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The Quidditch Quarterly
Issue 02
Spring Term, May 2018
Mathilde de Clercq
Chief Editor, Interviewer & Advertiser
Fifth Year Gryffindor
Mats, reporting for duty! Who doesn't love quidditch? The action, the ambiance, the excitement - but most of all, quidditch brings us together like nothing else does. As a team, as a house, as a school. That's why I love quidditch. I'm Mathilde De Clercq, and I'm here to bring you all the juicy news - straight from the quidditch pitch! I'm an interviewer, and I'm in charge of finding sponsors for the paper (so definitely check out our ads!). Oh, and I also came up with the KissCam last year - which has evolved to quite the phenomenon! This is my second year working for  the Quidditch Quarterly, but my first year as interviewer, and I couldn't be more excited. I think my fellow staffers and I are going to have a great time this quidditch season, and I hope you wil too!
Icarus St. George
& Editor
Seventh Year Hufflepuff
Hello everyone! This is Icarus, and I’m one of the Quidditch Quarterly’s very own interviewers for this season! Don’t worry, not flying too close to the sun – who would even want to fly with this weather? Like, seriously, did you see how much it rained during that last match? I’m ranting, aren’t I? Anyway! Quidditch players go out there to win regardless what difficulties they face, and I’m here to bring you the scoop on all of that! Want to know what they thought about each match? Want to hear about all the drama that happened in the pitch? You can find out about all that and much more when reading our exclusive interviews, so make sure to check those out! This is my first year as an interviewer, so to be honest, between you readers and I, I’m really excited about all this. It’s been a blast! Oh, and a shout out to all my fellow QQ Staffers for this season, you all are doing an spectacular job so far.
Rode O'Connors
Seventh Year Gryffindor
Hello, lovely readers. My name is Rode O'Connors and I'm one of the interviewers and columnists this year for Quidditch Quarterly For those of you who don't already know me, I'm in house Gryffindor and I hail from the lovely country of Ireland. So, a little more about me. I like adventure, excitement, travel, tree climbing and pirates. I'm also looking into getting into investigative journalism at some point, which is why I'm starting out here! I happen to be part of a team of two, me and my ornery cat, Vaughn. My partner likes fish flavoured snacks, warm sun spots and naps. He would also like me to mention that he would rather you not touch him. This is our first year writing for a newspaper of any kind and we are both very excited. See you on the pitch!
An Interview with Gryffinpuff's Captains: Kiana van der Decken & Martín Marzán
Icarus St. George
Icarus: No colours shone brighter this season than red and black. Gryffindor and Hufflepuff! The Lionbadgers! Gryffinpuff! The team that has been the talk around Hogwarts’ corridors and that all owls have delivered messages about. I’m here with their captain, Kiana and Mars, how about you introduce yourself to our lovely readers? Maybe do one or two shoutouts?
Kiana: I’m Kiana van der Decken, 6th year Gryffindor. I’ve actually never read this magazine.
Martín: Oh Kiana… always so terribly honest. I like that about you! I’m Martín Marzán, but you can call me Mars. Sixth year, Gryffindor, everyone’s favourite Spaniard, and Hogwarts’ most eligible bachelor. Just saying! Pleasure to be here, Icarus. Lovely name, by the way. I’m quite the QQ fan myself!

Icarus: Haha…thanks. Kiana, you should definitely read our next edition, specially since you’ll be in it! Anyways...Gryffinpuff! In your own words, how would you describe the team?
Kiana: Champions. Every player has their strengths, but most importantly, we played like a team. They’re people you can count on.
Martín: The best. Obviously. I mean, that’s why we’re the ones getting interviewed, right? Not sure if I can agree on counting on every single one of our team members. It seems like we do have one that really needs to learn his place. But what is there to do that hasn’t been done? We won the cup and that’s what matters in the end! That and of course, my amazing goals. Hope someone took pictures of those!

Icarus: Oh yeah. You’re the champions, and you earned it for sure! Let’s talk about your first match: Gryffinpuff v/s Gryffinclaw. The final score was 300 points to just 60. That’s incredible! What do you think of Gryffinclaw as an opponent and of your team’s overall performance during the match?
Kiana: We went for victory with all we had, and we rocked it. Gryffinclaw has some good players, and some good people, on it, but we were there to win and that’s what we did. It was kinda weird to play against other Gryffindors though.
Martín: You know, as sentimental and corny as it may sound, no match is better than one where you can have fun and make friends. I think Gryffinclaw was a wonderful opponent in that sense. But, of course we won. Like Kiana here said: that was our goal, and we gave it our all.

