It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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 The Great Hall, IC Announcement & Main Thread
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May 26 2018, 07:27 AM   Link Quote

It was just an ordinary Saturday morning in the Great Hall – or so everyone presumed. Students were sitting at the four house tables, some still sleepy, others already exuberant at the thought of exams finally being over. The enchanted ceiling above their heads showed clouds lazily drifting by, and ghosts glided past the tables, sometimes stopping to have a chat, while students filled up on eggs, bacon, sausages, croissants, and more. The Pink Lady watched them from her throne chair at the centre of the High Table, where the staff was eating. They didn’t know that their headmistress had planned for this to be a special day either. She waited for everyone to have finished breakfast to break the news.

“Dear students,” the Pink Lady got up and addressed the crowd. Slowly, the chatter died down and everyone looked up at the headmistress. She was an odd lady, only every seen in bright pink robes and a hat whose brim was wide enough to hide all of her face but her pink lips – nobody even seemed to know her name. She was a mysterious but powerful witch, and while some of her decisions for Hogwarts were odd, they were always respected, for she was respected. With a wave of her hand, the plates on all five tables vanished.

“I know you’ve all worked hard this June, so before you go home later this term, I wanted to surprise you with a game.” At this, some students resumed their talking, and the Pink Lady waited for things to quiet down before she continued. “At the end of this game, there will only be one winner. This winner will be able to choose one of three prizes…” The Pink Lady flicked her wand and three pedestals appeared in front of her. Something was standing on each, but velvet cloth was draped over the items to hide them. The Lady unveiled them one by one as she spoke. “Option one, a time-turner… Option two, an invisibility cloak… Option three, a magic carpet… Whichever prize the winner chooses, they’ll be able to use the item for three months before its magic will run out.” Now that everyone had seen the prizes, she veiled them again, and with a flick of her wand the items returned to wherever she was keeping them. Excited whispering filled the Great Hall, and the Pink Lady held up her hands to beckon silence.

“The game… will be a game of Paintwand,” her bright pink lips smirked underneath the brim of her hat. “Allow me to demonstrate. Coloro!” She turned around and pointed her wand, pink paint shot out, and the headmistress drew a heart on the back wall with it. Then she turned around to continue her explanation, “It is a simple spell, and you will use it to shoot your peers. Anyone who is hit by paint, is out. The last person standing will win. Now, look underneath your tables… You will find vials of paint there, which you can use in addition to your wand. I’ve hidden them all over the castle, for this game won’t be limited to the Great Hall. The whole castle will be your playing field.”

She clapped her hands with a smile, “Let the game begin. Good luck.”

It didn’t take long for the game to commence. With a loud “coloro!”, a young and eager Gryffindor student threw the first paint, and soon paint was flying everywhere, in all four house colours. The vials of pink paint were retrieved from under the table and thrown like grenades, and the tables themselves were flipped on their sides so they turned into screens to hide behind. Some students didn’t stay to be in the thick of the fight, and fled to take their chances elsewhere in the castle.

Welcome to The Great Hall – which has turned into a Paintwand battlefield! Now that you’ve read The Pink Lady’s IC announcement, make sure you read the OOC ANNOUNCEMENT as well, then familiarise yourself with THE GAME RULES, and SIGN UP HERE!

You can post in this thread if you want in on the action in the Great Hall, or start your own threads in this forum if your characters are running through the castle!

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Jun 9 2018, 03:22 AM   Link Quote
Truth be told, mornings usually didn’t agree with Nechtan McMahon. He was the kind of person that, had be been a muggle, would have probably needed at least six different alarms, each set ten minutes apart, in order to wake up. And even being a wizard at Hogwarts, he still rarely ever made it to breakfast with more than fifteen minutes before class began. That Saturday morning, of course, was not different from most, and by the time the young lion woke up, all of his roommates were already gone. Which, from Nechtan’s own perspective, was somewhat of a blessing, as the last thing he needed when having just woken up was dealing with annoying roommates who did stupid things like singing and making moronic comments that only caused him to want to punch them right in their ugly noses. Obviously, Nech had a great relationship with his roommates.

