the 'Sub Account' text in the mini profile, it will redirect you to the members main account! Handy, right?

Member Profiles: You might have noticed that the member/character profiles on WURR are now stylised! Most of the information from the original JCINK profile has been carried across to the new profile, with the exception of some OOC information such as your email address, AIM and Skype names. This decision was made to keep our member's information safe from bots!

Reputation: The + / - links above posts can be used to increase or decrease a member's reputation!


--When a problem has been solved I will delete your post and add it to this list here! Just so that I know which issues are still unsolved, and which have been fixed <3

Reply Template: The reply template has been fixed so that it will now no longer overhang the board on mobile devices.

Forum Desc Colours fixed

Alert Bg colour change

Last Unread 'jump to' added

PM Quote font colour override


None yet


Toggle Sidebar: Those of you who have been on WURR for a while may remember this issue being addressed in the past but, when the cbox/sidebar is toggled closed, you may notice it briefly 'opening' as you change pages. This is not a skin bug, it has to do with the way browsers read cookies. Please also note that the toggle sidebar will not remember its 'open/closed' state unless you have cookies enabled on WURR. If this is something that bothers you, I recommend keeping the sidebar in an open state.

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