Icarus: Look at that confidence! Now, as amazing as the final score was, it wasn’t a match without its ups and downs. Kiana, you did fall off your broom. And Mars, honestly, some were even speculating you wouldn’t even be able to come back for the final match after the bludger Dowling sent your way. I bet our readers would love to hear your thoughts on these events! Care to share?
Kiana: It was a risk I was willing to take. Quidditch will never be without its ups and downs, but I’ve never been the type of person to stay down. I’ll always get up again.
Martín: Please. Everyone knows that gods never die. Kiana is right! If I fall, all I have to do is get back up. And honestly, even I can admit that it’s great to have the team there to support and look out for each other when things get tough.

Icarus: Wow, I don’t think I have that level of resilience. No wonder I don’t play Quidditch, right? Overall, in comparison to the match against Gryffinclaw, do you think your team performed better or worse against Slytherclaw?
Kiana: Worse. I think our players, not naming names, allowed themselves to get distracted, focussing more on the enemy team than on the allies of our own. It was bad form.
Martín: Hey hey, come on now. Personally, I think I did great. But I do have to agree with Kiana that some people – namely a particularly yappy lap dog – really need to learn to focus on the match. As for the rest of the team, I trust that they gave it their all and did their best. We won, and I’m sure they wouldn’t have happened if they had not.

Icarus: I guess there’s some differences in opinions there, huh? I’d say you all did well, it was a fun match to watch! But, it wouldn’t be a lie to say that the weather wasn’t favourable during the matches you played. For the first you had fog, for the second you had rain. Man, that’s unlucky, maybe Zeus didn’t want you flying in his realm! Hey, I would know about that! How did you manage to play with these weather conditions? Did it make things more difficult in any way?
Kiana: I’ve been a deckhand and a sailor, still am during the summer, so I’ve braced storms before. The fog and rain made it harder to see, sure, and flying in such weather wasn’t something I’d done before, but I considered it a challenge. Everything is easy when it goes your way and the conditions are favourable, it’s only when things get hard that you find out what you’re really made of. Our team? Winners.
Martín: See? Kiana gets it! It’s all about the challenge! Sure, it’s great when things are easy, but where’s the fun in that? The difficult matches are always the more memorable ones, and a victory is so much more satisfying when you fought every step of the way in order to achieve it. Plus, as hard as dear Zeus may try to keep me off the skies, this deity cannot be stopped that easily… and neither can Gryffinpuff!

Icarus: What they say about Gryffindor courage must really be true then! Oh, speaking of flying! There were moments in the match against Slytherclaw when the ‘Flying Dutchman’ wasn’t exactly flying, and when ‘God’ wasn’t looking all that godly. You both spent some time on the ground. Why? What happened?
Kiana: Turns out the school brooms are terrible. ...And I may have miscalculated and lost balance. Anyway, my girl Aisley came to the rescue. I’m definitely buying myself a good broom after this.
Martín: Oh yeah, school brooms are just awful. In my case, it was more of a matter of Beaters really liking me, I suppose? I don’t know what I did, I didn’t even have the Quaffle, but I guess that Slytherclaw Beater that hit the Bludger really wanted to show me their affection. I appreciate the thought… though I don’t really appreciate the broken bones. Those are just the kind of things that happen during Quidditch to us popular players, you know?

Icarus: That sounds… really painful. Let’s talk about the team! Specifically, the Chasers! Most of the time, they all really seemed to play like a united front, but we all did notice some “conflictive behaviours” here and there. Pretty sure no one missed the punches! Except for the referee, apparently. What was that all about?
Kiana: Yeah, Marzán, what was that all about?
Martín: Hmmm? You know, I’m going to be honest with you here… teammates or not, I’m not one to tolerate being disrespected by anyone, and while I thought that was something that should have been obvious because it’s common sense, apparently it wasn’t. Some people think they can say whatever they wish without any consequences. Think whatever you wish of it, but to my eyes, it was a necessary measure.