Now, of course, much alike just about any other person at the school, Nechtan had no idea that that particular Saturday morning wasn’t going to be like most. And as he walked down Gryffindor tower and towards the Great Hall, the second of the McMahon brothers found himself blissfully unaware of the battle he would soon find himself being a part of; his thoughts instead focused on more important things – particularly: coffee and toast. The first sign that something was going on was actually the couple of younger students he saw running away from the Great Hall as he took a final turn towards it, which – although it probably should have – didn’t really strike him as odd. He figured they probably had done something to upset a professor and were trying to get away before they were given detention. Smart, and not really an unrealistic situation.

But, boy, was he wrong.

What the fuck,” was the first thing Nechtan managed to exclaim as he stepped into the Great Hall, just in time to hear the incantation Coloro ring not once, not twice, but about fifteen times through the walls of the grand room. Students ran from place to place, and some even attempted to hide under tables, paint of all colours – or well, more like red, yellow, blue, green, and pink – shot out of wands and splashed against clothes, plates, walls and floors alike. Some people slipped, some people fell when trying to escape, and no professor seemed to be doing anything to stop that whole mess. And Nech? Nech just stood by the door, trying to make sense of the situation before him because clearly he must have missed some announcement or something. “Ah, what the hell.” He whispered to himself then, bringing out his wand; as clearly, if people were going to try shoot paint at him, the least he could do was try defend himself…right? Would he even be able to get some breakfast in the middle of all that? He hoped so, because coffee seemed like something he really needed in order to deal with a situation like that…

Nech is… fashionably late. He overslept, inconveniently missing the Pink Lady’s speech (because Stells likes being mean to him) and making it to the Great Hall when paintwand is already going on. It’s chaos, and naturally, he joins in. Cause why the hell not?

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Jun 9 2018, 01:58 PM   Link Quote
Griffin hadn’t eaten much at breakfast, he’d mostly just been poking his food listlessly. Anxieties he couldn’t grasp and questions he didn’t understand plagued him, such as not knowing how to feel about going home soon. School being out for summer was great, wasn’t it? No class, no homework, no professors telling you what to do. Of course his mum would be at home… except she wouldn’t be, she’d always be working, so he’d mostly just be alone. Not that he minded being alone, though, right? He’d always been by himself, he was used to it, he preferred it really. The friends – or, well, friend – he’d made at Hogwarts also wouldn’t be around during the summer. Not that he needed Jason or anything (or anyone). He could spend his summer reading comic books (that he’d read a hundred times before) and watching the telly. His mum had promised to record Doctor Who while he was at Hogwarts, so he could catch up with the last season… That’d be a few days down, more than seven weeks to go… He wondered what he was getting for his birthday. It wouldn’t be anything expensive, but it’d be nice, she always got him something he liked. Like the chemistry set he still used, or the Lord of The Rings trilogy, or Anthony Horowitz books. Maybe she’d take him to a movie on her first day off to make up for not being able to celebrate his birthday on the day itself. Maybe they could go see the new Jurassic World film.

At first, the Pink Lady’s speech mostly just reminded him about the exams, and that he’d receive his report card at home some weeks later. He didn’t know how well he’d done, never really caring about it at the time itself, and barely increasing his studying. Later there was always that guilty nagging in the back of his mind, a little voice that knew that he could’ve done better, and that all his teachers and even his mum knew so, but he never learned from it and would continue to wing it next time. Griffin didn’t posses the necessary maturity and reflective skills to actually deal with these worries and analyse what they meant, so they just manifested as a vague feeling of unease, like white noise in the back of his mind. The game that commenced once the Pink Lady had finished her speech, was a welcome distraction.

