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 ~blood runs thicker than water, familly <3 Tag for Akkey/Tris
Petra Connor
 Posted: Apr 19 2017, 06:35 PM
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Petra ConnorSlytherin Beginner
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It wasn't hard to get into the Ravenclaw tower. The Connor sisters waited outside the door until someone finally came out. It was the older Slytherin, who did most of the talking because Petra was too busy freaking out about breaking one of the rules to actually make any type of coherent sound come from her lips. And the young Slytherin did not like breaking the rules. It was, in fact, making her very nervous and she was ready to abort the evening, with their cousin, due to them not belonging in the Ravenclaw tower.

They were snakes, they burrowed in the ground, which made the dungeons a very appropriate place for them to live in. While the tower, was open and airy, the princess didn't like being up so hight in the sky. It was too bright, and she felt like the wind might push the tower over. It wouldn't surprise her if it did. It would be the universe teaching her a lesson on why she shouldn't break rules. With that thought, Petra began to turn around. She was turning herself in but she felt the back of her collar being pulled.

"Where do you think you are going?" Adalie asked her little sister, as watched her struggle against her hold. The older girl was amused, by the fact, that her sister was trying so hard to fight against her hold. It was, however, short-lived when her sister began to explain that they were indeed breaking rules, like a lot of rules, with them being in the Ravenclaw tower and meeting up to see their cousin; who was a boy. She then proceeded to get into a lengthy ten-minute lecture on how it was against school policies to be in a boy's dorm room. The older Slytherin had already check out after her little sister started using her know-it-all voice. The girl finally had enough of it; "God! Live a little, Pet" She said as she dragged little miss perfect into Tris's room.

It was empty, so the girls made themselves at comfortable on his bed. "I don't think this a good idea." Petra fidgeted as she looked around the room nervously. What if a professor walks in. What if Tris's roommates walk in? What will they say? What will they do?

Watching her sister fidget, on the bed, Adalie was quietly contemplating if she should keep on messing with Petra or try to get her to calm down. Deciding on the latter, since she wasn't in the mood to deal with her little sister when she is a nervous wreck. "Petra, don't worry. Everyone is at the festival." Adalie said to try to ease her little sister mind as they both waited for their cousin to finally show up. If he didn't show up soon, she was going to make certain that he got some form of punishment for making her deal with a nervous Petra.

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Tristan Alexander Truman
 Posted: Apr 21 2017, 06:53 AM
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Taps were echoing through the Ravenclaw tower's staircase that led to the boys' dorm rooms. It wasn't uncommon that Tristan would retire to his dorm even before the clock struck nine. He hadn't always had much to do and with the carnival up and still around then having some time by himself wouldn't be so bad especially when he had a very eventful day of dunking his brother twice in a row before moving onto the flower maze. The flower maze took most of the time in his day as it led him to meet a very artsy Hufflepuff girl with whom he found much interest in a conversation. Then meeting his brother with the Hogsmeade baker Myra. Now that was a sight he wasn't sure what to think of. The encounter was awkward and frankly, he thought that hid older brother didn't even have the backbone to date a pretty woman like that. But right after that meeting with his brother was when he had met with a student who had the most beautiful blue eyes he'd ever seen. This thought made him smile. It was rare that he had an interest in someone's eyes and it was even more so when he found that person easy to talk with despite the embarrassing stutters he had while talking to the taller Ravenclaw. He thought maybe the boy was his dorm mate too and he hadn't really recognized because frankly he just ignores everyone who isn't in his immediate vicinity that he would find worth his time and effort.

So the sixth year was smiling as he decided to head up into the sixth year Ravenclaw dorm room but before he could his eyes were caught by two very familiar girls standing there. The eagle would have jumped if not for his trained composure in everything he did including surprises such as this. Adalie and Petra were there in front of him. Not that he wasn't happy to see his cousins. It was just that they were in the Ravenclaw tower

His expression went from blank to concern as he looked around to see if other students were in the room. No one, good. He doubted the two would be able to get into the tower if there were people in it. He sighed and faced the two.

"What are you two doing in here? What if someone sees you? And what if it was someone who followed the rules?" he started with his confusion and worry. Well Petra always was the rule follower but he supposed Adalie was a lot more assertive than the younger Slytherin.

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