Icarus: I...really wasn’t expecting honesty there. At least the referee didn’t notice! Anyway, let’s talk about Beaters! Love them on your team, hate them on the other. You both played this position. But what about your team’s other Beaters: Zerner, Munn, and Bolstridge. Do you have anything you’d like to say about them?
Kiana: They’re great beaters and great people. I consider two of them good friends of mine, so it’s comforting to know they’re out there trying to keep my ass safe. I’d trust them which my life, which is essentially what we do as Quidditch players.
Martín: The Beaters in our team did an amazing job through out both games, and I’m incredibly thankful to them. As a Chaser, it’s really reassuring to know there’s a Beater who has your back as you go score. Even if I did get hit once or twice, but hey… who doesn’t love some battle scars?

Icarus: Kiana! You were the Keeper during your first match, but Maynwaring was the Keeper during the second one. How do you guys think he did?
Kiana: I didn’t see all of the goal attempts, but I know he did well. I know from experience now that it’s not an easy position. You have to always be alert even though most of the time nothing’s happening for you, and there’s a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Maynwaring defended our goal posts so we could win by catching the Snitch in the end, so his efforts were essential to our victory.
Martín: I couldn’t have said it better myself. Maynwaring did a great job at defending the hoops, and the match could have gone a lot different if he had not. If anything, I wish we could have made up to all of his efforts by scoring some more.

Icarus: You did keep the lead until the end, so I’d say he did well too! Of course, a game doesn’t end until the Golden Snitch is caught, and in both of yours you got those sweet 150 points. Jackson and Quigley really pulled through! What are your thoughts on your team’s Seekers?
Kiana: Quigley always surprises me. He may be whiny, but he’s proven himself multiple times to be a valuable player, who didn’t just bring us victory this time, but also last year when we were both playing for a different team - The Notorious Nundus. So I’ve got his back, and while I know he’s not the most popular guy, I didn’t have any doubts about bringing him on the team. I didn’t know Jackson yet, but Mars had faith in him, so so did I. He did a great job, clearly both the chaser and seeker positions are in capable hands with him.
Martín: Don’t even remind me about last year… I always knew Isaac had potential for Quidditch, and it seems I was right! Although is that really a surprise? It’s not very often that I’m wrong. But, back to Isaac: he proved to be an amazing Seeker and a Chaser as well, and I’m really glad to have him as a part of our team. As for Quigley… despite my own opinions, Kiana insisted on having him on the team, and I trust her a lot. At least he caught the Snitch!

Icarus: Oh. Well, I’d say they’re both great! How does it feel to have won the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup? Did you think you would win from the very start?
Kiana: Victory was always the goal. I knew we could succeed, and had faith we would.
Martín: There was never a doubt. I always aim for victory, and the team did so as well. Plus, I’d say the gods were with us, if you’re one to believe in such things. I personally am, of course.

Icarus: Apparently faith and confidence are the recipe for success... Taking notes! I bet you all did some celebrating for sure! What about next season? Would you like to play with the same team or was this an ‘only once’ thing?
Kiana: This team is the best crew anyone could ask for, and I’d definitely fly with them again.
Martín: You know, all small issues aside, I would too. Although there’s one particularly yappy Chihuahua I really wish we could drop off at the pound.

Icarus: Okay, one last thing! Captains! How was it like to work together? Anything you’d like to say to your co-captain here and now?
Kiana: You can’t succeed if you don’t trust the people you’re working with, so that’s what I did, and it was a pleasure. I think what we have in common is that we want to win, and don’t quickly give up. So Mars, if you’re in for another victory next year, so am I.
Martín: You know, Kiana...I just realized that ever since we met all our interactions have been about competitions, so I’m glad to have had the chance to aim for a victory together. I’ve come to respect and trust you quite a lot. So yes, it would be great to do all of this again. Next year it is!

Icarus: Thank you for joining us and congratulations on winning the Quidditch Cup!
Kiana: Thanks. You’re invited to the celebration in the communal common room.
Martín: Thank you for the interview. And yeah, everyone should stop by the common room to celebrate with us!

She's a Keeper!
An Interview with Mihaela Valentinov
Mathilde de Clercq
Mats: Welcome Mihaela, and thank you for letting me interview you! Could you introduce yourself for our readers?
Mihaela: Sure thing…. I’m Mihaela Valentinov and I’m a seventh year Gryffindor.

Mats: Lovely! Of course, you’re here because you played keeper for Gryffinclaw during the second match of the season. What was it like, being on the pitch again?
Mihaela: Amazing. I mean, honestly, my favorite part of quidditch is flying… competitive flying? I guess you could call it that. It requires tactics and decisions made in a split second.

