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 Relationship OTM Interview, ISIDORA ARGYRIS & Sol Flowers
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Apr 13 2018, 10:17 AM   Link Quote
    Hello you two! Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. Let’s start with an introduction - Who are you? Actually, to make it more fun, maybe you should introduce the other person.

    Isidora: Do we really have to? This is Sol, and well… as far as introductions go, I’d say I wouldn’t want to ruin any surprises regarding his remarkable personality!
    Sol: Ha! Okay, LOVE that idea. Hi, this is Izzy and she’s like, one of those hot librarians, y’know? I mean, she’s not actually a librarian, but she’s smart and kind of mean, like a librarian-type. She’s cool.
    Isidora: I have a feeling the librarians I know are very different from the ones you’ve met….

    Thank you for that. Now… What is your relationship to each other?:

    Isidora: That’s...ehmmm… well… hmmm…
    Sol: Uh… I mean… we’re mates. Izzy’s cool. Not as cool as me, obviously, but y’know.
    Isidora: Not as cool as you. Ouch. A true blow to my ego right there, “mate”.

    How did the two of you meet?:

    Sol: We met at a club, and we both got drunk and ended up going home together. We’ve been married ever since!
    Isidora: What kind of weird romcoms have you been watching? Are you drunk again? Jeez, people are going to have some weird and misleading opinions of me because of this interview.
    Sol: Pffft, you’re way too fun to wind up, babe. But for reals, me and Izzy have been in the same classes for a while… like, since first year - you were mega adorable, by the way - I guess we just kind of got used to seeing each other all the time. Or she finally fell victim to my charms. Probably the latter.

    What was your initial impression of Isidora? Has it changed? If yes, how?:

    Sol: Oh, well, that’s easy. When I first saw Izzy, she was a nerdy little eleven year old… and now she’s a nerdy little seventeen year old! I mean, at first we didn’t talk much … we were like, different kinds of people, y’know? She was really smart, like crazy smart - kept her head down and did loads of studying. I just sort of… messed about. But like, when we got older I realised she was like, insanely hot. And even better, when we first spoke I realised she was actually… nice? I dunno, I expected her to be kind of… one of those girls who’s really smart and looks down her nose at everyone. But she’s not - she’s super kind, and sweet. And still mega hot.

    What was your initial impression of Sol? Has it changed? If yes, how?:

    Isidora: Oh Hermes. He was sooo annoying! He always interrupted me when I was studying and he had the worst jokes ever. But… I guess he can be kind of funny… and nice… and sweet… and… ehhhh yeah. I think that Sol definitely isn’t what most people think of him, and I really wish sometimes people weren’t so quick to make judgements and assumptions.

    Is there anything specific the other does that you’d consider your pet peeve?

    Isidora: I have a list, should I read it?
    Sol: Owch. Well I don’t have a list! Izzy doesn’t bug me most of the time, but sometimes it’s hard knowing she’s like… crazy nerdy. Sometimes I feel like she’s leaving me behind a bit when she talks.
    Isidora: Hmph. Perhaps I would be more considerate of that when I talk to you if you didn’t insist on calling me a nerd all the time...

    Is there anything specific you respect or even admire about the other?:

    Isidora: There’s actually a lot I find admirable about Sol, so it’s a bit hard to decide! I’ll have to go with how there are things he can take so easy and just smile like everything is fine. I wish I could be more like that sometimes.
    Sol: Huh, you think I’m admirable? Thanks, babe. I’m sure that’d mean a lot more if I knew what it meant. Well, Izzy likes a lot of stuff that most people don’t care about, like Alchemy… It’s boring as all hell, I don’t get it. But she loves it, and sticks with it! Even when everybody else thinks she’s weird for liking it. That’s cool.
    Isidora: Hey! There’s nothing weird about Alchemy. But… that’s really nice. Thanks!

    What's your favorite thing to do together?:

    Sol: My favourite thing to do is something that Izzy won’t let me do LOL
    Isidora: What in the… You know what? I don’t even want to know.
    Sol: Alright, alright! A serious answer, then… I like just hanging with Izzy when she’s studying. Usually she doesn’t want me there, haha, but it’s nice just chilling out while she does her Alchemy stuff. It’s cool to watch her work.

    In one word, sum up your relationship:

    Isidora: I’ll go with unexpected.
    Sol: Best friends. Wait-
    Isidora: That’s two words...

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