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 [H]Kalina cottmoore
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Aug 3 2018, 03:03 AM   Link Quote
Name: Kalina Cottmoore
Age: 16
Year: 6
Bloodline: Halfblood
Do you have more than one character?: No

Kalina Cottmoore is a beautiful, vibrannt young woman. She has dark ebony skin that seems to glow in all spectrums of light. Her face is soft and round, while her eyes are kind yet somehow mysterious all at the same time. She has a light smile that tends to make the whole room shine, and a laugh so hideous it makes a Mandrake go quiet.

Its Kali. Kah-lee. Not Kalina, get it right.

With just a tiny drop of attitude Kali was, under normal circumstances, cheery and nice. She never understood why people would carry hate within themselves, it’s not good for the mind or the soul. Never one to hold grudges it would always send chills down her spine to hear of the things people would do out of hate. “I don’t have any time for it,” she would say, “it’s so unhealthy.”

And though she never saw the need for hate Kali could never control the strength of her emotions or the rate in which they hit her. She was terrible at controlling her emotions. They ruled her, every choice she made was based off of a gut feeling. Many knew Kali specifically for her mouth. She rarely ever thought before she spoke. That was another thing she never understood about other people.

How do you think before speaking? It takes too long. Just say whatever comes to mind, whatever happens as a consequence was meant to happen.

In that sense Kali was very spiritual. Chakras, crystals, herbs, oils, and Reiki, Kali thought that her soul was apart of her body and needed the best upkeep available. Her mind, body, and soul were one and they needed to work as one as well, if one was off the whole thing would fall apart.Her love of all things spiritual led to an even deeper love and understanding of Divination and then Astrology.

Kalina also has a strong craving for human connection and love. Her father told her it was because of her rocky relationship with her birth mother but she denied it, even if deep down she knew it was true. Friends, boyfriends, mentors, and family, Kalina always tried to stack up as many as she could, it was a subconscious habit. She had so much love in her heart she yearned to share it with as any as she could.

Opening her and and heart to any who would ask, she is often too trusting in matters. Second-chances, Third-chances, Fourth-chances, she hadn’t reached a limit, well...not yet at least.

Being an all-forgiving and love spreading person takes its toll out on a girl. Hurt is something that Kali is used to at this point. While it’s taken her a long time to realize it, people don’t have the same emotional capacity and range as she does. It’s made disappointment into an everyday feeling, a feeling that she has sadly come to terms with. She tries as hard as she can to hold herself back, but things are better said than done.

Fearing that her personality might come off a little too pushy, or maybe even annoying, Kali upscales the physical aspects of herself to better balance herself out. Nice clothes, hair, and style, she uses her outer beauty to hide her the insecurities about the things she can’t as easily change. Distracting people with her looks causes her to momentarily forget about what she hates about herself.

Her short attention span was nothing to be favored either. Her mother told her as many times she could that she had the attention span of a goldfish. “What was that? Were you talking to me? What was I just saying?” She would never get anything done, she had no clue how she was going to graduate. Short attention spans also make for long periods of laziness. A skill Kalina has down to a ‘T’. To Kali, procrastination is that one weird cousin that won't ever go away. She’s actually gotten quite comfortable with him now.

Character Background:
Reva Borend was a lovely woman. She had many friends, she was loved by her coworkers, and her life was going as perfect as it could be. Then she had a baby.

At first she loved her child she was as cute as any baby could be. Chubby and innocent, everyone loved babies! Reva worked hard at being the best mother she could be, it wasn’t something that was that difficult considering how great babies were. Reva loved being a mother, that is until Kalina turned three.

Her father told her that Reva just wasn’t meant to be a mother. She just wasn't the nurturing type. As her child grew, so did her boredom. To her, what was once an adorable baby, was now an irritating and selfish toddler. She would constantly yell at her, “Leave me alone! Go play with something!” or “Who told you to do that go sit in your room!”

It was a constant cycle of confusion. Little Kalina never knew what she was doing that was wrong, or that warranted so much disgust from her mother. All she knew was that she couldn’t do anything without receiving a harsh glare or a longtime scolding.

It was hard to love something that took so much work and time to take care of.

Because of this, the first few years of Kalina’s life were rough. It was hard enough that she could remember it, but not so much for it to permanently traumatize her, but it sure did come close sometimes. Kalina knew that her mother didn’t like her, anyone could see it. Passive aggressive signs, silent unprovoked glares, and angry wailing that could be heard through the walls at night.

At the age of six, Kalina moved in with her mothers best friend. Joseph Cottmoore, along with his wife, Alitza, took in Kali and raised her as their own. They lived in a lovely townhome, the product of two well paying jobs, a hit-wizard and a highly respected herbologist. Joseph had always been there for Kali. Often times he would be the one to take care of her when Reva wouldn’t. Alitza took a while to come through, there was something about raising another woman’s child that rubbed her the wrong way, but she had rarely ever let it show. When she did warm up to her, Kalina saw the world through new eyes. She finally knew what if felt like to be loved. What it felt like to have a family.

Being the curious girl that she was, Kali began to ask about her mother. She confronted the woman she had been calling her mother, and the man she had been calling her father. “What happened to my mom?” Her voice was shaking but she still held her ground nonetheless. “Why did she hate me?”

It ended up being a quiet conversation. Held over cold cups of tea and teary eyes, Kali felt something change in her. Her mother, Reva, was living her best life, now that she didn’t have the burden of a child to look after.

She was never the same after that day.

That singular moment in time changed Kali, it served as a catalyst. Knowing that her mother would rather live her life without her changed something within her. She was no longer the happy-go-lucky person she once was. She changed her style, her clothes were more fitted and her makeup more dramatic. She changed her attitude, her smile was only a memory and her voice was only used to talk back. She changed her morals, her actions were reckless and her emotions had all but checked out completely.

It gave her a new reputation that she wasn’t proud of and it made her Fifth Year the hardest yet. She lost herself in her feelings, sick at the thought of what she truly was she let it consume her, creating a self hatred like no other.

Alitza brought her out of it. It took a long time for her to reach Kali. Tears, hugs, and small reassurances. “Don’t let your start determine your end, baby.” Her adoptive mother whispered in her ear. “You’re better than that. I know it, and so do you. If you changed once you can do it again.”

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?:
Her heart pounded as fast as it ever had and she couldn’t bare to imagine what people must have thought about her at this point. Everyone’s eyes were on her and the feeling made her want to squirm out of her seat and into a hole in the ground. “Just put me somewhere i’ll be happy. Someplace I’ll fit in and make friends”, she pleaded.

OOC Name: Brooke
Your Pronouns: She/Her
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm?: I was on the Harry Potter Wikia looking for a RP to join, I liked this one the most.
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Aug 3 2018, 12:04 PM   Link Quote
the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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