Mats: That does sound amazing. Say, is keeper your preferred position? Or do you play other positions as well?
Mihaela: I can play any position… except seeker. I don’t know that I’m fast enough for that. But I enjoy playing all of them equally. Though I feel as if chaser is the most exciting - and most stressful.

Mats: And what sparked your interest in quidditch, and joining the school team?
Mihaela: The Flying! I mean… I’m competitive, too, but yeah… the flying….

Mats: Which Gryffinpuff chaser would you say you had to watch out for the most?
Mihaela: Finlay scored on me once and then kept coming back for more, so I’d say him.

Mats: How would you describe your team?
Mihaela: A….dysfunctional… family?

Mats: -Laughs- And is there any player in particular that you think deserves a shout-out?
Mihaela: Oh… several. Finlay had great maneuvers and well… Serenity took a pretty rough bludger hit and then kept going. And Mars! Gods, Mars was decimated but he took it like a champ? All around there were a lot of good players. Definitely hard to narrow it down to just one.

Mats: Gryffinclaw seemed to have finally turned their luck around, but then Gryffinpuff still caught the snitch… What are your feelings on Gryffinpuff winning?
Mihaela: I love my team, ya know, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Gryffinpuff deserved their win, hands down.

Mats: Of course, the quidditch season isn’t over yet. Are you planning on watching the next game? Or perhaps even playing, for Slytherclaw?
Mihaela: I’m not sure yet. We’ll see what happens! I like watching…. but I love playing.

Mats: Perhaps I’ll see you there then! Mihaela, thank you so much for answering my questions.
Mihaela: Yeah sure, no problem. Any time, Mats.

Seeker Star on the Rise!
An Interview with Isaac Jackson
Icarus St. George
Icarus: Hello QQ readers! If you watched the second match of this season, you probably already know who took the show! I’m here with Isaac Jackson, the Seeker who secured Gryffinpuff’s victory against Gryffinclaw. Hey Isaac! Thanks for taking the time to answer this interview! How about you introduce yourself to our readers so they know what dorm to send their fan mail to and all that?
Isaac: Fan mail? Oh, Icarus, if I had pearls I'd be clutching them! Regardless, I'm your very own pint-sized Hufflepuff, sixth year. Not sure what else to say other than if you are going to send fanmail, I like anything sweet and sour.

Icarus: Take notes, folks! The man likes sweet and sour. Great choice, by the way. The match ended with an incredible score 300 points to 60, that’s just amazing! What are your thoughts on your team’s performance against Gryffinclaw? Do you think there’s anything you all could have done better? Anything you would have done differently?
Isaac: Honestly, at the end of the day, I just caught the snitch. Mars, Finlay, Felton- everyone really brought their A-Game. As a team, we worked really well together, and we practiced hard. But look at me, sounding like a straight-lace kid? As if anything about me is straight am I right? It's time to party!

Icarus: Well…you said it, not me. But I do appreciate the professionalism. Great response! I’d give it an O! Now let’s talk about what we’re all here for: how did it feel to catch that Golden Snitch?
Isaac: Really f*ckin-- Oh sh*t- I mean- h...heck? It felt really good. I mean, of course it felt good, it meant we won and that I could go to Hogsmeade and get copious amounts of liquor.

Icarus: And who doesn’t love a good celebration? Now, word around the corridors is that this was the first time you ever played Quidditch. What motivated you to play and to join Gryffinpuff?
Isaac: I know my way around a broom, and yes, I guess that could be a euphemism. Not a very good one, but regardless. Mars was doing it, and I'll bet you all know him. Of course, I had to show him that someone could play Quidditch and look gorgeous without bewitching their hair. Just kidding, I love that big idiot, don't worry!

-Icarus: Oh I’m sure the fans don’t mind having some more handsome players in the pitch. I know I don’t…. Anyway! You switched things up a little and played as a Chaser on your team’s match against Slytherclaw. What motivated this change? Was it much different from playing as a Seeker?
Isaac: Well, as seeker, I spent most of the game just... Floating around. I'm made for a bit more fun, you know? Some action. Getting some action. You get the gist.

