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 Farrah Revah, 01|12|18
Farrah Revah
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Jan 13 2018, 01:17 AM   Link Quote

Name: Farrah Revah
Age: 17
Year: 7
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Yes, Stells shelved someone for me.

Appearance: Long black hair and eyes the color of dark honey.

Personality: Farrah has always been a self-contained child. She’s never been the type of girl that would throw a temper tantrum because she didn’t like something or things weren’t going her way. Her temperament has always been warm and polite. She is a constant creature, depending heavily on habits and sometimes daily rituals. Whenever that particular balance is upset, Farrah tends to try and readjust, directing her anxiety and broken routine towards something more productive. As it stands, the witch isn’t the type that needs to be doing something constantly.

Farrah fully understands how hard life can be and how easily fragile hearts can break. She tries to be a friend to anyone who needs it, tending to flow in the direction of pacification over confrontation when possible. The girl may be somewhat of a docile personality, a slight introvert, but she has a firm belief in who she is. There hasn’t been an instance where Farrah has questioned the path laid out to her by her parents. She’s got a great relationship with her mother and would be shattered if that were ever taken away from her. Yet like many of the women before them, with the exception of her aunt Roshana, she is able to piece herself back together again stronger than before. Each lesson given in life is equally learned, taken into consideration and filed away for future use.

Unlike girls her age, Farrah embraces the harsh lessons as well as the soft ones, she doesn’t dwell on things that make her sad or angry, sometimes is unrelenting when it comes to forgiving betrayals; but is always there whenever she is needed. There is a firm belief inside of her that the world – magical or not, will always repay a kindness with a kindness and a wrong doing with a punishment. She doesn’t take matters into her own hands, not because she feels she is above punishing others or isn’t capable of being petty; but because she has never seen a point to retaliate. This does not mean that Farrah is an abundance of patience and tolerance, she simply has a larger well to fill than most. At some point she is bound to spill over, but even then she will simply be upfront and honest about whatever has crossed a line and leave it at that.

Much like her namesake, Farrah is a content individual, she worries sometimes that others don’t have as much as she does or may not be as privileges but she is not the type of person that tries to right the world all by herself. Injustices may happen every day and turning a blind eye is not ideal, but more often than not it is not her fight to fight. People must learn to defend themselves. She would aid them and encourage them to do their best, but in the end it is ultimately their path to wander. Farrah can be compassionate, though there is a small fear that she might be crossing divides she shouldn’t because of status. It has never really played a major part as her parents have neither forbidden nor restricted her from associating with those of non-pure lineages, but deep down she knows the society she navigates frowns upon int.

When it comes to studies Farrah is very dedicated to her schoolwork. She values knowledge above all else because without having all the information all of her decisions would have been made blind. Libraries are old companions she is familiar with and is often found tucked away with a book of poetry in hand, ink and well settled down beside her as she scrawls away her favorite words or attempts to compose some of her own. She is somewhat solitary without being lonely and may go out of her way to try and make someone smile.

Character Background:
Her name meant happiness. As a child she was happy to run through the house with her feet bare and her long hair streaming out behind her. Not too far behind was her mother, chasing a naked toddler with all the joy contained in her name. Farrah might have been born to desert storms and harsh sunny days but her house was filled with green and life. They were not a typical family, she was not fully one blood, one culture, but a myriad of creatures and blood living under the sun kissed sand of her body. Farrah’s father never disapproved of his girls running around their home, he cherished their laughter and missed it when they traveled to visit the Ahmadi family. On days that Farrah was away he seemed to sulk but always was prepared with new desert flowers and a water basin with which to wash their feet in.

Elaheh an Youssef’s marriage had been a blessing, and although Farrah was half-Persian and half-Arab, their cultures were never things that clashed. She didn’t understand the mixture of blood at first, never put much stock to it until her later years. Her early years were spent with her mother brushing out her hair, Elaheh’s voice soothing her daughter into a state of wonder and complacency. Farrah’s fingers would twirl the flower between her fingers, the starry night sky winking with mirth at the stories of Jinn her mother wove. During the day when they worked on Farrah’s dancing the sand would come alive around them. It would not burn their feet as mother and daughter swayed and twirled, kicking up sand and causing it to move with them. Farrah was always mesmerized by the way her mother could literally dance up sandstorms, her body swaying to the melody of the wild. She remembered wanting to grow up to be just like her.

Nenet often came to visit, the girls had been as thick as thieves when they were children. They often got into trouble and bothered Elaheh for stories about the old days. They’d sit and weave little flower crowns plucked from their gardens and chat about their lives. It wasn’t until things started to change for the two girls that they started to pull away. While Nenet grew angrier and darker, Farrah started to work on her magic, breaking an entire set of dishes in the process. Elaheh began to teach her about being a lady, educating her daughter in the art of literature and poetry. The stories of the Jinn still far surpassed anything Farrah could ever dream up, but on the nights when mother and daughter sat before the window of Farrah’s bedroom; they dreamt up world of magic and ifrit. Most of the tales had been stories told to her mother by her father when they were courting. She had taken them and shared them with her daughter, made them her own.

Eventually these stories were replaced by lessons that left Farrah exhausted at the end of the day so that the creatures of her stories lived only in her dreams. She came to love literature, was thrilled and barely able to contain herself when they had visited the dragon farm of the Amar-Sin and found suitable companions of the children. Unlike Nenet, Farrah enjoyed doing things for herself. That first day with the dragons she’d wanted to help in any way she could and might have secretly wanted to pet the mane of one were it not forbidden because of how dangerous they were. She was curious, staring into the large eye of the one thing that could incinerate her with its breath; and was swept away by their deadly beauty.

Her parents had wanted her to go to a school more suited to their culture but for the first time in her life Farrah spoke up. She wanted to go to Hogwarts, knew that there were shelves upon shelves of stories there that she might not learn anywhere else. When she graduated she could return home, go and teach at one of the schools her parents wished her to go to. Since she had never asked for anything else, they’d sent her there.
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