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 Life is a Carnival, Cat!
Mark Maxim
 Posted: Apr 21 2017, 04:51 AM
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Mark MaximGryffindor Beginner
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It was a fact not entirely lost on Mark Maxim that all of the greatest things about going to a school like Hogwarts were those things that happened outside of his classes. Or better yet, the things which stopped class entirely. The carnival which had sprung up and spread across the Castle lawns was unfortunately not in the latter category, but with spring well and truly working on pollinating all of Britain it was a very welcome excuse to step out and enjoy the sunshine.

Of course, these events were always far more fun with company, and so the eager Lion had made sure to seek some out at the first small view of the ferris wheel through the castle windows. Catrine.

To be entirely honest with himself, Mark didn't know an awful lot about the brown haired little Badger who he'd managed to coax out as his partner for a jaunt around the attractions of the fair. They didn't share any classes, and their previous encounters with larger groups of friends were rare enough that all the boy had been able to tangibly define was that her name sounded nice enough to make the back of his head fizz quietly when he heard it. All else he knew was that she was pretty, and friendly, having occasionally paused to catch the girl's eye across the great hall during meal times and grinning every time she smiled. But really, that was all that was needed for a beginning, wasn't it?

Crossing that distance from one house table to another the previous day, the Lion had been very pleased to find that Catrine considered it enough too. There'd been some whispered giggles from other girls at the Hufflepuff table when he'd cheerily asked if the brightly smiling brunette already had plans to enjoy the carnival. She'd only mulled it over for a minute before agreeing to make those plans with him.

Not to say that plans really involved anything more than whatever happened to strike either of their fancies while rambling about the uneven rows of tents, booths and seemingly haphazard placements of noisy rides. Mark had a healthy chunk of allowance money burning up a hole in his pocket and was quite willing to toss it away on fun with such a pleasant companion for the day. Candy floss was purchased and munched away at for a healthy priming of sugar while laughing at members of the school faculty and student body getting dropped into tanks of water by eager students. A few sickles were handed over for a run at the sideways chamber -- a room enchanted to send gravity listing at a ninety degree angle while obstacles shifted and slid into the young pair's way. The Lion was laughing after the mess he made of tumbling across the wall and almost literally fell back out onto the corridor of grass outside.

"And that's me dizzy for the second time today!" Mark declared to his pretty partner, scruffing a hand across the muddy blonde mess atop his head and grinning at Catrine.


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