Icarus: There you have it everyone! Isaac Jackson: a man of action! Now that you have experienced both, which of these positions do you like better? As which can we expect to see you playing for future seasons? Or is there any other you’d like to true? Maybe hit some bludgers at your enemies with a bat?
Isaac: I'm up for anything. Anything except Keeper. That just sounds way too boring. They just sit there and wait for people to throw sh*t at-- oh f*ck- goddamn. Sorry, mom!

Icarus: Alright alright, let’s keep things PG13 up in here. Think of the impressionable children, Isaac. The children! And speaking of the future! You have talent! Is there a chance we’ll see Isaac Jackson’s name in the professional league someday?
Isaac: I don't really have plans! Right now I'm just enjoying myself, thanks!

Icarus: I feel you on that. So, Quidditch aside, what drives you? Any hobbies? Goals? Dreams? A snack you really enjoy eating? Food can be a great motivator too! Sorry, we have some really curious readers.
Isaac: They're asking about what I eat? Sounds sketchy. I'm into it. I enjoy spicy food- anything spicy. Hobbies include flying fast and enjoying myself any way I want to.

Icarus: Hey I’m just giving the people what they want. Spicy food is great, though I’m more of sweets man myself. But we’re not here to talk about me! Do you have any messages for all those who saw you catch that Snitch and wished they could be like you someday?
Isaac: Sounds like you're making me out to be quite the icon. I don't know if I've become that prolific, my dear Icarus. I don't know if anyone wants to be like me, but if they do, I suggest cigarettes and liquor.

Icarus: Shhhh just enjoy the moment. How about anything you’d like to say to your teammates or the members of the other teams now that the cup has gone to Gryffinpuff?
Isaac: Let me think... It's been a slice. We should have one hell of a party in the Communal Common Room! Meet us there!

Icarus: Again, thank you so much for joining us today! Congratulations on your incredible snitch catch and congratulations to Gryffinpuff on winning the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup!

Looking Good Was Never So Easy!
Sparkson' Scissors
Need a new hairstyle? Do you want something stylish and unique? Would you like to turn heads whenever you walk into a room?

Then Sparkson’ Scissors, with a convenient location in Hogsmeade and an experienced and fabulous hairdresser, is the hair salon for you! Appointments can be made by owl.

Little Eagle-Lion Man
An Interview with Yedam Bi
Mathilde de Clercq
Mats: Hi Yedam! Thanks for agreeing to this interview. First, perhaps you can introduce yourself for our readers?
Yedam: Uh...I mean I didn’t agree to it you just kind of...pulled me in here. Where am I anyway? What is this? This is an interview? Oh no. But umm...I’m Yedam? I’m a 5th year Gryffindor and maybe you’ve seen me in the hospital wing before because I kind of live there.

Mats: In the second match of the season, you played as a chaser for Gryffinclaw. How many goals did you score?
Yedam: Mats...I know you probably ask everyone this but...I scored 0 goals. And I’m still kind of sad about all this.

Mats: Err, oops, haha. Ahum. Right, the Gryffinpuff keeper gave you quite some trouble, it seemed.
Yedam: Kiana was fine. i barely even saw her, which was sad because we’re friends. I think the only person I saw the entire match was Mars. He’s really good and I uh...didn’t do so well. I guess.

Mats: There was a lot of wrestling for the quaffle this game as well - which Gryffinpuff chaser were you most worried about?
Yedam: Like I said, I think Mars is really good and clearly I didn’t beat him a single time. Actually, let’s not talk about that. But by ‘worry’, do you mean like...maybe...scared for? Because I don’t know what was going on with Felton. I think he was foaming at the mouth! Does that happen to people? Should he get looked at? Do you think he’s ok?

Mats: Is chaser your preferred position? Do you play others as well?
Yedam: After today, there’s no way chaser is my preferred position. I think I’ll go back to playing beater. I think I do better with hitting things than trying to catch them.

Mats: How did you become interested in quidditch?
Yedam: My family’s pureblood but no one I knew ever played quidditch, so I never saw people fly around on brooms before I came to Hogwarts. And then, I got here, and I thought it looked really cool, so I asked someone to teach me and I guess that’s how it happened.

Mats: Who would you say is your favourite teammate?
Yedam: Jeongmin! We’re roommates, so we obviously knew each other before we got put on a team together, but we’re really good friends and - oh my god, I just remembered that I told him that if I didn’t score a single goal, I’d have to buy him a week’s worth of Honeydukes. Noooooooo.

