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Winter 2018

Welcome to Wizarding Realm! We are an alternate universe Harry Potter site set in the present day at Hogwarts. With the end of November, arrives the Winter Term! Snow isn't the only thing to dust these cold, Scottish months; many new and exciting events await the students and staff as they prepare for both the holidays and the new year. In the meanwhile, they can skate across the lake, go gift shopping in quaint Hogsmeade, or stay indoors and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa!

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November OTM's & Fall FOA's
Prefects and Head Students

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Kiska Ferdenova Gryffindor Novice 19-March 12 8064
James Monroe Gryffindor Intermediate 2-April 12 7332
Blyssenor Wright Headmistress 16-March 12 5295
Tomas Findlay Gryffindor Elite 11-March 13 4713
Erik Dwight Ravenclaw Advanced 9-April 14 4226
Leona Santos Hufflepuff Advanced 2-April 12 4013
Lydia Elderwood Gryffindor Elite 16-March 12 3850
Leo Hartman Slytherin Advanced 29-July 12 3509
Sky Sutherland Hufflepuff Advanced 21-March 12 2390
Claudette Gautier Slytherin 27-August 13 2086
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