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 Serafino Fiammetta
Serafino Fiammetta
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Apr 10 2018, 11:50 PM   Link Quote
Name: (FIRST AND LAST NAME ONLY!) Serafino Fiammetta
Age: 18
Year: 6th
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Stellers~ I used Tristan's spot for him

Appearance: (Optional - leave blank if not filled in)

Personality: (600 word minimum)

He is as hot-headed as his name insists. Talk shit, get hit. Serafino is one of those no-nonsense types of guys who would let their fists do the talking if someone talks smack. As someone who came from Durmstrang and trained by his father, Blaise Ignatius Fiammetta. The boy was destined to be the same. The Fiammetta's eldest son was a headstrong boy who would gladly take the heat for those he cares about much more, burn everything who threatened his cause. Serafino is one to almost always gets into fights. As long as he knows he's right he'll fight for what he believes in. A strong sense of justice and more so a drive to cauterize the world of its bleeding, one open wound after the other. Although, there are things that Serafino is known for other than his fiery personality and blazing outer composure.

He is a protector. Ever since Serafino could remember he had always been with his cousin Amelia Du Couteau, playing around the Du Couteau mansion whenever they came to visit. The two were close and he'd once sworn as a child to protect her and his baby brother who was seven years younger. It was an oath he never forgot, one that he intended to keep. It was in his blood as a Fiammetta. Serafino would often be found protecting those who were smaller or weaker. He carried bruises as a sign of victory - or the lack thereof. He was never one to back down from a fight.

He is humble. Even if the boy of fire who lit up the whole room with its wild sparks had a side to him that burned. The former Durmstrang finds it hard to accept compliments that people threw at him. Serafino's face would often heat up at the moment, his first words stuttering as he explained that what he had done wasn't anything special.

He finds good in people. The flame was warm. Serafino was equally so. The Fiammetta family was always good at knowing who was genuine, not because of magic or anything that involved it. It wasn't far that Serafino would also find it easy to tell if someone was a person he could trust. He'd been with various people due to his family's reputation as well as his cousin's that he knew well who were lying through their teeth or genuine as they come. As they say, trial by fire. And he was one hell of a furnace. He wasn't always right, as most people can only assume by how others walked, talked, and acted. It was the same with Serafino. If one was talented enough with deception, then the boy would find it hard to know if that person was true to him or not.

He takes pride in his family's legacy. He lives in his family's name, not to ride on its coattails but to be the next to wear the coattail. Aside from protecting those he loves there is one other thing in Serafino's mind that he so desperately wants to achieve. That is to make the Fiammetta's family name the most well-known family of Pyromancers in the world. Pyromancy as much as the other elemental magic was slowly forgotten. The legacy of how Pyromancers were called the humans who carried the blood of dragons was of old stories. Men who breathed and commanded fire to their will. He wanted that glory to be known again. For everyone to know that his family was one of those family of pureblood wizards who were strong enough to withstand a dragon's fiery breath so much as compete with them. They were strong and he wants to prove to everyone that they were still strong. Not just a family who used fire as a magic trick or a family who resorted to creating fireworks just to survive.

If you can't take the heat, stay out of his way.

Character Background: (600 word minimum)

The Fiammetta Family was known to practice Pyromancy as long as the French pureblood families could remember. They were associated with the Fraxinella flower, which was known better by two names: The Burning Bush and Dittany. They were brash as well as kind. The family was of a proud pureblood descent, one which was often told in storybooks to little boys who dreamed of fighting against and alongside dragons back in the age of Arthur, the great. The Fiammettas were strong-willed and often known for their boastful nature or their affinity for using the brute force of fire. Burning down those along their path. Although, most saw them as protectors and even healers during the old days. The Dittany plant was a crest that was associated with them due to how they can gather its essence and protect themselves from the Blast-Ended Skrewts which often created nests around their groves.

That legacy ended when the wars stopped. And that was the brief history that Serafino Camille Fiammetta proudly says as his future. The boy was born on the fifth of November. A time where their family usually began to create festive fireworks for the coming end of the year. Serafino often heard stories about his ancestors through his father's ancestor's journals. A true son of Fiammetta, loyal to Durmstrang and hoped that his son would also attend the school. His mother, on the other hand, was a French-Chinese woman who was born in France with her family that created Fireworks for a living. Her fireworks were of top quality, with intricate designs and marvelous colors. It was a match made in heaven for a Pyromancer family. Serafino would think the same.

During his childhood, he often visited his father's sister. His aunt, Seraphine. Blaise was very close to his sister, so it came naturally that Serafino was to be named the same. In turn, Serafino also grew close to his cousin, Amelia Augusta of the Du Couteau. The Fiammetta boy had seen his cousin grow from a baby up until she was four years old when the Du Couteau tragedy happened.

During that time, Amelia was playing in her room when a few men came into the Du Couteau mansion with the intent to rob the family of their riches. Serafino had always found the best hiding spots during his time playing hide and seek with his cousin. Although it proved difficult to convince the young girl to hide due to Amelia's fear of small dark places. The boy then at the urgency of the moment, created a small animated firework in the shape of a tiny dragon in order to coax his cousin into hiding at a small grate hidden along the walls of the children's room. With Amelia in his arms, he covered the little girl's ears in order to keep her distracted by the enchanted firework.

He'd heard a fight break-out inside the mansion. Serafino in his attempt to save his little cousin kept quiet until they were found by the French Ministry of Magic. Amelia was separated from him and the ministry -in an attempt to protect her - told the young girl's Grandmother that instead of going to Beauxbatons she was to study in Hogwarts. Since then he'd only thought of protecting his cousin and those who need it, but in order to do that, he had to be stronger. His father then had no problems of convincing his son to go to Durmstrang and learn magic there. Serafino had a hard time due to constant bullying because of his second given name which was Camille. Often made fun of for having a girly name. He did not, however, back down from any fight. The Fiammetta slowly gained notoriety in the school as a student with both potential and a fiery temper.

As destiny decided, through his mother's connection to a Seer, Serafino was warned that something horrifying was to happen to his beloved cousin. His father who had wanted his boy to graduate in Durmstrang ignored his son's pleas to move him to Hogwarts so he set out to the school grounds that day, took out his wand, and burned half of the school's grounds in order to get expelled. His father was furious, albeit internally impressed at how much destruction his son had caused in order to follow what he thought was right. Befitting of the Fiammetta name. Blaise arranged his son's transfer to Hogwarts after a year of service for Durmstrang for his destruction of the school's property.

On the day he was transferred for sorting he stepped in front of the large castle's grounds. A smirk on his face. He was a man on a mission.

"Let's set off some fireworks."

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: (A few sentences in-character is fine, eg. Are you nervous? What house are you hoping for? What house are you not hoping for? Why?)
Sort me for Slytherin. I need to protect my cousin.

Special Request (available at Novice**) (Do NOT request to be placed in a specific house in this section. House requests in this section will NOT be honored.)
I'm thinking he'll get wandless magic when he gets to the novice rank, but it still depends on how he progresses.

OOC Name: Akkey
Your Pronouns: (he, she, they, etc.) He/Him
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? Ya boi destiny.
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