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 [R]Isidora Argyris
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Feb 10 2018, 01:57 AM   Link Quote
Name: Isidora Neith Argyris
Age: 17
Year: 7th
Bloodline: Halfblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: The marvelous Robin said my request to make a new character pleases and sparkles ♡

Izzy couldn’t care less about what others may think of her appearance. In truth, it rarely is something that crosses her mind, the choices made regarding her own looks mostly being based on what she thinks to be comfortable, practical, or nice. It shows in the way her shirts are always more than a couple of sizes too large for her petite frame, how she never wears high heels despite her short stature, and how her long brunette hair always seems to look rather messy even when braided or tied up. Still, it would be a lie to say that her own appearance does not matter to Isidora Argyris. After all, long minutes are spent every morning carefully applying makeup for the simple sake of hiding freckles, her nails are always kept neatly short and covered in dark nail polish, and she’s rarely ever seen wearing no jewelry.

Among her multiple accessories, a silver caduceus pendant seems to be the only constant, multiple earrings and rings being changed on the daily basis to match her attires – as colour combinations result to be so terribly important. Of course, there are other permanent elements to her appearance, for example the tattoos that mark her fair skin: the alchemic symbols on each of her fingers, the Fibonacci sequence on her left forearm, and even the blossoming apple tree branch that covers her spine with pink flowers where people can rarely see. None of it comes from a wish to be unique, nor from the rebellious spirit of a girl in her teens, but instead it’s something much more primordial…a deep rooted desire to be comfortable in her own skin. So, she doesn’t mind any of the comments people make, not even when her stepmother tells her she should be more feminine, or when she was younger and other kids would mock her for those round glasses she wears whenever she needs to read – those which make her sapphire eyes look larger than what they’re supposed to be. None of their words ever mattered, they never mattered, or at least that is what Izzy likes to believe.


What is it that you regret the most?

Not doing something? Not saying what you wanted to say? Losing someone or something? Making a choice you wish you had not made?

It doesn’t matter, does it? For, in the end, no matter how many regrets we have or how badly we desire that things had gone a different way... the past cannot be changed. What is done cannot be undone, and what was lost will never be the same even if gained back. Isidora Argyris has always been aware of all of that, yet, even if such is the case, she seems to have more regrets than most people her age, finding herself constantly thinking about all those things she should have done or should have said. Of course, it wasn’t always that way, or at least it wasn’t as obvious as it became by the time she reached seventeen years of age, for in the past social interactions had never been much of a concern of hers... or that was what Izzy told herself.

No parties, no kisses, no crushes, no first love, and barely any friends. Perhaps, those were the sacrifices she made, unconsciously giving up all those experiences many would consider “normal” of a teenager, all for the sake of all those things that were of much more importance to her. Alchemy was one of them. It had always been, for she believes that in Alchemy there is an answer for all things. After all, it’s one of the only constants in her life, being there ever since her birth. Her father is an Alchemist, her mother is one as well, and she had been born and raised in an institute solely dedicated to the study of such magic branch, all of it resulting in her naturally developed interest for the art. Ever since she was small, she sat in on her father’s lectures from time to time, listening to explanations about topics she would barely understand and later finding books in their libraries in order to learn what he meant.

She has always been independent that way. Her father is a busy man, and while the institute is full of scholar, even as a child she refused to bother them unless she absolutely needed their help. She learned to seek her own answers, and really, even now, she believes it to be much more satisfying that way. Relying on other people really doesn’t sit well with Izzy, and while she is respectful of authorities – especially of professors – in no way does she depend on them in order to learn. Of course, it all ends up taking a large portion of her time, spending much of her years at Hogwarts at the library more than at any other place. She is a fan of silence, loud people always being considered a bother, as much as most interactions are a bother as well. And honestly, how could she possibly not think that way? She can understand formulas and Alchemic theories, but people? People are illogical, or she believes them to be because of her lack of experience when it comes to them.

She isn’t rude, or at least she tries not to be, but sometimes it results to be inevitable, as Izzy isn’t one to deal well with frustrating situations. Sometimes, she thinks it would be easier if there was a basic formula when it came to interacting with people; if she could somehow guess the odds of them acting and reacting in this or that manner like it’s often easy to do with games that involve gambling. But sadly, there is no formula and it’s never easy, as people have a steady tendency to surprise her… and oh how Isidora hates surprises. In truth, most of the time she finds herself rolling her eyes at the things her peers say, as while she tries not to act condescending or to be too opinionated, it’s hard for her to relate to some of the subjects that seem to interest most people her age. Of course, she knows this is her fault and no one else’s, for most children don’t grow up being interested in things like Alchemy and their family’s deities, and perhaps, such awareness is the reason why now she tries so hard to understand after years of considering interactions to be boring and unnecessary.

The truth is, Isidora is jealous. She’s jealous of people like her younger brother: people who go out and have fun and have friends, people for whom it seems so easy to just not let their teen years go to waste. Is she wasting hers? Sometimes, she can’t help but feel that way, specially as her own graduation grows near, and such is the reason why she’s attempting to change. After all, the principles of Alchemy are nothing if not karmic, and she’s aware that the reason she knows so much about the matter is because she sacrificed time spent with others in return, and that, perhaps, just for that seventh year of school, it wouldn’t be such a waste to do the reverse instead. But all things are easier in theory than when it comes to putting them to the test, and she can’t help but fear that her experiment may fail. That would be the biggest waste. Thoughts like those are the ones that cause the usually confident girl to feel insecure, to doubt herself, making her want to regret her decision and go back to focusing on her ambitions. On her Alchemy. On learning, understanding and discovering. On one day discovering something that will push the development of the field even further. Because, maybe, just maybe, if she achieves something so great… then those who matter to her will finally acknowledge her. How terribly childish of her to think that way.