Mats: Oh dear… If I remember correctly, you had to leave the match and swap with another player. Could you recap what happened?
Yedam: Oh. Oh. That. Mats, are you...maybe...trying to make me feel bad? No? You’re not? Ok I guess you’re not. I don’t know. I was just really disappointed in myself and obviously I can’t beat Mars 1 on 1 so I figured I’d let Serenity have a shot.

Mats: Aww, I’m sorry Yedam. Will you be watching the next game?
Yedam: I think so! Quidditch is fun, and now that I’m not actually playing, maybe I can watch it without feeling some sort of pain deep down in my chest. Huh. That’s funny. Did I get injured? Or do you think I’m dying?

Mats: I sure hope not! But thanks for answering my questions!
Yedam: Thanks for having me, I guess? Wait, why did you want to interview me in the first place?

Quigley does it again!
An underdog no more?
An Interview with Felton Ulysses Quigley the 49th
Icarus St. George
Icarus: He screamed, he cried, and he even bled for that Snitch catch! Yes, you read that right! I’m here with Felton Ulysses Quigley the...28th? 69th? I’m not quite sure, I never introduced anyone with numbers in their name before! You probably know him as the Seeker who caught the Golden Snitch on this season’s last match. I’m sure we can all agree his presence was rather hard to miss. Felton! How about you properly introduce yourself to our readers and your obviously numerous fans?
Felton: Well, first and foremost, it’s Felton Ulysses Quigley the 49th. Esquire. I’ve certainly never been one to tell others how to go about doing their jobs, but I do feel perhaps a bit more research would’ve benefit you greatly. At least then you wouldn’t have to suffer this humiliation you’re no doubt feeling at this moment. Now… pardon me, but what was the final part of your question?

Icarus: Oh Felton, I would love to have done more research but sadly, it looks like you’re not famous enough for a Wikipedia article just yet! What a shame! So anyway… Gryffinpuff! An amazing team for sure! What are your thoughts on your teammates and their performance this season?
Felton: Aisley Munn performed magnificently, both on and off the pitch. She truly was the most assured player of worth on the team, or M.A.P.W, as I know your kind tend to prefer abbreviations… and that’s all I have to say on this topic. Next question, if you will, please.

Icarus: I think you mean M.V.P. Anyway! Before we get to talking about that unforgettable Snitch catch of yours, I do recall seeing you playing as a Chaser during the Gryffinpuff v/s Gryffinclaw match. You’re a man of many talents for sure, but I can’t say I remember seeing you score. What was that all about? Did you have fun playing as a Chaser?
Felton: Well.. it’s.. not just about the scoring, per say… it’s really more in the… I mean, honestly, just what sort of a question is this? Are you even a licensed interviewer? I’d like to see some credentials! Besides! I caught the snitch, didn’t I? Moving on, please!

Icarus: Wow wow, this is a school newspaper! Mellow your yellow a little. No wonder they call you...Chihuahua. Ha! An interesting codename choice if I dare say so myself! If we’re talking dog breeds, I myself would have picked something more intimidating in your place. Like Bullmastiff! Though I can see the appeal; a chihuahua bit my ankle once and lord it hurt! Anyhow, your teammates seem to have developed a fondness for the codename, can you tell us the story behind it?
Felton: No, no, nononono. I’m reserving my right to refuse answering your grossly misguided line of queries. Another stunning example of where obtaining some factual information on your subject would’ve saved you from a world of mortification. NEXT QUESTION!

Icarus: Hey dude, it was on your uniform, I’m going by facts here. Moving on! To satisfy the curiosity of all our wonderful readers out there: the punch. Everybody saw it, everybody was shocked! What happened? And, most importantly: why?
Felton: … What sort of tomfoolery is this? Who even wrote such questions? Was it Martin? Is this all some elaborate ruse? I want this entire interview stricken from the record! Why I’ve half a mind to walk straight out of here, young man!

Icarus: The record. Sure thing, pal. Just a few more questions! You had some more complications during the match, yet you still powered through all that pain and managed a catch. Impressive! How did you do it? What motivated you to keep playing the game?
Felton: …. Well I… suppose this isn’t such an awful question. In all honesty, I was motivated by what any decent person on the pitch should be: hard work, fair play and, above all else, the desire to succeed for the glory of one’s team. It isn’t all about personal accomplishments and obnoxious showboating, like a certain member who shall remain nameless. A certain Gryffindor captain.. but I’m certainly not one to point fingers… that captain was not van der Decken, though.