Griffin had barely paid attention to what the headmistress was saying, he’d assumed it was just another boring end-of-the-year speech, like so many of their professors had given on the last day of class, and had allowed his mind to wander. The sudden paint that flew through the air and landed against the wall behind him brought him back to reality. At once, everyone else seemed to reach for their wand, so Griffin did the same, and he quickly understood the game that was being played. He crawled under the table for cover, and decided he had to get to Jason. Getting to throw paint at people, with no regard for their clothes or even the furniture in the Great Hall? This sounded like something they could’ve dreamt up themselves!

Once he saw his chance, the short third year leapt out of his hiding spot and sprinted across the Hall, jumping over puddles of paint along the way, to the Gryffindor table. “JAY!” He yelled, but fortunately his friend was much taller and much easier to find, and he spotted him almost immediately. Griffin joined him grinning from ear to ear. “Whose dormmates are we going after first? Yours or mine?”

Griffin wasn’t paying attention to the Pink Lady but he’s up for this game all the same. He quickly finds @Jason De Bonis and asks him who their first targets will be, suggesting their dormmates.
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Jun 9 2018, 03:47 PM   Link Quote
Hooray, the school year would end soon, which meant going back home to the arms of a loving family… But not for Johanna Corduroy. As soon as Hogwarts would allow her, she’d be working full-time at The Hog’s Head, and sleeping in a room above the inn. She’d leave most of her things at Hogwarts, because really, what was the point of bringing them along if she wasn’t really going anywhere? She’d get up early in the morning, and work until late in the evening, taking every shift they’d offer her, to save up for next year – when she would inevitably be forced to leave Hogwarts and find a place of her own. She didn’t want to stay at Hogsmeade, the town mentality so foreign to a city girl. This couldn’t possibly be the only part of the magical world, the only kind of life it had to offer – old-fashioned and stuffy, stuck in a past that the modern-minded Johanna couldn’t find herself at home in. Surely there had to be a different community out there – urban witches, who hid their magic, or passed it off as a parlour trick. Perhaps muggles walked by magic every day without noticing, in the hustle and bustle of the city. If there was such a community, hidden in Liverpool or London’s underground, Jo was determined to find it.

While many of her peers were excited about the summer vacation, Jo thus saw a rather bleak prospect for hers – get up, work, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat. She went through the motions of the last days of school without any enthusiasm, and sat by herself (as usual) at the end of the Slytherin table during The Pink Lady’s speech, with her arms crossed above the table, and her chin resting on them. It wasn’t until the headmistress announced the prizes that she sat up straighter to see better. Suddenly she was interested, because think of what she could do with those! …Well, actually, she didn’t know what she would do with any of them – yet. Surely she would think of something if she won. Maybe it could help her get her life together. Maybe she could sell something for cash. The lanky sixth year got up quickly, procuring her wand from her back pocket, and ran away from her housemates. She was lucky she never sat close to the other Slytherins, always sitting at the very end of the table, close to the doors. That’s where she was headed, her first instinct to get away from the fight – as it always had been.

It was there, once she’d reached the Great Hall’s doors, that she saw a familiar face – Nechtan McMahon, the Gryffindor fifth year she’d spent a detention with. “Oi, look who decided to show up,” she quipped as she approached him, slowing down as she spoke. She almost came to a halt next to the other lost soul when she came to her senses. Why would she stop? She had to get out of the line of fire if she wanted any chance at surviving! That’s when she noticed that others had clearly had the same idea as her – and a whole group of students were headed for the Great Hall’s doors, where she was currently positioned. They were sitting ducks there.

“Better find cover, mate!” she shouted after Nechtan, giving him a rough pat on the shoulder as she sprinted away from the door. As she ran, she suddenly wondered why she hadn’t shot him. She hadn’t even considered it.

Johanna’s first instinct is to get away from the fight and run towards the Great Hall’s doors. There she bumps into @Nechtan McMahon, and then she realises that other students are heading towards the doors as well and that they’re standing there like sitting ducks, so she starts running again.

