It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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 where's the fun in holding back?, nessa! <3
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Jun 7 2018, 01:18 PM   Link Quote
    Parties were an awful lot of fun, especially the kinds that took place in the common room.

    The best part about magic was that almost anything could be achieved: the beat of music could be easily dimmed down for those that preferred to stay in their dorms and sleep, or for nosy professors and prefects who might've wanted to shut them down if the sounds breached out past the common room's entrance. There had been good parties back at Koldovstoretz, with enough alcohol to kill off a Hungarian Horntail, but Hogwarts parties seemed just as good - and with flirting around much more applicable now that Margo was older, Hogwarts parties simply ended up being much more fun. And the Hufflepuff parties often seemed so chill, of course, with the music drumming like a beating heart over the top of conversations, people snuggled in a chair picking books off of a bookshelf, a row of girls warming their feet by the fire as they sip their next round of drinks...
    Between the dim light, the sound of chatting and laughter, and the smell of alcohol on everyone's breath, it was heaven. Margo was occasionally one to revel in her solitude, sneak under the covers and let Malysh slither between her hands in one of her more quiet moments, but for the majority of the time she lived for this kind of atmosphere - hilariously, the kind of atmosphere that her twin would detest.

    She leant gently against the inlay of a windowsill, the glass of the window behind her framing her like a halo surrounding a saint in some old holy mosaic. A gentle yawn, a hand tucking a string of that long, pale hair behind her ear, and she brought the glass she held up to her lips, sipping her favourite drink of chocolate liqueur (what's that, a Russian not favouring vodka? 薪械胁芯蟹屑芯卸薪芯...) . As she swallowed, the warmth dripped from her mouth into her tummy and she smiled - scanning the room in sight of someone to talk to. Who's party was this, anyway? Some Hufflepuff, somewhere, had obviously decided to throw one for some reason... but Margo was here, thus she was invited - or at least had invited herself - so who was she to ask questions? When the vibe was this good, she wasn't going to rock the boat by giving a damn about who specifically started it off. After all, there were cute, drunk boys; and some damn gorgeous girls here - what wasn't to love?

    As though she had become an aspect of her very own pet, serpent-like she slithered into the crowds. Margo was, and always had been, the queen on appearing in other people's friend groups and quickly becoming part of them. She was likeable, funny, intelligent... and ridiculously modest, too, apparently. She knew how to smile, the right amount of time to glance at someone in order to show her interest without looking creepy, she knew what jokes to laugh at and which to joke about being terribly corny. It was, despite how strange it sounded, much like approaching a group of wild animals. You couldn't just wander in, you had to know how they worked, what they would see as a threat, what they would see as acceptance. And everyone also knew that a wild animal on it's own could be harder to win over, but if it let you near... it paid off. With animals, you could feet them or pet them... with people? Things became very fun.

    It wasn't that Margo was looking specifically to get laid, she wasn't some Sol Flowers-esque sleep-around-with-whoever'll-have-me kind of gal, but she definitley hadn't had a good makeout sesh in a while and would definitely not object to getting busy, but seeing a young pretty thing who just so happened to be on her own... well, it just seemed like a crime! The young Badger couldn't help herself but to sidle over, taking another sip of her drink (who said a Russian couldn't get Dutch courage?) and touching the girl's arm gently to garner attention.
    "Hey-" A quick scan of the other's face. "Oh, I don't know you... you must not be a Hufflepuff, then?" She beamed, eyelashes fluttering like nectar-drunk butterflies.

@Nessa Ivers

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Jun 9 2018, 08:47 PM   Link Quote
There were few places one wouldn’t find Nessa. One of those places was the Great Hall before halfway through a meal. Another was the library, unless she absolutely had to go into it. Another was the lavatory on the second floor, because she absolutely detested that one (the one on the fourth floor was much, much better). But there was only one place one couldn’t miss Nessa: A party.

Over her years at Hogwarts, she maybe had missed a total of two parties. That was a LOT of parties. With so many party experiences under her belt, Nessa was able to distinguish the different types of parties. There was the wild blow outs, the ones where they all got found despite how many enchantments they put on the room, all got detentions, and at least two people ended up in the Wing.

Then there was Hufflepuff parties. Sure, they could totally have a hit party going, but with exams right around the corner, it wasn’t as wild as it could’ve been- Or as it should’ve been in the lioness’ opinion. Well, there was at least alcohol. The one perk she had been able to find had been partaken in quite some bit. After all, that one perk was something she was rather fond of.

The few people she had attended the party with had either wandered off or headed back to the dormitories. Nessa wasn’t the type to give up, however, and so she hung out by the snack table and waited. Surely something could happen at even the most boring of parties. She just had to wait for it.

And she didn’t have to wait for it long.

A blonde crossed her path, and not just by pure coincidence with her close proximity to the table full of snacks. From across the room, Nessa had caught her making her way over, but she had quickly looked away and pretended to busy herself with some of the desserts on the table. After all, who didn’t love a good brownie?

There was a small bit of her that was fearful it was just happenstance. After all, the girl was extremely pretty. Nessa would give herself a 7 or so. But the girl coming towards her? A full 10. Maybe even an 11, if that was a thing. The last thing she wanted to do was look eager, like she was just waiting for her. Nessa was new to the whole liking girls thing- Well, not as new as she thought, but relatively with her own acceptance - which meant that she was new to flirting with girls. It was a whole different ballgame.

Apparently, the blonde had played a lot. The girl simply walked right up and touched her arm. Her fingers were warm against her skin, gentle too. “Hey,” she called back, allowing a polite smile to take to her lips. “I don’t know you, so you must not be a Gryffindor.” Utilizing parallel sentence structure, she disclosed a bit of information while teasing her back.

“Nessa,” she offered up, staring down at the beam the girl was offering her. It was quite stunning, that beam. “I don’t know you either, but maybe we can get to know each other tonight. Need a refill?” A painted red nail pointed to the badger’s cup, eyebrows raised in question.

@Margo Drozdova
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