Icarus: Aw, see? My questions are great! Some have claimed that you must have cast a Sonorus spell on yourself before the match began. What would you say to those who made this accusations? Tell us your secrets, Felton! How does one manage to have such incredible lungs?
Felton: I’m sure I haven’t the foggiest what you’re talking about. What an absurd question.

Icarus: Aaaand we’re back to square one….Let’s hear about what we’re really here for: the Snitch catch! What was going through your mind? How did it feel? Would you say it was the best catch you’ve ever done?
Felton: Well, as you should know, this was, in fact, my third snitch catch to date. Although I’m rather sure you didn’t know that, as in this very limited time I’ve spent with you I’ve already learned that you’re… ah, well, never mind that. In that moment, your mind really is only focussed on one singular thing, as if everything else around you ceases to exist and your body melds into one with your broom. Again, if you had bothered to do just a minuscule amount of background research, you would’ve known that last year I had actually sustained a rather formidable injury mere moments before catching the snitch. I would have to say that was my most memorable catch, as even the excruciating pain I was enduring at the time wasn’t enough to impede my success… for the team, of course.

Icarus: You read that, folks? What a true martyr. I think I almost shed a tear. Someone get this man his own Netflix documentary! What about Slytherclaw’s Seeker? I hear she’s very talented! Were you worried Amita Amirmoez might catch the Golden Snitch instead?
Felton: Well certainly any seeker is concerned their opposition will get there first. That is the point of competition, after all. In all honesty, I was frankly surprised she hadn’t caught it with all the time I spent on… erm… being a supportive teammate.. to my team.

Icarus: Hmm yes, of course. Honestly, I was surprised too! Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to our readers? Maybe to your teammates or the members of the other teams?
Felton: Why yes I most certainly do. Foul play and grandstanding have absolutely no place in a quidditch game. Keep your hands and feet to yourself and, most importantly.. do not kick the quaffle through the goal posts. Throw it like any honourable person would, for the love of Merlin.

Icarus: Well...That’s all, folks! Thank you for joining us today, Felton. Congratulations on catching the Snitch, and congratulations to you and your team on winning the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup!
Felton: Thank you.. and might I suggest that you seem like you may have a promising career in.. anything where talking to people isn’t crucial.

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Defeat and Disaster: What really happened in the last match!
An Interview with Slytherclaw's Captain: Sol Flowers
Mathilde de Clercq
Mats: Welcome, Sol Flowers! We know you as Slytherclaw’s captain, but why don’t you introduce yourself?
Sol: Hey. Yeah, uh, that’s me! I’m Sol, I’m Slytherclaw captain. I’m Slytherin. I’m 17. Psh… c’mon, everyone knows me.

Mats: Things got pretty… intense… on the quidditch pitch. Do you, uhh, want to comment on what happened?
Sol: Huh, yeah, you don’t say? Obviously, Mars is a ticking time bomb ready to go off at any second - real crazy one, that guy. I mean, whatever, I’m all good - the healers did a good job, and got me mostly cleaned and fixed up. Arm’s still broken, but what else can you do, huh? But yeah - Mars is literally an insane person: I didn’t even do anything to him!

Mats: Okay let’s uhh, move on from that! How would you describe your run as team captain? Is it something you’d want to do again?
Sol: I mean, jeeze, captaining the team is always a lotta work. Naturally, they’d choose me to lead because hey, you’d have to be a total moron not to want Sol at the top, y’know? Ha - but it was fun, I’d definitley wanna do it again. But we better f---ing win next time. Hey, am I allowed to swear in this?

Mats: Sure, why not! Do you play quidditch often? Where does it fit in your life?
Sol: I’m pureblood and I’ve got a lotta Quidditch players in my family - not, like, famous ones; but it’s been a hobby of mine for a while. You should’a seen me as a lil’ kid with my first training broom. I ended up hurting myself all the time, though, so I guess that’s not too different to my recent match...

Mats: In the end, your team lost to Gryffinpuff. What’s your impression of the winning team?
Sol: (Can I call them assholes? No? Okay-) I mean, hell, Gryffinpuff played good. Sure, they could’ve played cleaner considering their captain tried to murder me, but whatever. You got some good players over there, like Finlay - he plays really well, and Felton - he’s a good guy. Would’ve been nicer if we won, though!