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Jun 9 2018, 07:58 PM   Link Quote
Clouds lazily dragged across the enchanted ceiling, though magically brilliant the lion would have been much more happy had he actually been outside. There was something so confining about being surrounded by walls, it was claustrophobic, suffocating, and worst of all it was dull. Rory had always been a wild child with wind blown hair and dirt that he could never quite get out from under his fingernails. He liked the feeling of bare feet on cool soil on a hot summer day, and the way the bumble bees would wandered from flower to flower. The little lion whined half to himself, half to anyone that would listen, pouting as the food vanished from before them. Sure he hadn’t been eating at that exact moment but… what if he got bored during this lecture or whatever it was? A waffle sounded good right about now, it certainly sounded better than listening to the boss lady. Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah, blah blah game. The single word caught his attention, causing the slouching lion to straighten and crane his neck to see around the taller students. “Dude…” the Irish boy mumbled to himself, he wanted that… wait which one would he even choose?

Probably the magic carpet…

Rory was busy half daydreaming about racing a magic carpet, while at the same time still trying to pay attention to what the rules were. In his vast and expansive experience with bending and breaking the rules, it always helped to know what the rules were to start with. For the sake of arguing his innocence later on. Not that he ever got caught, he was too cool for all that nonsense. Rookies, he thought smugly, choosing to ignore the fact last evening had been spent serving another detention because… well that obviously hadn’t been his fault. Duh. Thinking about rules -and breaking them, to be more specific- an invisibility cloak would be very handy for sneaking around after dark. With something like that he could go wherever he wants and no one would ever be any the wiser and that was just something he absolutely had to have.

Pink paint exploded from the Head Mistress’ wand and it was just in time to draw the rowdy young lion back in to focus, actually knowing the spell would help to lead him to victory. Knowing that there could only be one, well Rory wouldn’t think twice about blasting his friends with paint, and there were more than a few people he was hoping to see on this brilliant and exciting morning. It was a Gryffindor that was first to react and send paint flinging across the great hall. It was so exciting he nearly squealed as the battle started, as others dove for cover or tried to run for the doors the little lion leapt onto the Gryffindor table top, “THIS IS SPARTA!” the tiny lion loudly declared before diving behind a flipped table. Oh it was on, like donkey kong!

Rory is not paying attention to the boring boss lady, at least not until she says that magical word: game. The prizes are cool and he has some ideas about what he would pick, time to kick butt and take names!
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Jun 9 2018, 08:46 PM   Link Quote
It was almost time to go home for break, and well Tori wasn’t entirely sure how she felt about it. Of course not having classes to worry about was always a bonus, but at what cost? Sometimes the ballerina felt lost within her own thoughts, unable to makes heads or tails of how she actually felt. It all felt complicated. It wasn’t all so bad really, it was easy to brush her own feelings out of the way when it came to how such things might affect those around her. Somewhere in the back of her mind, there was a part of her that considered arguing that she needed the extra class time, and summer would be a less stressful time to focus on those sorts of things. It would have been a lie though, or at least her intentions would not have been true and it was a decision she was still struggling with.

It was the voice of the Hogwarts Headmistress that pulled Victoria from her own thoughts, the tall Spaniard allowed her attention to wander to the mysterious women in pink, partly wondering if anyone knew much about her. It was simple curiosity, Tori had always enjoyed listening to people talk about their lives. It wasn’t always so much about the story that was being told, but the way someone told it would convey a lot more than words alone. Dark eyes wandered away to find the chatty group of younger Hufflepuffs that were seated a few seats away, a single brow raising as they stared back and fell silent… finally. Even with the minor distraction she had been listening, in all honesty she wasn’t really concerned about the prizes. It did sound fun, even with thoughts of home putting a damper on her normally cheerful mood Tori could appreciate the light-hearted spirit of the game.

Glancing around from table to table she searched for familiar faces, hoping that she could buddy up with someone else. As much as the ballerina enjoyed games, she did not like being alone in the game. As a ballerina she could glide across the floor gracefully with leaps and spins, but the moment it came to a wandwork she froze up and got clumsy. Even if she did find someone to hunker down with it was all only a matter of time before she would end up being eliminated anyway. It wasn’t the end of the world for her, Tori was just hoping to get a few minutes of fun with her friends before being blasted.