So, no, Isidora doesn’t want to be like other teenagers, she’s just fine being her own person and doing the things she loves. But as much as she believes in karmic debt, as much as she has the wit and wisdom to understand that all things come with a price to pay, she is also ambitious… and such ambitious drive her to want all those experiences without sacrificing anything in return.

Character Background:

What truly marks a start?

How can we look at the events of the past and decide exactly where someone’s story began? To some extent, all actions are in fact reactions, and all events are nothing more than the consequences of other events. So, is there ever truly a beginning to any tale? Perhaps, all stories actually do begin with the origin of the world itself, although that too had causes, and was a consequence of the ways in which the universe arranged itself. Perhaps, the particular story of Isidora Neit Argyris begins with the origins of that family she considers to be hers, back at Hellenistic Alexandria, when some of the greatest minds in the city gathered to do something against Emperor Diocletian’s order to burn alchemical texts around the year 290 AD. Perhaps, it begins long before that or many centuries later: with the origins of alchemy, when the Argyris family acquired their name thanks for their theories on the transmutation of basic elements into silver, when they decided to relocate for the first time, or around the 19th Century when they founded their institute in England. Perhaps, it all begins much later and at a very different place: the city of Montevideo, with the birth of Ana Maria Ortiz – a muggleborn witch.

Of course, the existence of the Ortiz family in Uruguay had its history as well, dating back centuries and centuries to the Spanish Empire, and even to the time before those lands in the Iberian Peninsula were even referred to as Spain. Yet none of it was ever really documented well, and truly, Ana Maria couldn’t have cared less about the origins of a surname that was so utterly common in South America, shared by countless families aside from hers. One could say History was never her thing. Science, on the other hand? Biology, Chemistry, and even Physics and Math? Those she adored, being one of those children teachers always praised parents about. What was her dream in life? To be a doctor, just like her father was. Too bad such a dream would never come true. Perhaps it would have, had she been a regular muggle girl like all of her friends at school, yet a letter received on her eleventh birthday proved such was not the case, for a professor travelled all the way from Brazil to explain to her parents that Ana Maria was in fact a witch, and that she was invited to study magic at Castelobruxo, a wizarding school.

The problem was that, unlike what many seemed to believe, being born and raised in South America did not mean Ana Maria understood a single word of Portuguese. Despite all the accommodations naturally made for the students from Spanish-speaking countries, learning something as completely new to her as magic proved extremely difficult when she did not understand the language spoken by most of the school. All of it resulted in most of her studies being made independently from books in English and Spanish, her true potential for magic not showing itself until her father got offered a job at Liverpool. So, she began attending Hogwarts, being sorted into Ravenclaw. Was it all smooth sailing from there on? No, not really, but it did prove to be much easier, and se began to develop interest in certain kinds of magic. Transfiguration and Healing were her favourite subjects, or at least until her sixth year, when taking Alchemy as an elective became an option, this soon proving to be the branch of magic that truly fascinated her more than anything.

So, naturally, Ana Maria Ortiz did not become a doctor but an Alchemist, learning about the existence of the Argyris institute from her Alchemy professor and applying to continue her studies of the Alchemic Arts there after her graduation. It was wonderful. And it became specially wonderful when she met Hector Argyris, son of Olympia Argyris, who other than being the head of the institute was known to be an eminence in the field of Spagyric. Now, Ana Maria had never been a woman to care much for love, always more interested in her studies and her career, but Hector proved to be a charming man, one who soon swept her off her feet and made her second-guess her thoughts on relationships. That being said, their romance was nothing if not short and fleeting. In fact, it only lasted three years. The year it took for them to fall in love, Hector proposing on the day of their anniversary, all of it followed by those honeymoon months between the wedding and her pregnancy, a healthy daughter being born nine months later. Then, by the time their daughter was a year old, Ana Maria was already gone.

It was no perfect love story, it was no grand romance gone wrong, it was just the mistake made by two people who did not know what they wanted, and sadly it was a mistake that ended with a child who would spend years of her childhood blaming herself for her mother being gone. Little did Isidora know that she should have blamed her father, for Hector was in fact charming, and for most of the time he had been with Ana Maria Ortiz there had been a second woman in his life: Karina Giroux, who became his wife by the time Isidora was two years old. And with such events came another child, the one Isidora would grow to know as her annoying little brother, Olivier.

Did she resent her father for any of the things he had done? Not really, for while she grew up aware that Karina was not really her mother and never did refer to her in such a way, at least her father was there, at least they were a happy family, while her own mother didn’t seem to want to do anything to do with them. In fact, the last time Isidora saw her was when she was eleven, a couple of months before it was her time to attend Hogwarts, when Ana Maria visited the institute in Suffolk for a few days. Apparently, she never remarried, nor did she have any other children, her life being dedicated solely to studying the applications of Alchemy in Medicine. None of it surprised the girl, nor any of the questions she had wished to ask for years, because truly, if there was one person in her life that Isidora did resent, that was Ana Maria, or at least that was what the girl claimed. But it wasn’t true, was it? In fact, years later, not asking questions would be one of her biggest regrets, specially because whenever she sent a letter to her mother… no replies ever came. So, perhaps, the real reason why Isidora later became so dedicated to the study of Medicinal Alchemy was because she thought it to be something that would bring her closer to her mother, even if she may never admit to having such sentimental motivations.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?:
”Why does the house I’m in matter anyways? All students are taught the same no matter their house, right? If so, then why would it influence or change my experience at Hogwarts in any way. No offense, but it’s kind of a weird tradition. I don’t understand what’s the point other than just...humiliating students. How mean.”

Special Request: She’s already special enough, okay? ;___;
OOC Name: Stells!
Your Pronouns: She/Her
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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