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 [R]Moth Skelton, g-guess who's back
Moth Skelton
 Posted: Aug 13 2017, 09:37 AM

"there's a drumming noise inside my head-"

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Moth Skelton
© Evan // he/him
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    Marcus "Moth" Skelton
    Pureblood, but raised muggleborn
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?:
    I also have Florian Hollis, no permission needed bc 2nd character
    Moth could be handsome, but not in the traditional sense. While "the perfect man" man be tall, dark and handsome, Moth is average in height, freckled and his looks are up for debate. He has the sort of face that you either believe to be very interesting or very plain, and he's quite alright with that. Moth happens to be the spitting image of his father, but he would never know as he has never met him. He reaches six foot when he stands up straight, but his posture often makes him look two or three inches shorter than he actually is as he is often slouching when sitting, or hunched over a little when stood. The boy is usually easily distinguishable in a crowd. His facial structure is very strong, his cheekbones prominent and his nose flat, with an odd lump in it's middle from being broken in the same place twice years ago. With thin eyebrows and long eyelashes for a male, Moth can look feminine from some angles. He has small ears that he tends to try and cover with his hair, and old habit he's kept from his homeless days to keep his ears from getting too cold. His eyes are by far his most defining trait: being a fair milk-like white, with the iris being almost the same shade as his sclera. Because of this, the contrast between iris and pupil makes his eyes look odd, almost alien-like. His eyes are big, constantly wide and alert, and seem as though they are watching everything all at once. He has full lips, which he doesn't like at all because he considers it too feminine and "pretty" for someone like him.

    Only recently has Moth started to get back to a healthy weight, but he is still underweight and it shows if you manage to chance upon the boy with his shirt off, which is very rare. His ribcages naturally stick out, a trait of his birth mother's family, which only makes him look skinnier as it accentuates his ribs against his skin. He lacks the muscle definition of some of the other boys, but he does in fact have strength behind his skinny body. In general his body shape could only be described as a plank of wood: completely straight, without any particular lumps of bumps unless you counted his ribs. His limbs are long and lanky, giving him a monkey-like look if he walks with his arms hanging by his sides. All over Moth's body are freckles of all shapes and sizes, stretching from his face and his shoulders to his arms, legs and even his feet. He is prone to peach fuzz growing on the tip of his chin and on his upper lip, but he has found himself unable to grow a beard. If Moth actually cared to look after himself a little more, he would be a lot better looking than he is at the moment. For now, he's a tad too skeletal; a bit too awkward, a little too strange to look like anything other than that strange kid who wears the holey clothes.
    Damaged, insane, a freak, unwanted, shattered, tired, lonely, weird, cold, pitiful. These are but a few of the words people use to describe Moth Skelton. The and first and last of those words are the most true: damaged and pitiful. Due to his constant moving about as a child, Moth has grown used to and expectant of people leaving his life and treating him like dirt. He tries to keep himself safe by refusing to befriend or love anybody, not even himself. He is untrusting and fearful of every person he meets, no matter who they. He lives his life anticipating the rebellion of his fellow human beings against him, for some reason or another. Around every adult he meets Moth will mind himself carefully lest they beat him or send him away on his own once more because it is all he has ever known from them. From people his own age, he does not even bother to be anywhere near them as, in Moth's eyes, all people are bound to leave him on his own and not want to be around him. Moth is silent and very rarely speaks, unless he is in class and answering questions.

    Having grown up with nothing but the books he could carry from home to home, Moth is extremely intelligent. He has a very high IQ which he puts to great use constantly and loves to keep himself entertained by solving puzzles in his spare time. His intelligence is his comfort, having been told he would amount to nothing, and knowing that even if he were to be horrendous at everything else in the world, he could still revel in his mental strength. His favourite thing to do to pass the time is solve Rubik's cubes. He hopes to beat the world record someday, but at the moment his best time is 8 seconds. Moth has an obsession with constantly having to have his hands be doing something, and if not they tend to get him into trouble by stealing things, setting fires or something similar. Most people don't see the genius behind Moth, they only see the troublemaker. He's used to getting countless detentions and getting yelled at, so causing trouble and the response that come with that are second nature to him now. He can't process compliments, so when people tell him he's smart he tends to just ignore it, making people think he's rude. He often gets compliments from strangers on his eyes, which are a startlingly light grey colour, and these kind comments altogether frighten and confuse him, so he tends to frown at those people and walk briskly away.