Mats: What about your own team, what was the dynamic like? Do you think Ravenclaw and Slytherin made a good combination?
Sol: Eh… hm. The team was pretty good. It was… interesting to not have just snakes around, and considering not everyone was pureblo-- I mean, uh… not everyone was as experienced in Quidditch, so it made for a good, like… mix of talent, I guess.

Mats: If you had to pick a mascot for your team, and it couldn’t be a snake or an eagle, what would it be?
Sol: Ah man, you expecting me to know animals and shit? I guess… a turtle. Like, because it comes out of it’s shell like bam and ready to fight for the win. Right? I haven’t seen a turtle before.

Mats: ...Interesting! Looking back at the games you played, is there something you’re particularly proud of? Like a goal, or a certain moment?
Sol: Catching the snitch in the first match was great. I mean, obviously, that wasn’t me but it was still a pretty good feeling. The snitch isn’t always everything, but when it secures the win, it’s pretty awesome.

Mats: While your team didn’t win, do you think there’s going to be an afterparty anyway?
Sol: I mean, I hope so. What’s the point of even playing if you’re not gonna drink yourself to death afterwards? Although, I’m sure I’ll have people on my back tellin’ me “Oh Sol, you should go to the hospital wing, blah blah blah” - but hey, c’mon, a party’s a party!

Mats: Thanks a lot for answering my questions, Sol, it was great to have you.
Sol: Anytime, babes.

Gaspard scores in more ways than one!
An Interview with Landry Gaspard
Mathilde de Clercq
Mats: Hello QQ readers. We’re here with none other than Landry Gaspard! Why don’t you introduce yourself, Landry?
Landry: Well it would be my most distinct honor, ma’am. I’m Landry Gaspard, sixth year, and I’m from Ravenclaw. Well, I’m from Tennessee, but you know… That’s not what you asked. Don’t mind me!

Mats: You have quite the match behind you, with a lot of action. Tell me, what’s your favourite part about being a chaser?
Landry: I think my favorite part has to be scoring. Wrestling, I mean it’s mandatory in a sense, but there’s so much risk to it and when you don’t do it right you… Really run the risk of embarrassing yourself. Scoring at least feels good! I even got a kiss from a fine lil’ woman the last time.

Mats: Ooooh look at you, scoring in every way! Do you sometimes play other positions as well?
Landry: Yes ma’am I do! I’m tried my hand at both beater and keeper, and truth be told I might be better suited for keeper.  Beater ain’t really where I shine.

Mats: Did you enjoy playing for an interhouse team? Did you need convincing to sign up or was it something you really wanted to do?
Landry: I think it was a no-brainer to play for Slytherclaw. I mean, it was certainly different from playing for just Ravenclaw, but the challenge of it made it exciting. I never really knew what was going to happen at any given moment or if the chemistry was gonna be right. Sometimes it was, sometimes it wasn’t.

Mats: Where does Quidditch fit in your life?
Landry: Man that’s… You got me there. I’d like to say that it’s a huge part of my everyday routine, but I think there are people who could easily say they’re more committed to it than me. When I first started playing, I wanted to make a career of it, but things happen. Dreams change. Right now, I can’t honestly say I see my future in the sport but I won’t say never just yet.

Mats: Oh, so would you ever consider playing Quidditch professionally?
Landry: If I was lucky enough to get that consideration, yeah. But I think… I think there are so many more talented people just here in Hogwarts alone that would be a better fit for the pros than myself.

Mats: About the last match - what was your favourite part? And what was the hardest part?
Landry: Definitely scoring/kissing Amita. I think everyone who knows anything about the way I like to go on, knows I like to talk about that honey, but I really wasn’t anticipating a kiss in that moment. I mean I’d made a right fool of myself up until that point, so it was… Not something I expected, yeah. Hardest part? Definitely losing. That pill never gets any easier to swallow.

Mats: What would you say your tactic or technique is during a quidditch match?
Landry: Give ‘em hell or give ‘em bruises. You don’t have to play nice.

Mats: Landry, thank you so much for joining us today.
Landry: Thank you again, ma’am. It was my distinct honor to sit down with you here today. Oh, and if I could say one more thing? SAUSAGE BISCUITS AND GRAVY, Y’ALL!




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