There was a demonstration of the spell and instructions and then all hell broke out in the Great Hall. Paint came flying first from the Gryffindor table and then from all four houses, paint splattering against the walls in the house colors. And pink, the badger reminded herself as a pink paint grenade went off towards the entrance. Everything around her flew into motion while somehow it felt like she was moving in slow motions, hunkering down against the bench as paint flew over her head. Tori kept her head down until the paint had stopped flying in her direction, taking the brief moment of freedom to peak up from her hiding spot.

Tori has mixed feelings about going home and stuff, but she thinks Paintwand could be fun…. Or at least she did until it started, now she is just hiding on the bench and keeping her head down.

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Jun 10 2018, 12:00 PM   Link Quote
Naughty word warning. Won't someone plleeeaaassseee think of the children!?

Some people claimed that Jason ate like a pig, but the truth was, he actually ate like a duck. See the thing is, pigs actually chew their food before they swallowed. Jay had a habit of shovelling as much food as his mouth could fit, before tilting his head back and hoovering it down his throat. A tactic that was formed from living in a household with three siblings as unruly as himself, where dinner was seen as less of a family routine and more of a contact sport. The amount of his brothers’ spit and boogers — and not to mention other unmentionable body secretions — he had eaten off a piece of meat they had attempted to mark as their territory, just to prove no amount of repulsion could deter him, was alarming. The prospect of another summer spent in the constant war that was the De Bonis household loomed over him. This was probably going to be the last time he could eat some jizz-free eggs for the next two months.

So, much like the little pixie fart he claimed as his bestie, the grotesque Gryffindor missed most of their headmistress’ speech, her words drowned by the unholy squelching and sucking noises that was Jay eating. Yolk dripped down his chin as he looked up just in time to see the Pink Lady emit a jet of paint from her wand, coloured for her weirdly mysterious namesake. A cry burst out from somewhere down his own table, and soon enough the Great Hall descended into jungle law. He looked around, as people started shouting and running, looking upward as Rory Storm jumped onto the table and claimed that this was… a thing Jason didn’t know. This was complete and utter chaos, like being thrown into an insane asylum. For a moment, all the third year could do was look around him in a state of wonder, “Fucking…” and he knew just what to do.


Well, he was a De Bonis, after all, and he knew how to fight.. and fight dirty. Anyone who was still within a two foot radius of him started coughing and sputtering, pulling their robes up over their noses, “Oh my God,” a fourth year girl wailed while her eyes watered up, “I think I can taste it.. like it’s a solid!” Jason grinned at his handiwork.. or should I say.. buttiwork, as people scurried away from the mustard gas attack that had exploded from his backside. And with that, he clambered up onto the table holding his wand fiercely in front of him, “You fuckers want a piece of this?” He pointed his wand at his face as he spat, the remnants of his fart still wavering around him like a forcefield, “ERICA! Get outta here with that face!” He sneered, but flirtatiously so.. if that’s even a thing, to some random, background girl, “I know you want a slice of Jay-pie, baby, but I…” his words trailed off as he found himself distracted by what appeared to be his best bro running toward him.

Seriously, the kid looked like a lost fucking leprechaun on a battlefield. So much so that Jay said, “You look like a lost fucking leprechaun on a battlefield.” But his face lit up all the same, despite this oh-so masculine image he needed to maintain. It was always nice to have his sidekick by him! Because Griffin was totally his sidekick, not the other way around… Dammit, he was the bigger one! His grin only intensified, his brows lowering, at his friend’s suggestion, “Taking out the weak and… uh… pussified,” the word he was searching for was vulnerable. It didn’t exist in his vernacular, “I like the way you think, mate!” Still standing on the table like the world’s dumbest target, the lewd lion was just about to make his way down, when a sudden dark cloud descended upon them.

“Well, well, weeelllllll.