    Moth is a compulsive liar with psychopathic tendencies, and tends to elaborate about his life to those who dare to pry. One day, his father is an astronaut who spends all his time at work, the next his is a fancy business who brings in millions each year. He has a lot of repressed memories that are worse than the ones he still remembers, but even the ones he remembers have messed him up. He doesn't truly understand how social interaction works and will often panic or even flip out if people try to hold a full conversation with him. His emotional outbursts and troublemaking have gained Moth a reputation for being an attention-seeker, a bully; or, simply put, an asshole. Most people have a negative view on him as he doesn't befriend anybody, so he has nobody to vouch for his nice side. Moth does, in fact, have a nice side; but it's mostly dead and decaying due to years of avoiding everything that would call for him to be nice. Deep down he wants to make friends, help those in need and generally be a kind person, but he simply cannot bring himself to do it. He can be violent sometimes, not knowing how to solve problems without using his fists.

    Moth tends to have a distorted view of who's in the right and who's in the wrong, especially when it comes to his bullying of others. He often misunderstands innocent, quiet victims as having done something on purpose to annoy him, or somesuch similar scenario. He often thinks he's completely in the right even when he isn't.
Character Background: cw for child abuse
    Marcus Harold Skelton was born to Rowan Theodore Skelton and Rose Penelope Griffith on the 1st February, in Manchester. He was an accident, never meant to be born, and Theo and Rose were very young. They weren't ready for a child, so put him up for adoption. Luckily, he was snapped up almost immediately. The couple seemed perfect, and soon Marcus was on his way. However, the family were not as idealistic as they seemed. For the first six years of his life, Marcus was beaten and abused whenever he did anything slightly wrong. His adoptive father, a man who's name had been blotted from the boy's memory, has spat at him once that he was as unimportant as a dirty moth, fluttering around and being annoying; and so the name Moth had stuck, and ever since Marcus has refused to answer to anything else.

    When he was six, it was revealed that the couple who had adopted him were giving him up again. They claimed the boy was a troublemaker and constantly caused mayhem, thus they were unable to cope with him anymore. The boy's magical powers were coming through now, with Moth being unable to control them. His muggle adoptive parents, of course, had no understanding of the magic and simply assumed he was being naughty, which only succeeded in earning him another beating. A fostering agency took him in once more, and before Moth reached his seventh birthday he had been in and out of another five houses. This continued throughout his childhood, going through house after house, family after family. Each one lovelier and more patient than the last, but to Moth each one was just as abusive as the first. He expected beatings from everybody, and to test each of the families to see how far their limits were, he would constantly cause as much trouble as possible.

    When he was ten, he got viciously bullied at the primary school he was attending for being that strange kid that sat in the corner, which caused him to try and skip school. He got caught out by the teachers for truancy, which was the final straw for the foster family he was currently in, who soon sent him back to the fostering agency once again. That was the 32nd house he had stayed in, and Moth had had enough. He refused to accept any more strangers into his life as “family”, thus decided simply to run away and make it on his own. For a week he managed to avoid the police, who were sent out on a missing-person search by the staff at the fostering agency. He slept in various doorways and back-alleys, feeding off whatever he could steal from shops and pickpocket from the people who passed him in the street. Eventually, the week before his eleventh birthday, he managed to get himself caught by the police and hauled back into the arms of foster care. Then, from nowhere, a strange letter appeared on his birthday. He opened it alone, showing nobody as it wasn't often that Moth actually got letters and he treasured the thing as though it were made of gold. Had it been any other child, the idea of having a true home at this magical Hogwarts would make them happy, at the least; but Moth didn't want to go. It would be like another foster family again, he knew. He was driven to go only when the foster staff told him they had lined up another family, and he was driven to run away again and seek out Hogwarts by himself. He lives in Hogwarts full-time now, even in the holidays. Moth is frightened of where he will go after graduating, as he doesn't really have anywhere to go.
The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?:
    He wondered if others who sat beneath this strange, itchy hat had dreams and wishes that they subconsciously pushed onto it. "Oh, Gryffindor please. Oh, Hufflepuff, just like mummy and daddy." Or something similar. Moth would've grimaced if there hadn't been for the entire school staring at him, watching. His fingers found a hole in his sleeve and poked it as distraction. He didn't care where he went. He had no parents to base his assumptions of these "houses" off of. A deep breath, those white eyes scanning the pattern of the stones on the floor, drifting over his too-big-for-him shoes, then daring to stare into the flood of other students. Moth was so awash in taking in this strange new place that he'd forgotten about the hat, and he found himself jumping when it spoke. Some of the older children laughed, and he balled his fists. He hated this. So. Much.
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    maybe something someday, but for now nothing !!
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(permanent language/abuse mention warning: moth swears a lot when angry;
and he often references his abusive childhood in his inner monologue)

Gretchen Kirke-Faust
 Posted: Aug 13 2017, 11:32 AM

"you come by it honestly, the ugliness inside you"

Viridian Guild Leader
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Gretchen Kirke-Faust
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