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 An attitude of altitude and probity by which to abide
Uriah Dorian
 Posted: Jun 17 2017, 03:49 AM
"There are no problems at Hogwarts, only adventures"
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Uriah had never seen himself as a rulebreaker, not the textbook definition of the term at least. Rulebreakers broke rules because stirring up some trouble was an adrenaline rush, the angry disappointed faces of those in charge a mark of success. They didn't discriminate between rules. It was always just a white line to cross, the other side a better place. Uriah was none of those things, not really. Not once in his entire Hogwarts career had he pondered 'let's go break some rules today!'. Instead it happened involuntarily. A sudden spur that left his younger self suddenly sitting upright in his bed with a mind too erratic to sleep. Not even a day would pass before the Gryffindor had to drag his friends along to achieve his newest brainchild. His mind had always been a restless one, jumping from start to finish and never bothering with the inbetweens. Uriah never realized the moment he was breaking rules, too busy to focus.

Maybe it was why he'd been banned from certain areas of his university campus during his studies, or why Marco Connor often gave him looks resembling the first moment of contact between taste buds and lemons. It didn't matter; great minds were often met with confusion and rejection. Didn't geniuses like Tesla only recognize the true appreciation they deserved today? The Librarian was sure he would change history someday - well everyone changed history in their own way, didn't they? - enough to make it into one textbook or another. His name would be somewhere, with some luck hopefully a bit more noticeable than all the initials rolling past your eyes in the end credits scene you were only watching because it was a Marvel movie. He would get there, no matter how long it would take.

He didn't think changing world history meant balancing himself on shelves, climbing to reach the pot of bat brains but that also didn't stop him from giving his all. Life wasn't always easy when not even an Accio spell seemed to work for you, but he would persevere! Just a liiiiitle more. His hand reached, fingers brushing against the cold glass of the pot. They just slipped over the surface, pushing the thing even more out of reach. There was a curse, followed by three more as his body had seemed to give in to its fight with gravity, sending his straight to the dusty floor. A cloud of dust flew up all around, like a dramatic special effect to highlight the pain he would be feeling in his behind for days.

Breen didn't like it when he went to the hospital wing for trivial matters such as butt pain.

A cough later, Uriah was on his feet again, not even bothering to dust off the dirt accumulating on his jeans. He'd gotten good at cleaning up messes anyway - unless they involved corrosive and caustic chemicals - which made dust on his old hoodie no big deal at all. Had the potions cupboard always been this dusty? The smell of animal parts and pickled jars made it smell less like an old granny tearoom, although he wasn't sure if that was an actual improvement or not. With a deep breath, Uriah started over. One foot on this shelf, one hand there. If he could just reach that godda-.

The door opened, light shining all around the figure like a glorious halo. Uriah was pretty sure he hadn't died yet; this wasn't a sign of heaven existing. No, no, no. Uriah got caught in the middle of the act, halfway up up the shelves and fruitlessly reaching for the highest one. Worst of all: his fingers still hadn't reached their goal yet. Did that count as rulebreaking?

"Oh, heh, hii, Spitznogle! Been a while, hasn't it!"

His smile was too wide to be sincere.

Wasn't she supposed to be retired by now? Or, well, dead?


@Eudora Spitznogle

Avatars by the beautiful Stells <33
Eudora Spitznogle
 Posted: Jun 18 2017, 05:22 AM
"I've been swimming against the tide my whole life.."
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    Over the course of the last few months, Eudora had noticed that someone had been raiding her private storeroom. As Potions Master, she maintained the entire stock of potions ingredients available to the school. This included the public storerooms used by the infirmary and the more advanced students. It was not uncommon to find students and staff mulling around in those rooms, rifling through ingredients like truffle pigs on holiday. There was, however, one room that was strictly off limits and that was due to the highly valuable or dangerous quality of the ingredients kept there.

    That was why she had recently decided to place an alarm on the room, a simple charm that would alert her to trespassers so she could catch them in the act. As it happened, that afternoon as she was returning to her office the alarm had been triggered and small golden device on her desk was whizzing around in circles and emitting puffs of red smoke. She pursed her lips in thought for a moment before she set off down the dungeon corridor, waving aside a group of Slytherin students on their way up from their common room.

    As she approached the door to her private stores she noticed the door was ajar and smirked at the thought of outsmarting someone. Slowly, she pushed open the heavy wooden door, the torchlight behind her casting a menacing shadow into the room. Her unforgiving glare fell on the Gryffindor scaling her shelves like a primate and she couldn't help but feel a tinge of amusement at the sight.

    "Mister Dorian..." she drew her arms together across her chest like a cobra raising its hood, ready to strike, "I should have known."

    At her advanced age and seniority at the school, Eudora had taught potions to most of the witches and wizards in the United Kingdom. This meant she had also taught most of her colleagues at Hogwarts and Uriah Dorian was no exception.

    "You Gryffindors really are the worst kind of cliches, you know?" Her mismatched eyes scanned the room, following his limbs to the particular jar her former student was reaching for.

    "Oh, heh, hii, Spitznogle! Been a while, hasn't it!" She bristled at the familiar tone, but couldn't help smirking. The elderly witch could not conceal her affection for misfits, a term she used with so much endearment, and of all the Gryffindors she had milking cobra venom in detention, Uriah Dorian was by far the most entertaining.

    Has it? Seems like only yesterday you were hemorrhaging house points in these lonely halls," she whipped her wand out of her cuff of her robes and summoned the jar of bat brains to her hand, "and what are we making today?"

@Uriah Dorian
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