Spencer and Nathan De Bonis. It was hard to say which one of them spoke first, because much like J.K Rowling with the Weasley twins, I was far too lazy to give them discernible personalities. The sixth year boys hadn’t far to go, considering they were both Gryffindors.. and their brother was standing on their freaking table. Spencer, who was maybe the leader of the two — fuck.. I don’t know, let’s just go with that — walked toward the pair of third years, menacingly tapping his wand against his palm, “If it isn’t Queen Shitstain and her little purse dog.”

“Heh heh.. you completely de-masculinized him by reversing his gender and giving him a moniker that’s specifically used for women!”

“Fuck yeah, I did!”
“Fucking brilliant!”

The twin boys took a moment to mentally wank themselves, as Jason glowered at his older brothers, “You bellends wanna go, I’ll pin both your asses to the wall.. but leave my purse dog outta this!” Well he.. meant it in the kindest way possible. But idle threats meant nothing to do the older teenage boys, “You can kiss our asses later!” Spence pointed his wand directly at Griffin, “Nighty night, poochie.”

Jay is so excited about paintwand that he farts! He's happy to see his favourite sidekick and purse dog, @Kyle Griffin but angry when his older NPC twin bros come to ruin the party and try to attack Griffin. >:C


2/6 avatars by Evan <333
(the ones that are actually nice lmao)
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Jul 9 2018, 08:15 PM   Link Quote
Was the whole universe conspiring against him? Were the gods up above, those which had cast him away from Olympus itself, laughing at the miseries they constantly caused him? No, probably not, and realistically speaking it was all truly because one particularly mean writer really enjoyed seeing the pompous Spaniard suffering, but from Martín’s perspective all this surely had to be divine punishment. No, this wasn’t Mars complaining about the competition. In fact, anyone who knew him would have surely expected him to be excited about the prices, and he would have been…had he not been wearing white pants that morning. See? Divine punishment! Every single time he decided to wear white pants, Hogwarts just had to have some weird event or activity that involved potentially getting dirty and ruining his outfit. The Halloween Headless Hunt, the Easter Egg Hunt, and now Paintwand. Gods damn it.

Hostias,” it was merely a whisper, yet the curse word left the lips of the lion ever so clearly, his aquamarine gaze still set on the Pink Lady as she clapped her hands and pronounced the words ’good luck’. Why did it have to begin right away!? Couldn’t she had given a time and a place where all those who wanted to participate could meet!? Yes, yes, he understood that the surprise factor probably made all of that so much more amusing for the headmistress, but come on now. Maybe, just maybe, if he managed to get out of the Great Hall intact he could go to his dorm and change before continuing with the event. Of course, it wasn’t as if Mars planned to allow anyone to hit him with a paint vial or a Coloro spell, but after chaos began to break loose and spell began to be screamed from one corner of the Great Hall to the other, it was clear that a stain could be caused by much more than just paint.

“Juno be merciful. I swear to all the gods if I end up with a coffee stain I’m suing this horror show of a school.” Martín found himself saying as he stood, a singular glare shot in the direction of the nearest student – a Fourth Year that had hidden under the table as soon as the game began – for the sole sake of good measure. If anything good had come out from almost beating the life out of Sol Flowers during Quidditch season – other than the satisfaction of...well, hitting Sol Flowers – that sure as Hades was the way a lot of people now seemed intimidated by him. They should have been from the beginning, but hey, Mars wasn’t about to go and complain when things went his way! Now, on the other hand, he most definitely was going to complain, for the floor and walls were covered in paint and even food, and students ran around the hall with no direction or sense. As soon as he looked around, the Spaniard wrinkled his nose in the slightest of ways, an obvious sign of dismay and discomfort to those who knew him well, yet also one that could seem condescending to somebody else. ’It’s alright, just get to the dorm, change, and go win this thing,’ he thought as he began to walk towards the door, confident yet cautious to avoid any possible cause for an ever-so-dreadful stain.

Mars is here! And his biggest concern is obviously the integrity of his attire over anything else. He has a plan to make it to his dorm and go change before participating in the event... and we'll see if that happens or not (ofc it wont bc I'm an evil Stells)

god - captain / chaser
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